Mystic Marijuana: Full Supermoon in Libra
Photos: @hndicapshoota @boyhoodsociety @beautybymichellemai

Photos: @hndicapshoota @boyhoodsociety @beautybymichellemai

Unthawing is a great and common description used to comprehend spring equinox. Our subconscious is warming up to the idea of being playful, entering a new body, getting ready to conquer another pilgrimage. The body takes an ample number of days to reach its peak fortitude. Time always adds intensity, especially going through Libra, Aries, and into Taurus energies. The conversations between the associated planets speeds up our infatuation for a vitalized future. This infatuation reveals a new burst of self-confidence underneath the thawed ice of winter. Prancing into Aries season, we mist ourselves with an outpour of blessings after a dizziness of confusion. Hardly ever do we hear about success without hearing about the failures along the way. Ain’t shit sweet, unless its bitter first.

Before I suggest an herb that best assists with how to “unthaw”, let’s purify and prepare for the next version of ourselves. We throw our anger and frustrations like heavy stones at the Earth. We give the Earth what doesn’t serve us because we take it for granted. We forget Earth swells up when we’re ripped from it. You’re only granted immunity from your setbacks if you and Earth make an agreement to unthaw together, rather than just confiding or dumping on it. Include Earth’s herbs into your magic.


Mint is the best for “unthawing” your fertile energy, birthing success, and protecting your money. To enhance visions, blend mint and frankincense and burn on charcoal. While the smoke lifts say this spell, repeat lines 8-10 3x.

I am the air.
After many successive pushes 
Sea becomes waves.

I am the seed 
Earth waits for a final push—
Life becomes inebriated 
By my waves. 

I am the influence 
I am the push 
I am the wave

~ J-Na$ty

Swisher Sessions: Episode 15 Geexella - Gee's Things

Afrolatinx DJ, rapper, singer, and natural born leader. Geexella is made of starlight, reaffirming beauty and freedom for many day or night. They can shield a community with speaking out, heal others with music, and teach folx at any age how to bloom. When I meet them last year to hear about their future plans, fast forward to now—All was said had prospered. Geexella didn’t seek results out of our interview but only sought to express their love and joy, inevitably unleashing their inner glow. Please check them out if you have not done so and we hope this exclusive mix gets you out of your head like it did for me, dancing your soul loud and proud!

"Wow! So in 2018 I definitely found my group of people. I created a POC queer dance night in town called "Duval Folx"! Super huge for my city. Being in the south a lot of queer POCs like most cities don't have spaces for us to be in and cross all boundaries with our outfits and fluidity. A lot of folx have been telling me how grateful they are for DF and can't wait for more parties <3 This space has opened up some freedom for queer folx in my city and that makes my heart even more warm!

Quote to live by : Your mental health is most important above anything and everything" - Geexella

Review: Aliens on Moonshine by Heylo Cannabis

Blunts are my go-to for smoking, but trying this Aliens on Moonshine Pod by Heylo Cannabis during a yoga and meditation session was such a pleasant surprise that I found myself sneaking vaporized tokes on the way inside movie theaters, on neighborhood walks to the coffee shop, and all sorts of times and places that a vaporizer is highly convenient. Of course, blunts are still my preferred method of consumption, but I do also enjoy the advantages of a pen like taking a single hit at a time, being able to discreetly toke indoors or outdoors, and with processors like Heylo, being able to have a clean taste of the strain and smooth smoking experience.


The strain, Aliens on Moonshine (AOM) has been one of my favorites in flower since working in the recreational shops—I loved the signature smell, and the blend of THC and CBD always made it one of my favorite highs. Coming to this PAX pod with this knowledge I was geeked (literally) to see that Heylo provided a full terpene breakdown of the concentrate, far beyond other producers’ protocol of just labeling THC percentages. The full terpene breakdown is a much more helpful tool than just the number report, because it tells you more about the kind of high that you’ll experience than only knowing the THC content or even if it’s an “indica” v “sativa” will. I put those terms in quotes because Heylo themselves do not use them. By knowing which terpenes are present and in what percentages, you can start to pretty accurately pinpoint what type of effect you’re in for.


For example, this AOM contains 20% THC and 31% CBD with 9.7 % Myrcene, 1.4% Alpha Pinene, and 1.3% Limonene. What this tells us is there is a significant amount of Myrcene—a terpene also associated with mangoes, and known to produce calming, anti-inflammatory, sleep aid effects. There is also significant amounts of Alpha Pinene, the most common terpene in pine trees that produces pain-fighting, focus aid effects, and Limonene, a terpene present in all citrus with mood-elevating, uplifting properties. All this to say that this strain is tasty—sweet citrus pine flavors combined with the highs of THC and CBD make this whole-bud, full-spectrum extract highly effective and enjoyable.

As I inhaled, I felt an instant rush of joy and appreciation for the plant, and felt my social butterflies flutter away as I exhaled, more easily able to welcome in an energy self-acceptance and peace. I felt buzzed, but totally clear-headed and in control of my emotional landscape and thoughts. Because of this, I have since used this strain successfully before meetings, before teaching yoga, and while reading. It is a good start of day high as it doesn’t make you groggy or foggy, but it also works really well at night for a subtle wind down. Of course, varying the number of hits affects results ;)


One of the best things about this product, though, is the company itself. Many companies in the cannabis industry look for the cheapest, fastest, easiest way to churn out products, but Heylo instead offers full transparency for their production and some of the most environmentally responsible approaches toward handling the plant. To start, Heylo welcomes public tours of their facility—everything is done on site from sorting the sourced flower, to watching the closed-loop extractions take place, to seeing how EVERY part of the plant is used—either in concentrate, vapor cartridges to oils, it is good to know as a customer that what you’re smoking was produced in a low-impact way. And honestly, the quality is noticeable—this strain gave me no coughs, had no chemical taste, and no sizzle and popping.

After years of sampling vaporizers and pens, I found a concentrate product that I fux with and can organically incorporate into my life. Stay tuned for updates <3

~ Kenya Ku$h ~

Zine 005 Announcement: Calling the International Girl Gang

It’s that time of year again, babes! Time to prep your submissions for the fifth edition of our zine! As always we accept all mediums for submissions ~ email your best stuff to by March 3. See below for inspirational fliers and a little about this issue’s theme. Please email us with any questions or clarifications regarding submissions… happy creating!


Calling the International Girl Gang! This issue is for any womxn/femmes of color who grew up watching their parents send money via Western Union to family in the homeland and making long distance calls with international calling cards. For girls who switch between codes and languages, girls who message their family on WhatsApp. Girls who were told they had difficult names to pronounce. Girls who collect stamps in their passport, girls who dream of a faraway (or nearby) land, still have foreign currency in their wallets. Girls who have had international flings, keep coming home to something nowhere else has. How much foreign weed have you smoked? Indigenous girls everywhere rep your tribe and your clan, your corner of the earth. We want as many different stories as possible represented, want to see where everyone is from. Tell us your story in any medium available to you ~ email all submissions to by March 3, 2019!