Review: Simple Jack by Ra Cannabis


I usually gravitate toward indicas over sativas because the mental buzz from the sativa sometimes exaggerates my anxiety rather than calm it. Since I already tend to have a lot of mental chatter, it is sometimes hard for me to tell if I'm high or not off sativas since the effects are similar to those I naturally have. If I'm going through a rough patch or am simply contemplating an usual/uncomfortable circumstance or emotion, I especially prefer the indica chill over the hyper-active sativa. However, this Simple Jack by Ra Cannabis was a sativa that I enjoyed despite being in the the throws of a bout of self-inquistion. 


Nothing in nature can grow all the time and like nature, though we can see spring on the horizon, it still dips into frigid temperatures which can be frustrating when we feel we're already ready to bare skin. Similarly, though I always try my best, I'm always in a cycle of discovering new weaknesses in myself including ways the ego clings to itself, old patterns I easily fall into, replaying moments from the past etc.  Usually these thoughts send me deep into myself where I physically and emotionally retreat from the world to sit alone in the dark with my thoughts. However, being a bo$$ bitch with commitments and responsibilities, I don't always have the luxury or time to stay alone. In the midst of this latest reflective period, I made a social excursion with my girls and prayed for the  best.


We smoked this Simple Jack in a slow-burning blunt on the way to the funhouse location and the high from the mid-potency sativa was perfect for keeping me alert and social while keeping my inner thoughts and occasional doubts at bay. There's no weed that can cure your problems or even make you forget about them completely. The goal of using marijuana to heal is not to mask pain, but rather give you an internal environment of peace, love, and understanding while you figure your shit out or simply feel your way to brighter days. The Simple Jack definitely created a mental environment similar to walking through a greenhouse or Japanese tea garden.

These sticky, earthy nugs released a gentle aroma when cracked in half and it crumbled easily without a grinder. Though the THC was testing around 15% on this particular batch, it was the perfect high for a social occasion. I was able to be present enough not to dwell in the passing thoughts in my mind, but when I would turn attention to the thoughts, I was able to see my faults or weaknesses in plain light---I could at once acknowledge that in many ways I was fucking up (denial is an ego trap) but also see that these weren't things that would be solved through beating myself up, but were potential areas for growth. 


The Egyptian imagery of the brand reminds us that cannabis has ancient ties. King Tut was buried in his tomb with cannabis, and as one of the most well-known and revered meccas of knowledge and black excellence, Ancient Egypt connects us to those same seeds of excellence within ourselves. The gentle high from Simple Jack and the powers of Horus, Osiris, Isis, Hathor and others, reminds me that being human means going through cycles and uncomfortable periods, but that I've always had all the answers inside me, even if I have to wait til spring for them to be revealed. 

~Kenya Ku$h

Mystic Marijuana: Full Moon in Virgo

10:19pm Saturday 11 March 2017

Although I cannot provide an elaborate chart or taxonomy of supernatural beings, all women possess a certain level of competency tied with the sacred-- the divine feminine. The orders of being we occupy range from goddess to high priestess. Moon phases, the power of creation, and the power to heal is within us all. Full Moon in Virgo wishes to be resurrected from our wombs. 

This brings me to the matter of the relations of ritual magic to women lives and especially to the women tradition. Magic, as the word itself implies, is primarily a womanly enterprise. Its closet kin are the domestic arts, and its chosen implements and procedures most closely resemble those developed by women to facilitate their tasks. It should surprise no one that the modern age, from its beginnings in the Renaissance to the present, has become more and more intensely patriarchal over the world, and this more thoroughly separated from womanhood, from ritual magic, from tribal social systems, and from harmony with the earth. The four have always danced together: woman, magic, tribes, and earth, and the dance goes on, even still.  Indeed, the dance grows strong again. 

To reclaim who we are, not looking to conform, our Full Moon in Virgo releases the things that disallow our true divine femanine to radiate through us. Full awareness of my own realizations to divine feminine energies influenced my path- living from the heart and integrity, which is coming into alignment with my strongest suits as goddess for whatever transitions the universe endlessly uncoils. So far, we are healing ourselves and each other (SEE FIGURE 1B SMOKE+ STRETCH SESSION) to assist our ascension process.

Practice the divine feminine and much is revealed. It can be dealing with multiple aspects or energies that represent a channel or conduit to crossing over to the mystery that brings you closer to the supernatural realm. Energies include: restoration, renewal, creativity, birth, receptivity, openess, nurturing, love, understanding, communication, insights, intuition, wisdom, forgiveness, and senusality. Seeing the world through Full Moon in Virgo (self-study and self-love) equals infinite possibilities in the third dimension. Come into contact with any of the divine feminine energies and welcome them to flow through you so that they are expressed in this physical dimension, so we no longer have to fight for who we really are- and each of us decode a unique separate template to harness a cosmic force we call upon our own.  

UPDATE: 4:57pm Sunday 12 March 2017

I myself have plummeted through the mundane with spontaneity,  which have opened the doors to the sacred. The dark void is empty but I have learned that it is ultimately your choice to fall through effortlessly. Sometimes when I fall, I no longer remember where I’ve come from, or why I had jumped,  or that I had once long ago climbed.

My closure with eclipse season was not about attaining the answers because all I knew was falling. Falling filled up my mind and it filled all the space around me until it became all that existed in creation. I forget about coming and going and no longer remembered time or circumstance. 

It is when you forget what it was to begin, what it was to end- to set yourself free. Distancing yourself from mental regimes. We can learn to be ourselves by creating our own life of expression, to shed damaging ideas that were passed on to us. The divine feminine is fluid and nothing is set: who we choose to be fully is embodying the divine feminine. Spirituality doesn't mean transcending your way out but rather learning to deal with it directly. 

Slow your endless fall, there is a task you need to complete, that is part of playing your own great order of the universe. Falling was only a portion of your task. No longer will I mop in self-pity. Look at the clear direct feedback you are receiving: that is the beauty of life (SEE FIGURE 2A ON THE AIR AT KUPS 90.1FM). You can enjoy the beauty of life, but your own power rests in never having any doubt of what the purpose of your life is (Divine Feminine). 

Continue to have whole-hearted commitment (SEE FIGURE 2B J-Nasty playlist) to your vows of the life you fully chose to live. Realizing your whole life is a blessing. Blessings will never be broken therefore your commitment to yourself should never be broken either. 







Review: Double Dream

Dream worlds can be either terrifying or gratifying. Sometimes they are peculiar mixtures of both familiarity and oddity. The vivid feeling of experiencing new realities while being semi-conscious or extremely high can change the way you feel or think long after you've awakened or come down from the clouds. Double Dream by Noble Farms lives up to its name in more than one way: the cross between Blue Dream and Dream Star (which has further Blue Dream and Chemdawg roots) and the ability to experience the dream-like haze in many states of duality. The sativa-dominant hybrid  gives you the hyper-awareness of the passing thoughts and feelings around/inside of you, while the indica hints that lend to the slightly berry flavor give your body a pleasant heightened sensitivity and relaxation, making this truly a physical and mental euphoric ride. 

The super kiefy, light green bud easily crumbles to the touch. When the nug is cracked, it gives off that signature Blue Dream smell-- a mixture of citrus and lavender that caresses, rather than assaults the nose. Rolled up in a tobacco leaf, the slow burn sent furls of smoke through the air and allowed me to settle into my body to perceive its gentle whisperings, while enjoying the smooth high.

In dreams sometimes we find ourselves acting out in rage and the next second planting flowers; we can hold onto many different emotions and simply perceive and even enjoy the irony, rather than shrink in fear or be paralyzed with awe. Double Dream helps achieve this same state in waking life. Whether you choose to spend your high watching the complete OJ Simpson Documentary series, engaging in rigorous physical activity, or engaging in mind expanding activities, such as reading, writing, drawing, or other creative endeavors, this high allows you to perceive new ideas, even contrary or disruptive ideas, while still maintaining and checking in with your higher self, the part that remains undisturbed and grounded in truth during turbulent, bizarre, or even straight shitty scenarios. 

If you tend to spiral on heavy sativas, this is a gentle way to enjoy that hazy headspace, while still keeping one foot on earth. I would recommend trying this strain if you feel yourself amidst an unfamiliar transition---this strain allows you to experience the strength and bliss of being yourself, while also giving love to the tender spots where your weaknesses reside. It is a reminder that you understand calm and joy only as deeply as you're able to understand the demons on the reverse side. 

~Kenya Ku$h~