Review: Sherbet

Sherbet is one of the most magical weeds a unicorn-loving girl could dream of. It is grown in pots fertilized with moon dust, watered with mermaid tears, and harvested by the Virgin Mary. The smell and taste alone make this extremely-hard-to-grow strain worth shelling out top dollar (which in the state of Washington you do). The plant itself has very low yield, making it pretty unprofitable for growers to take on. However, like most of the best things in life, the struggle of hard work makes the reward so sweet (literally).

When you open a jar of Sherbet the aroma hits you immediately and makes you feel like Dorothy lying in a field of poppies, but instead of poppies the flowers are pale purple and they smell like honey ice cream. Just one whiff of the bud will begin to relax you, an effect further intensified when you smoke the indica-dominant strain. Another pleasant surprise is that the taste is just as sweet and smooth as the smell (especially wrapped in a chocolate blunt), making it extremely easy to smoke.

Every time this strain comes through my shop my co-workers go crazy and buy it up, but like a good cynic I held out. This time for some reason I decided to splurge and I’m glad I did because when the first day of my menstrual cycle came and I was flattened to the bed with my heating pad, I reached for the unicorn strain. About halfway through the blunt I realized that I no longer had any pain and my cramps had seemed to slow down in frequency. Any strain that can give me a strong buzz and make my first day easier has a special place in my heart. Lost in an ice cream parlor dream, I can’t find any faults with my new lover, Sherbet.

~Kenya Kush~

Taste/Smell: Sweet and smooth — hints of honey and vanilla.
Color: Blend of bright green and pale purple. Sugar coated with tons of vanilla sprinkles (aka trichomes).
Texture: Fluffy and slightly sticky.
Method of Consumption: blunt
Smokeability: 10/10
Overall Satisfaction: 10/10