Holistic Healing: Pussy Power (Period Pain Relief pt 2)

Ok, welcome back, children. I hope you all enjoyed our last post about some of the best strains to use for your period. I want to welcome you to follow the Pussy Power series, which is going to focus on learning natural and alternative methods of healing/caring for our vaginas as part of the ultimate goal of de-colonization and reclaiming our full ancestral/feminine powers. Going through my own journey of learning, unlearning, and experimenting with my sexual/reproductive health has been an enlightening, though often lonely journey, but I feel called to share some of what I've learned so maybe some of you can skip the hardships and get straight to the sweetness ;) Hopefully we can share our knowledge and have the most bomb pussy squad running around town.

I want to stick with our periods for a while because, damn, I feel like everything I learned in middle and high schools are no longer relevant--from what I use to collect menstruation, to the medication I use, and most importantly, my attitude toward bleeding. Last month, we discussed the best strains of weed to smoke as pain pill alternatives for pesky cramps, and this week I want to give some non-weed options for those who don't/can't medicate or those looking for maximum effectiveness. As always living a healthy lifestyle is essential to maintaining your vaginal health. Peep some of my holistic favorites below and let me know what else you use to manage period pain. 

1. Baths/Heating Pad
This is my number one favorite remedy because it works almost instantly. When I feel like I'm gonna die I strip and hop in a hot, hot bath. I change up what I add to my bath, but it usually always includes epsom salts (infused or non-infused), tea tree and lavender essential oils, and some rose petals. As soon as I'm fully submerged, I immediately feel the pressure in my uterus disappear...Water truly heals (in case you need another reason to protect it!). It is also pretty cool to see the different patterns your blood makes in the water :) If you have access to a tub, I would highly recommend relaxing in the tub as long as you can. If you don't have a tub, try a hot shower. If you get caught while out, I find the portable/disposable heating pads to be helpful. 

2. Blackstrap Molasses
This stuff looks like tar and is not the best tasting stuff either (lol). It is a by-product of the sugar refinement process. The sugar cane goes through a series of refinement based on the grade of sugar desired (raw, white etc.) Blackstrap Molasses is everything that gets stripped basically. Because of this, this was what slave masters used to designate for slaves to use as sweetener (though it's not sweet AT ALL and slaves were the ones who produced the same sugar they were denied). Little did the white masters know, this is actually packed full of nutrients including Potassium, Iron, and Magnesium, all of which relieve muscle cramps and soreness (so fuck you!). Taking 1-2 teaspoons (or tablespoons if you're like me) right when you feel cramps coming on actually relaxes the uterus rather than just block pain receptors like pills. 

3. diuretic teas/ water
Drinking tons of water even when you don't necessarily feel like it is always critical when on your cycle. Again, water heals! I find heat in general to make me feel better while menstruating, so I like to drink a lot of tea. Teas such as cranberry and hibiscus help prevent bloating and can help ease cramps. If you're trying to induce your period (when you can tell it's coming and have discomfort) try drinking some dandelion tea. 

4.Deep Breathing
It sounds almost insultingly simple to suggest breathing as a remedy to period pain, but honestly nothing works faster or more directly than focusing on your breath when a wave of painful cramps comes. There is always an instinct to shrink away from the pain, to hunch over, and hold our breath when we feel it hit. However, I want to encourage you to take a deep breath in and when you breathe out imagine your uterus exhaling as well. Come face to face with the pain and keep your deep breathing up until you feel little by little tension ease out of your abdomen and your whole body. If you pair this technique with massaging your abdomen, you can literally feel the cramps dissolve. 

5. Sex/Exercise
Ok, let me preface this by saying in regard to sex and exercise while menstruating---sometimes you feel like it and other times you don't. But, if you can muster the strength to work out or you get horny while bleeding, sweat it out (lol)! Exercise produces endorphins and you get the added hot shower afterwards, while sex actually helps clear out what's already trying to cum out (hehe) , giving your uterus less work to do :)