Musical Musings: Girlz With Gunz

New music is out by Chimurenga Renaissance and it gets a WWW stamp of approval. The group, featuring Tendai Maraire of Shabazz Palaces and Hussein Kalonji, just released their latest project, Girlz With Gunz, in the form of a visual album. The album is all about strong women and the men that love them, and the video is no different featuring various women holding heavy artillery while wearing traditional garments.

Each song on the visual album features a different woman with her gun(z) spinning as the African-influenced beats and tight verses play behind her. If you look closely, you’ll notice a few familiar WWW faces as well ;)

The idea of women being the predominant defenders and aggressors with gunz is dope to us, because depending on the depth of your historical knowledge and how far your third eye can project, this echoes the order of things past and future, but not quite the present.

What are your thoughts on the album/ the visuals? Burn one and watch the full visual album below. Check out more Chimurenga Renaissance here.