Mystic Marijuana: Full Moon in Scorpio
 photography by Dawn Marie Jones @stoyanovjones

photography by Dawn Marie Jones @stoyanovjones

What we once thought was a heavy burden is now turned into something most precious and most valuable to us. In at least one area of our lives all of us during this full moon in Scorpio are going to have a sense of where it is that we are now ready, or where it is that we have done the work in order to reap the new, colorful buds that come out of the dark earth.

Fascinated by the transformation—what was once an excess of nothingness or a rigid container with just seeds full of intentions is now treasure we carry and give to others. To recognize: who yearns to know the way cycles of life work, also know that their search is not profitable unless they know it’s in disguise. Our burdens are almost like an unsolved riddle: a coin flip that cannot be rushed. 

 photography by Dawn Marie Jones @stoyanovjones

photography by Dawn Marie Jones @stoyanovjones

Answer to riddle: All of us are this embodiment of Gold. Everyone is born with a lottery ticket inside of them not because we all have a 5th house, but because we all have something inside of us that we can bet on.

We all have something within us that we can trust, and if we trust it and take that gamble—whether it’s time, education, preparation, or practice. You cash in your time to cultivate that within you. It can be a source of great riches or can at least facilitate great riches in our lives. We can understand these riches in different ways—the lush environment, the mysteries of the water, the light of the moon. We can understand riches in an emotional plane, the care that we receive, the people that surround us, or happiness and or literal prosperity. 

This is the type of full moon that asks you to get clear about where it is that you are now, get ready to claim your riches, and to acknowledge where it is there is wealth in your life. 


777 Capsule: The SACRAL
neish sacral.JPG

I use emotion as a guide.
I prescribe sex as a cure.
I view creativity as a lifestyle.

This is SACRAL.

Your second chakra, the sacral, is the headquarters of your emotions and feelings; naturally intertwined with your sexual desires and creativity. For me, the road to healing/balancing this chakra, aka balancing my highly sensitive and overly emotional tendencies, began when I decided to be more creative with designing my life. And since I understand that being creative is just about being open to my own and others' perceptions and perspectives, naturally my sexual desires and my art became reflections of that. And I'm getting better. And my emotions have been well-balanced with logic. And I have an outlet to express them. And what y'all call that again? Living your best life? Yeah, I think that's what they meant.

Music: Ravyn Lenae ft. Steve Lacy "STICKY" - produced by Steve Lacy

~ Neish (@actionbrownskin) ~  

Co$mic Poetry: Piss In Your Garden

A new visual poem, y’all! This poem, “Piss In Your Garden” was written in fall 2017, and also appears in zine #4, No Hell For Sinners. People always look at me weird when I enter spaces, and I can sense when my mere presence annoys people. Although I’m soft spoken, I never take disrespect quietly and if you don’t like me simply for existing then I will make it my mission to take up even more of your space...maybe even piss In your garden ;)

writing/creative direction/featuring: Amanya Maloba ( Kenya Ku$h) 

A Film by Nessy

777 Capsule: The ROOT
neish root.JPG

This is ROOT.

Your ROOT Chakra is located at the base of your spine. It is also known as the BASE Chakra. Its color is red. It is your unwavering foundation from which you grow. Fear, survival, stability, health, wealth, physical identity, and self-esteem all feed your ROOT Chakra.

I chose to make this visual for the ROOT Chakra in my room because it is my place of peaceful solitude. It is my place of peace—to create, to reflect, to respect, to just breathe, and most importantly, to be completely free. And just like my ROOT Chakra’s purpose, my room/home is my foundation which I build upon. 

~ Neish ~

Music by Jhene Aiko ft. Dr. Chill "Oblivion"