Mystic Marijuana: Full Moon in Cancer

Mystic Marijuana: Full Moon in Cancer

It's time to climb over our fears and jump over our monumental ambitions to rule new territory with discovered treasure we never knew we had. We had to remember our past lives pain to reveal our gifts. A body full of wealthy intentions, hopes, dreams, challenges, and visions. Like an ancient medallion--not pure, but sacred, possessing hidden attributes.  


Monsterous elites and government officials know of your power and therefore covet it for idealistic reasons that have to do with achieving political or economic domination. Be well advised that their gain is not one in the same as ours, the patrons of the earth. This year our financial establishments will reward followers with our life-renewing insight. What sets us apart as spiritual warriors is we will never be spiritually bankrupt. Although it is our blood worth killing for. Humans who participate to destroy our wealth are driven by greed for money.


This super full moon reaches another peak delivering a celestial message of warning. That your tale to riches will be both magically real and mesmerizingly fabulous. Everything you want is truly yours. 


The moon in Cancer and the sun in Capricorn puts a strong emphasis on family and business relationships. The lunation will feel a lot stronger since the moon is closest to earth, your psychic and emotional intuition will experience a gravitational pull. Look for balance and build so that it lasts long term. The formation of the emotional body means the water will flow beneath the bridge of security. 


Collect calendula blossoms, they are lucky in money matters because they resemble coins.

Write names of who oppose you i.e "court fees" "x parking ticket" on a piece of brown bag paper and cross their names three times. Wrap a pinch of each calendula folding away say "may this trouble be removed from me"

~ J-Na$ty