Swisher Sessions: Episode 6 Original Mango Mix by T.Wan

T.Wan (Tiffany Wan) is a DJ and member of TUF, a collective of femme/non-binary/trans artists based in Seattle.

"Inspired by the onset of spring and the arrival of longer days, I made a mix of some of my favorite feel-good tracks that have been helping me beat the gloominess of 2017 thus far. My favorite mixes are those that combine familiar songs with lesser known gems, and I tried to capture that with my track selection. Can't wait for that feeling when summer's just around the corner ;)" ~ T.Wan


Track List

Gwen Guthrie - "Seventh Heaven"

Grace Jones - "Pull Up to the Bumper"

Melba Moore - "Mind Up Tonight"

Atlantic Starr - "Freak-a-Ristic"

Thelma Houston - "You Used to Hold Me So Tight"

Unlimited Touch - "Reach Out (Everlasting Lover)"

Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam With Full Force - "I Wonder If I Take You Home"

Micky Oliver  feat. Shanna Jae - "Never Let Go (A Ralphi Rosario Mix)"

Liz Torres feat. Master C & J - "Can't Get Enough"

Seidah Garrett - "Do You Want It Right Now"

Cosmic Poetry: Blood For Water

Hey, y'all. We got another visual poem for ya. Peep the video for the title poem to my new collection of poetry, 'Blood For Water.' Enjoy this preview and cop poetry with illustrations by Yasmin Almo and graphic design by Janice Ibarra in our store

This poem is about feeling the pain of the world in your physical as well as spiritual body and releasing prayers and curses through the same fleshy vessel. Written/ conceptualized by Kenya Ku$h (Amanya Maloba), directed/edited by Eesh Goods, and styled by J-Nasty for Seamlessly Supernatural.

xo Kenya Kush

Mystic Marijuana: Planetary Powers - Mars




It is said that Babylonians named this planet Nergal, god of war, with power and strength from blood, fire, and heat. To the Greeks, the reddish orb was their was god Ares. Ares was known to be quarrelsome, arrogant, admired for his undeniable bravery, yet widely hated for his enjoyment of a bloody fight. Being god of not only war, but agriculture, just as Mars has two moons, it was told that Ares had two sons - Fear and Panic - and when the three saw turmoil, they dashed to join.

March is the first month of the old Roman calendar and is named after Mars. During this month, Priests would chant, dance around to a three-step dance, and hit their swords against their shields to mark not only the coming of spring (agriculture season), but the act of military training re-opening due to the fact that it would be dormant the winter months.

The human impulses that are inherited by Ares-Mars have been some of the most coveted in history. They create impulses that require great effort, courage, and tenacity. Their accomplishments are typically in areas of exploration, social reform, and even business. Humans touched by Mars are also said to be on the frontier in such fields as medicine, technology, human rights, and space travel. 

Astrology represents Mars as anger, uncontrolled and aggressive self-assertion, trusting personal ambition, and lust for power. But also as creative, courageous, and always on a constant quest for achievement. Mars co-rules with Pluto, the signs Aries and Scorpio. It is thought to signify men and husbands, who are more than likely to have careers in law, politics, or in athletics (Something that marks your career as having notable confrontation, arguably courage). 

Someone who is born under this planet or has influence from him, is said to lack subtlety, refinement, and depth. They could also be prone to excitability, impatience, and wrath. This human will never be too tired or afraid to challenge and change the existing order.

Physically, Mars is associated with blood corpuscles, the muscular system, and the adrenal glands, body heat, and sexual organs. Therefore this planet is associated with an aggressive sex drive. The glyph for Mars, the cross of matter transforms into an arrow on top of a circle to represent the ascending material over the spiritual. This is universally seen as the symbol for males.

~ Stoney SPICE ~


Up Next - Mercury 

Mystic Marijuana: New Moon in Taurus

At times we feel unimportant, like a speck against a dark night sky, but our many labyrinths of traveling mythically bring value to humans and planets alike. Deliberately pacing up and down, in search of the past, present, and future myths to evoke an emergence of versatility. Legendary stories of times past allow us to open up to the hidden capacities we had forgotten we had. Ideas of the future, are often expressed as physical distance, like wishing upon a star and when we put our faith into curious landscapes, we’re seeking what we hope to be true. Infusing the past and future in this way, through extraordinary phenomenons such as mythical stories, adds new dimension.


Our ability to leave the world of ordinary reality and enter the inner, visionary realms where there are no rules, directs us to where we keep our focus. it can be easier to follow folklore, greek epics, or myths, since they lay claim to truth, not because life is like a quest, but because it is a quest! The rise of our own power (similar to those of heroes/villains), is any distinctive mark we choose to inhabit, that awaits to be summoned during each new age. Maybe, we cant stand being a pawn of fate, to wait for an evolutionary event to replay an exact folklore we believe we represent in modern life—Instead, the hero ripping out of us, craves to express this potential to declare our personal journey, our own myth, to vent the new beginnings of our saga, the beginning of our new moon in Taurus. In this story of new moon in Taurus, we navigate a succession of trails. We face hurdles with little preparation and yet somehow find the resources to survive. 

As a human beings we struggle with limitations, but as mythical beings we can overcome those limitations. Since Taurus is about connecting to the physical world, our connection to our resources such as money, talents, and our planet earth keeps us grounded— then our own heroic journey, possibly relating to archetypal stories, gives us the opportunity to stay open to other dimensions. Orchestrating physical awareness is a call to adventure! We may not know or understand our call to adventure to do brilliant things for our world due to the pushiness of everyday stress or we are too attached or separated from our (psychical) resources. This new moon's energy awakens us to create a healthy attitude, discovering the hero that speaks to us to honor ourselves and our physical resources (money, talent, and our planet). That might be how co-creating with the universe looks like. 


Could you remain curious and open to themes of tragedy and resurrection, power and prestige, conquer and destroy all that is normalized in novels and throbs behind your heart too? They’re also rites of passages in our collective unconscious. God of Mercy, in many eastern cultures, her title signifies “she who always observes, or pays attention to sounds,” meaning, she hears all prayers. Sometimes I take that stage of God of Mercy, possessing compassion, kindness and love, and move with the frequency of her story, entering a larger story of my own, into the physical world. Like God of Mercy, I too, feel I cannot rest until all beings are freed from the cycle of rebirth. I relate to her story, to my own heroic journey, that god of mercy struggled to help so many in need, her head split in pieces. The other gods heard her screams of agony, so they fixed her with 11 heads so that she can continue to hear and reach out everyones prayers. The explosion of her head can appear in many guises of our physical lives, it can take the form of depression, introversion, or a strong need to get away from it all. A hero is always releasing something in order to be transformed into a brighter form. 


Humans are the soul to all matter, which is evident to this season of decadent rainbows many of us have encountered. We can embrace the beauty of nature with our planetary-like minds. Exploring the magic, like Dorothy, in wizard of Oz, imaging the same scene, to ripen a new reality to take place, a sign from the divine. What have you searched for or come across to leave a wasteland and find a better condition? What was a potent emotional moment? It could be anything as simple as your head lifted towards the sky, or did you grow wings like Icarus and get too near to the sun? Dare to fly, call to adventure, as a hero in your own myth.. it can enhance and implore inspiration beyond our local lives. I believe this is how we can appreciate our physical resources. 

What references outside of fantasy, have you encountered in your life that you have tried to fathom? A popular depiction of the snake represent both danger and hope, but the Basilisk is exclusively associated with negativity, evil, or danger, and kill just for the joy of it. Maybe in your heroic adventure, you act like Harry Potter, fighting off terrifying serpent hybrids. Figuratively, an assumption of lethal manners like spending money or experiencing abuse, could be the bites displayed to demonstrate a close resemblance. Can you justify this over exaggerated myth with your own character? Sweeping mythical generalizations can be productive in grasping our physical connection to our resources. 

Download any beloved forms of heroes, rings of power, all-encompassing gods/goddess, unfriendly monsters to correspond to physical places in your life, and undergo a metamorphosis of the mundane self to emerge as a new being. A heroic being! 


Mystic Marijuana: Full Moon in Libra


Earth in itself is peace,
Heaven in itself is purity.
I think we take on the hardships of Heaven and Earth. 
We, as in those who position their feet at the place where seven generations once stood-- are
Ourselves, art. 
We tell our stories, a language we must learn, to seek and understand our self. 


Why can’t we hide our pain?
Our art is never to be forgotten. 
Not even Heaven nor Earth can mind its own business

To be peace and purity
because we are its investors,
We reap the capital gain.  

To sacrifice a lil bit of our freedom — to sell peace and purity within our he(art)s.
To keep our magic an inherent mystery ~ just like Heaven and Earth. 

We express our emotions, to find (soul)utions, and although Earth makes the ground shake under the feet of our captors, we cannot be held captive — though our art is treated as a crime.

Don’t allow them to make you feel like a prisoner in your own body — 
our body where we retreat ~ Heaven and Earth. 


 We undertake an inner voyage — an underwater escape, to hold our breath for several minutes — so when we come up for air they know whose air they are breathing — Heaven and Earth. 

It's not such a psychic surprise that we foresee reality that bodes a grim future.
That shadow cannot be stomped on.
Just shed more light 

Our unfinished business is to create the world how we imagine it. 
Our Mother earth gave birth to our pure imagination—
We are her sole creators

 There's no obstacle to a spirit intact by imagination —

who can invent an ambiguous air of confidence or underwater escapes. 
Our art,
Our being, 
Ambush’s rationality


Our unforced participation in nature's rhythm has more control,
Our emotions take control.
That shadow of ignorance cannot put up a fight.

It is written in the stars,
Heaven wrote our certificate .
Earth is our pair of eyes,
waits and watches our light.

We continue to grow defenseless
Because our life is our career, 
The vibration we feel in our belly and hearts when we breath...that is our work. 

Our life is beautiful,
Our life is art.
We must continue to grow and align our stories with our hard work—
Creative stories about how you work hard to please yourself— saves our peace and purity.

Heaven and Earth.



Review: GSC by Top Shelf


I'm sure everyone has already heard of this strain and likely has smoked it at some point, if not regularly. Girl Scout Cookies is a classic hybrid of Durban Poison (sativa) and OG Kush (hybrid) that is as sought after as the ones the girls in green push every year. As a pretty balanced hybrid, it is great for anytime of the day. This particular batch from Top Shelf tested at 33.7% (did not check the numbers until writing this review), which explains why I've been acting extra each time I smoke it.


With its crumbly texture and super kiefy exterior, the bright green and purple nugs with fiery orange hairs easily fall apart and settle into a soft pile of glittery greens. This is truly that loud pack as even sealed up tight I was still stinking up the bus with that sweet, earthy kush smell. Each time I smoked this batch I felt super energized and active, craving movement and sweat. Despite being a hybrid, this strain definitely was one that asks you to do stuff, rather than think/observe stuff. I would highly recommend using this strain to explore music, film and anything else sensory. I was discovering new harmonies in familiar songs and even re-visiting artists I had put on the shelf, including M.I.A. (artwork featured). 


I had waved my hand at her a couple years ago, because I felt constantly let down by her lack of awareness of how her public statements comparing struggles inadvertently dissed black spaces/ many other incidents. However, re-listening to her music in this heightened state and discovering her early artwork/ back story really helped me put things into context and reiterated that we should never put too much weight into one person, because they WILL fuck up, they DO hold fucked up beliefs, they ARE ignorant about certain things, and they are ACTIVELY  in a state of learning and unlearning. This is not to excuse any offensive or sus behavior, but rather to remind myself and others that there are no gods on earth and even the most revolutionary, outspoken, creative people still are children at the end of the day, self-included. 


Unapologetic expression is good for all aspects of health, including spiritual, mental, and physical. If you use cannabis for more medicinal purposes this particular strain is known for relieving intense pain, nausea, and insomnia. I can confirm that though this definitely had me "up" I also got very deep sleep, kind of like a kid that wears itself out after a day of playing outside. Overall this classic lives up to its widespread reputation and is good enough to make a believer out of a doubter. 

~Kenya Kush~