Cosmic Poetry: Portals of Pain


Portals of Pain

words: Amanya Maloba
Photos: Adrian Estrada
Featuring: $toney Spice, Kenya Ku$h, J-NA$TY


Needle into flesh,
Teeth into bottom lip;

Knuckles go white,
Eyelids close, colors swirl inside lids.

Skin goes red and tender,
Black ink into black melanin,

Dancing to the rhythm and hum
Of the machine and my woes.


Designs first seen in dreams
Permanently stained on our bodies.

Names engraved on our living
Temple as well as on tombs.

Blood + ink
Red + black

Seep out together
From the outer layer.

The burning + stinging,
The rawness + the searing incisions

Circulate the pain within itself—
Feels like a wound,
A point of weakness.


Then the skin (the barrier
Between the inner and outer Worlds)

Remembers itself and
The pain deep under the surface
Dying, dying, killing to
Get out.

The burning + stinging
Turn to
Vibrating + massaging.

The point of weakness
Now a portal
Inner turmoil + emotions
To escape from,
Like waters from behind a levee.


Meet The Women: Sunflower Cyn

Hey! Meet our newest contributor/ girl gang member, Sunflower Cyn! Based in Baton Rouge, LA we are super excited to have this beauty on the team. Get to know her below, and stay tuned for some bomb things in the future! 


It was the summer after my freshman year in college and my boyfriend and I had just broken up. I was chilling on the couch while my two guy friends each rolled a blunt. We were on our way to the movies when one asked if I wanted to hit the blunt for the first time.


For whatever reason, I felt comfortable enough to give it a try. It was Green Crack. After only a few hits I was straight trippin. Like actually thought my tongue was sweating,  trippin. *Insert face palm*

It’s safe to say, my feelings and appreciation for Mary Jane have changed!

After dancing with Mary Jane for the last few years, we’ve made lots of memories together. From head banging to heavy bass at music festivals, to hiking mountains before sunrise, there’s nothing better than seeing the world with a joint in hand.


In addition to puffing on some of my favorite strains like Girl Scout Cookies and Grand Daddy Purple, I enjoy writing, photography, yoga, music, art, and traveling. My favorite times to smoke are often while listening to music. In addition to listening to Soulection mixes, artists like Sango, Esta. and Abra are my Soundcloud go-tos.

On Women.Weed.WiFi I hope to share magical images of bud, fun feature stories, and connect with other dope fearless, go-getting women.

Review: Orange Skunk


As the leaves on the trees turn colors and begin to contemplate the next step in their personal and collective evolution, I feel compelled to do the same. Though instead of preparing for winter, I am preparing myself for spring. No, I am not battling the chilly air or inevitable long nights, but the giddy feelings I am experiencing and nurturing are causing flowers to bloom inside of me, rather than leaves to drop. The thorns of the rose that is my heart tear at remnants of my past romances and past selves, shredding lingering emotional responses that do not serve me and tearing apart my own illusions of success and failure. I welcome the blood that seeps from these puncture wounds and know that it is this pure blood that gives color to the rose inside me, as melanin gives color to my skin. I am acutely aware of the law of attraction that tending to my personal rose garden magnifies. Every time I look at myself, my growth, and my potential growth, my rose grows a little fuller, each kind word bringing an additional beautiful petal. Negative or cyclical thoughts serve only to restrict nutrients to the flower, and therefore flowers not constantly and positively tended to whither easily. I am ecstatic to share my joy with those who offer me water, nutritious soil, sunlight, or tender hands. I reject those who solely seek me out for my beauty and pleasure but are not willing to be cut by a thorn. 

Meditating with these intense emotions has by far been the best way to allow myself peace and space to flow with, rather than against, all that comes up. Smoking meditation has become routine lately--- now I much prefer to smoke either in nature or the dark, with only music or in "silence." I am re-falling in love with all of my self-care practices, and weed has been invaluable in assisting me. This Orange Skunk hybrid from House of Cultivar has provided the perfect balance of happy and calm; body sedation and mental acuity; observation and action. 

ooooh rose blunt

ooooh rose blunt

The nugs are large and bright green with fiery orange hairs, impressive by sight to any cannasseur. However, the smell and taste are the best parts of this smoke, emitting a super pungent stank that is just as you'd expect with a name like Orange Skunk. It has the signature Skunk kick, but is topped off by a citrus, zesty smell from its other parent strain, Californian Orange. When lit in a slow-burning Dutch wrap, it goes down tasty and smooth. The high is first felt in your face, before spreading to the rest of the body and permeating the skin and into the soul. It is a nice, stoney high, so it's perfect for meditating, otherwise I'd recommend creative endeavors over chore-like activities. Of course, another great thing to do is to water your plants and practice sending your positive and conscious thoughts and energy to them, just as you will your internal rose. A meditation from my heart to yours to try with this strain (or any other) this week:

Breathing in, I see myself as a rose
Breathing out, I allow old wounds to bleed;
Breathing in, I see myself as a roe,
Breathing out, I open myself to new possibilities.

~Kenya Ku$h~

Mystic Marijuana: Full Moon in Aries

Possibly the trickiest part of getting what you want in life is just figuring out what you really want. And yet it is certainly the most important part of the process. If there was no obstacles in the way, would you still take the leap? All the goals that we put on the back burner activate our DNA to leap forward through the feared fire. Ask yourself what plans do you want to bring into action? Volatile rhythms in fire, embodied by the full moon in Aries, are here to help show what steps you can consciously take toward that goal, though it is ultimately up to you to accept leaping boundlessly forward.


May the full moon nod in approval as a friend that you can count on. A friend you can talk to about your dreams. Transmute the obstacles of fire into internal heat, which will melt away outer constraints. Transmuting those obstacles doesn't mean you have to run, but rather allow yourself to momentarily fall and to rest. A relaxed mental state allows you to sense all the energies around you and notice how they shift. The fire may build a thick wall, but you can still see through the leaping flames.

When you walk through the full moon's fire your feet and fear are cleansed, allowing you to walk with courage. To the nonbelievers, the earth simply provides the paths to walk on, but to the divine that observe the planet, earth becomes an expression of the universal mind. Even if you don't know what you really want in life, remind yourself there is no limitation.

When we deeply change our mental concepts, our physical self follows suit. Our visions are earth’s mental energy, our universe doesn't want us to just survive on earth, but survive with it. Finally, to feel exceptionally high, clear, strong, or  “on top of the world," is to be apart of and experience all the miracles of earth, since our planet is held up by our creative visualizations. We must stand with conviction by these miracles, because in the end a miracle is what we may really need.   

~ J-Nasty ~ 

Swisher Sessions: Episode 8 Stas Thee Boss - S'WOMEN POOL WATER

A Tacoma/Seattle native born and bred, Stas Thee Boss is a hip hop connoisseur and enthusiast. She signed with Sub Pop Records in 2011 as one half of the former duo THEESatisfaction, in which she produced, wrote and performed for beginning in 2009. Releasing two albums she was able to reach many countries like France, UK, Australia, China, Portugal, and Iceland. She is also a member of the Black Constellation.

She currently resides in Seattle and continues performing music as a solo artist. Her debut EP "S'WOMEN" released on August 4th 2017 was met with praise. She is a resident DJ at Havana Social Club every Wednesday night and hosts KEXP Street Sounds: Hip Hop radio show.

"This mix is an appreciation for women. Each jam laden with heavy wet beats and mixed with sultry vocalizations or icy raps. I envision a cyhper with 4 or 5 blunts and 4 or 5 baddies. This is to be enjoyed near a body of water and to coincide with my latest effort "S'WOMEN". "


Graphic: J-Na$ty x Luis Vela

Graphic: J-Na$ty x Luis Vela

Business Of Cannabis: "Killer Weed" Review

Killer Weed by Susan C Boyd and Connie I Carter provided great insight into Canada and their war on the marijuana business. This was not just about any marijuana business however, this book focused on British Columbia a.k.a the war on “BC Bud” and the grow operations. These grow ops were thought to supplement not just Canada, but the entire US nation filtering through Washington. Killer Weed broke down the facts and provided key examples as to how the media portrayed the industry versus the actual statistics. The amount of energy put into busting grow ops, especially those within racialized communities, is quite astonishing.


Where American government tends to racialize black and brown people in the war on drugs, Canada, to my surprise, racialized the Asian community above all others, specifically, Chinese and Vietnamese. Vancouver BC was portrayed and classified as the main hub for heroin dens and marijuana grow ops that filtered into the US. Washington State has stated their position by being very outspoken on the fact that the USA is being overrun by Canada’s drugs and forever claiming that “Canada, Mexico and South America has always been seen by the U.S. government as a threat.”

With pressure coming from the big bad U.S. to get their expansive drug runs under control, Canada’s law enforcement, the Mounties or the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), began to switch gears and not bust your everyday average Joe marijuana user but start laying the law on the “major” grow ops that now “consumed” Canada. This was considered a $1-8 billion business. As pointed out by authors Boyd and Carter, the projected value of the market in itself is a large dollar amount with a very wide range. Carter also states that their projected numbers on the underground marijuana businesses are extremely unreliable, almost as if they are so unaware of the actual numbers and statistics that make up their War on Drugs.


Throughout the book, you start to get the feeling as though the media and the Mounties worked together in an effort to spread fear. Citing examples on how just about every news station was only reporting on a wild marijuana bust that of course involved a person of Asian descent terrorizing an all-white community with their drug/trap house in white suburbia, or how someone was robbed at gunpoint and later was busted in the act of using the money they stole to buy pounds of marijuana for mass distribution.

One point made that I found very interesting was that Parliament would have many motions brought to the floor to increase harshness of penalties against people who poses marijuana and are involved in marijuana grow ops (over 80% of these incarcerations were people of Asian descent), but the evidence brought to the floor was in fact false evidence. The statistics ultimately did not support their claims as to why penalties should be increased, this led the bill(s) to be dropped. This fight still goes on to this day. The RCMP has had many claims against them, pointing out that their public relations department “fluffs the news/reports” to cause fear in others, as well as profiling and racializing. Feeding their mission to not regulate but discriminate. Sound familiar?

~ Stoney SPICE ~ 

Mystic Marijuana: Autumn Equinox (New Moon in Virgo)

Over twenty years of experiencing hindrances as a young brown soul has introduced fear of loss and failure to my psyche. When we work twice as hard or find strength to preserve, fear seems to be inseparable from hope. Restlessness has developed into one of my principle hindrances. I find myself resting in a moment of peace, but my attention can often slip, scanning for anything on the horizon that lends itself to worry. 

There are your own stories that point to your childhood, raising questions, like, “Is that why I am the way I am?” If things had been different, what hinderance would I have instead? Some of my stories built around my childhood were confusion about my father's affection and/or witnessing my mother's fragile circumstances to earn money. I know other people with similar stories, but have different hindrances.

I inherently knew the doubt my ancestors wished to annihilate was to let go of despair over my father's approval and to let go of love if I wish for love to return. Up until my twenty somethings the intensity of my worries still didn't erase my childhood memories, but admitting my pain and having other people hold it in kindness is healing. Through healing, forms of an old culture die. The new culture is created by a few who are not afraid to be insecure. That feeling of being insecure, even groundless, increased my ability to stay in the work, to be healed. I did not give up my ground on which to stand and was not anchored by society's ideals of love to prevail. My father slowly warmed up and unlocked his caged spirit. He did not even realize that he had something to give and that he could give it, because he was cut off from his own world, his own way of life, worn out by tasks to provide for his family; elation of worthiness to receive love, let alone give it. Fast forward to now and everyday to come, I am reminded of my father's sincere care for his family. My father returning back to the Philippines reaffirmed my awareness that earth will always work to create and maintain the conditions to support life. 

In the end, we cannot depend on the hope of results. Your work will be apparently worthless if you’re not free of worrying. As my spirit continues to mature, I realized my mother also got used to the idea of not meeting her own expectations, like me,  and more and more started to concentrate not on the results, but on the value, the righteousness, the truth of the work itself. She gradually struggled less and less for an idea and more on people. We don’t need specific outcomes, we need each other. 


An effective nurturer goes beyond the attainment of knowledge of techniques and motions. A good nurturer is the embodiment of health, discipline and compassion. How good you are depends upon how much of yourself you give during a never-ending training process (New Moon in Virgo).

Many elements beyond technique can be taken into consideration. Here is one of them below, along with a Filipino idiomatic expressions/proverb. 


Ang nakikinig sa sabi-sabi ay walang tiwala sa sarili.                                                                  (When you listen to hearsay, you have no confidence in yourself.)

The inspiration coming from your instructor, your clients, and your techniques will help you in what you are doing and gain confidence. But above all, the inspiration (in-the-spirit) from within, will give you confidence, and with it humility.

~ J-Na$ty

Cannabis 101: Intro to Shopping Legal Weed

Hey babes, hope you are taking care of yourselves and are enjoying your life! This post is from our Cannabis 101 series, which breaks down some of the "basics" of weed --- from identifying the different types of strains, to understanding some of its legal history. This post contains some tips for those just getting legal shops in their states on the east coast and throughout the country, and curious about where to start and what to ask your budtender when you go inside. Sometimes, though glorious, all the options can seem overwhelming and like anything, the more informed you are as a patient or customer, the happier you will be with your selection, and your experience on your weed journey will be much smoother :)


1. Let your budtender know if you want flower, concentrate, or edibles
Most dispensaries have a wide selection of products including pre-rolled joints, loose weed of all weight (up to an ounce per person in WA state) , vapor cartridges, or wax for dabbing in an oil rig. Knowing ahead of time if you're looking for something to smoke in a pipe, something already rolled for you, something to eat, or a topical will help your budtender know which products to show you. 

2. Let your budtender know what kind of high you are looking for
It is fun to experiment and try on different types of high, however it is helpful to have a starting point when talking to your budtender as it will speed up the selection process! Figure out if you are looking for a more cerebral, mental, and stimulating Sativa high, a more relaxing, body-centric, calming Indica high, or a Hybrid combination of both.

Samoas from Theory Wellness

Samoas from Theory Wellness

3. Let your budtender know your price range
If you don't they will likely show you the most expensive thing, which will likely be really nice, but they probably have something good in your reasonable budget (don't ask for the best weed in the store for $5 please!)

4. Let your budtender know if you have any allergies etc
This is more important, obviously, when dealing with edibles, which can come in almost any food item you can think of. Paying close attention to the ingredients can ensure you are not confusing any negative allergy effects with the effect of the weed, and also so you don't end up sick.

Ku$h action shot post-legal pick up

Ku$h action shot post-legal pick up

5. Let your budtender make suggestions :)
Budtenders talk about weed, look at weed, sample weed all day long, so similar to a wine connoisseur they will have good suggestions, but the better you articulate the type of experience you're after, the better their suggestions will be. 

Some spots/ companies on the east coast we recommend trying are:

Theory Wellness ~ MA
Theory Wellness is a new medical marijuana dispensary and cultivation facility in Massachusetts. As one out of only 10 companies allowed to operate in the state, they have quickly differentiated themselves through their focus on small batch, unique genetics and their dedication to expanding well-being through cannabis therapies. Knowledgeable budtenders can walk you through your first experiences. Tell them we sent you!

DC Taste Buds ~ Washington, DC
DC Taste Buds is an edible company run by Victoria Harris, Warren Brown, and Anna Leis. As DC's ONLY black and brown-run edible company and a team equally comprised of chefs and growers, they deliver soul and top-notch quality. Products will include doses and flavors for everyone and is a great place for those looking for excellent edible experiences. Check them out in DC dispensaries very soon, peep our caramel popcorn review, and stay up to date for the in-store release!

The ladies of DC Taste Buds

The ladies of DC Taste Buds

Pink Fox ~ Washington, DC
Pink Fox is a cannabis lifestyle brand based also in Washington, DC. Though you can order Pink Fox merchandise (such as T-shirts and hats) from anywhere in the country, if you are local you may also call to schedule an appointment to shop retail and receive a treat! Through supporting initiative 71, Pink Fox is able to provide cannabis and cannabis-infused gifts to their clients aged 21 and over as a thank you for supporting the brand. Since they technically do not sell weed, but rather support the cannabis lifestyle, chat them up while you shop for answers on weed facts or personal preferences without pressure of a sale. 

If you want a little more basic info still before making your first legal purchase, read up on THC and how to tell what kind of high you are after here!

We will make more suggestions for spots/ brands around the country. If there is somewhere you love and recommend drop it in the comments or send us an email!

~ Kenya Ku$h~


All Information Displayed In This Post Is For Educational Purposes Only, And Is Not To Be Construed As Medical Advice Or Treatment For Any Specific Person Or Condition. Cannabis Has Not Been Analyzed Or Approved By The FDA. Individual Results May Vary.