Call For Submissions: Zine 004

It is that time again--- we are putting together another zine and we want YOUR art!! Send us pieces of all mediums: poetry, photography, collage, illustrations, video, playlists, mugshots, etc. etc. Peep the promo fliers and read a little more about this issue's themes below. Email all submissions to by Feb 1, 2018!!!! 


Sample Prompts:

No Jail For a Sinner, No Heaven for a Cop

Free Leonard Peltier, Mumia and all Political Prisoners!

Those Five-Finger Discounts

'Back Through the System with the Riffraff Again'

My Cousin Gets Out in the Spring!

Prayers and Thanks to Santa Muerte, Patron Saint of Sinners


This issue of the zine is for womxn who find their spiritual laws at odds with those of man; For those that dress up for court dates or who've ever said goodbye to an incarcerated parent or loved one. This is for those who pray for protection from the law and do whatever they want, for those who steal when they have to, and those who have permanently lost someone to the system or the hu$tle. For anyone that has previously been persecuted for weed...or if you've never been caught...We wanna know, is hustling in your blood? Would you do it again (are you still at it?)??? Did you ever think it was all over, but somehow you escaped? Is your passion illegal? WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!!!  

xo Women.Weed.WiFi ladies


Funny Shows to Watch While High Pt 1

We’ve all been there. Scrolling through Netflix, Hulu, or HBO Now, searching for something funny to watch after you’ve smoked a bowl or joint. However, trying to find the perfect show to watch can be a total buzz kill. That’s why I’ve rounded up five shows to check out next time you’re in need of a laugh. Plus, all of the shows listed have strong (and hilarious) female lead actresses (YAS, QUEENS!)

chewing gum.jpg

Chewing Gum

Where to watch: Netflix

You know those shows you wish you could watch over and over to relive the funny parts? For me, that’s Chewing Gum. Written by and starring Michaela Coel, this British sitcom is real, raw, awkward and so funny it’ll make your stomach hurt. Women of color, this one is a must-watch. From colorism to interracial relationships, Chewing Gum weaves serious issues in with comedy to create the perfect package.


Broad City

Where to watch: Hulu

If you’re like me, you may have heard of Broad City before but never got around to actually watching it. Well, the time is now (or next time you want to hit the bong).

Created by and starring Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, this hilarious, female-focused comedy is a must-watch. From Illana making a tampon out of a pita to Abbi’s horrible flirting skills, there’s hardly ever a moment when you’re not cackling like a hyena from how uncomfortably funny they are. As an added bonus, Broad City never fails to highlight women’s issues such as menstruation product costs, masturbation and monogamous relationships. Oh and of course: weed.


grace and frankie.jpg

Grace & Frankie

Where to watch: Netflix

I know. Your first instinct wasn’t to watch a show about two older women. But this is no Golden Girls (even though Golden Girls is the shit too).Grace & Frankie is about two older women who just found out their husband’s were having an affair for years and wanted to finally be together. While the transition was tough, the ladies womaned up, became roommates and started their own sex toy company. While the show is hilarious, it has it’s beautiful and emotional parts too. So grab a tissue box.

new girl.jpg

New Girl

Where to watch: Netflix

For a feel-good and occasionally romantic comedy, add New Girl to your watchlist. This show is based on a girl (Zooey Deschanel) who moved into a loft with three male roommates who each have their own issues. Whether Smicht is freaking out over his appearance or Winston’s having another conversation with his cat, these characters are sure to have you laughing.



Where to watch: Netflix

Released in August 2017, Disjointed is a comical, light-hearted Netflix original about a dispensary owner named Ruth and her staff. Each episode dives deeper into each character’s backstory and how they grew interested in the marijuana industry. Watch this one with your friends or your smoke buddy for the best laugh.

~ Sunflower Cyn ~

Mystic Marijuana: New Moon in Scorpio

Fear is resistance to life and whenever we cling to what we're afraid to lose, life will push us to let go. An ending to anything, shatters the matrix, unable to reassemble, for those who travel for life, find more.  


 If you look back on your own brief history of life, you'll notice that to begin a new cycle, each obstacle has to be illuminated. Hitting a traumatic ending is more dominant in our memory thus forgetting about beginnings that followed. Trust that one cannot happen without the other, trust that your authentic connections with others and an intimate relationship with yourself conducts this flow of life.

Scorpio is a powerful sign that clears up judgement, especially on what is taboo: death, sex, and desires. unable to speak upon death, sexuality, and our emotional truth, we harden the boundless ports of watery Scorpio into ice (our hidden places in the subconscious). Do not freeze up. This cold air is meant for you to move and create your own warmth/intense passion. It does not need to be in the form of love but can be about unfinished business (the end to a new beginning). Which explains the outcry of sexual abuse in media and in our personal lives. Being oceans away from our progress to heal requires us to be empowered by our shadows. More light on our shadows tend to make them less scary. So we don't have to be sneaky, rather strategic.


It's time to be smart about what to let go of what doesn't keep us alive. Although you may come to a conclusion that we tend to not let go until something else takes its place, take hold of completing things, take hold of your your sexuality, and know that your dark side will also be honored and respected. Those that talk about their power are actually less powerful. Scorpios vision is like night goggles, created for the darkness. You can't punish pain or darkness, because pain holds healing energy too.

~ J-Na$ty ~ 

Holistic Healing: Trippy Tress Chronicles


I had internalized for so long that I would never know my hair. She wrestled with me, cooperated but would then  dehydrate, leaving me confused and like many of us, a product junkie. I was lost trying to figure it out for years. This society has fed us the ideal that Black hair should be straightened, chemically processed, or stored away under wigs and weaves. Although I have grown to love the versatility of my Black hair, I had yet to better understand the science behind my gravity-defying hair. Growing up with a cosmetologist mother, I never had to really do my own hair until I was in college with a box of color and a friend down to do the same. I colored the sides and back of my hair causing my hair to break and shed for the first time in my life. In 2012, I fell into a journey of growth and countless trial and error that has brought me to revelations and new beginnings.

Recently, I unlocked the door to many answers from past and present knowledge. I had searched and struggled, but pushed to reach a consensus. Here are some key nuggets that helped me.

  • Everyone’s hair requires different care and attention. My fellow sister with a similar hair type might not use the same products or regimen for healthy hair.

  • Chemicals are not necessarily bad for your hair. It matters which ones you are putting in your hair. There is a stigma around natural hair that suggests that all chemicals are bad. In fact, our hair needs smaller properties to better receive nutrients from anything we apply to our hair. Some chemicals help restore, revive and maintain healthy hair. Better understanding which ones are good for your hair is key.

  • Moisture retention is key to growth and health in Black hair. Understanding porosity, density, and the climate of your location will help determine what your hair needs for maximum moisture and retention.

  • Protective styles such as twists, weaves, braids, and wigs, are great ways to help growth. Your hair still needs attention. Rule of thumb: After one month, remove these styles to prevent breaking and suffocating your hair as it grows. And most importantly, prepare your hair by deep conditioning before putting in these styles. Oil your scalp weekly. Refrain from tightly pulled edges as well.


After learning that my hair was actually high porosity and not low porosity like I initially thought, I realized I was doing some things wrong and needed to revisit certain products in my regimen. I live in sunny Miami, Florida and the humidity robs my hair of so much moisture. After three days, my hair would be dry again and thirsty, which I could not make sense of. I learned that I needed to add an anti-humectant to retain moisture which was a game changer. 

Here is my restorative hair care regimen that unlocked a whole new world of healthy hair I’m excited to share!

  1. I washed my hair with a sulfate and paraben free shampoo called Sayblee’s Lime Shampoo focusing on my roots and edges where I had the most build up. I love this shampoo because my hair is not stripped of all moisture yet clarified. The bottle goes a long way considering a little lathers a lot!

  2. I used a cotton t-shirt which does not snag my coils to remove excess water. My hair was so dry and weak, I applied a ORS Hair Mayonnaise packet which is a medium strength protein treatment. My hair is protein sensitive so my porous hair cannot handle coconut oil or treatments that are too strong. The protein treatment is a repair mechanism that fills protein into the bonds of your hair strands that are missing from breakage and damage. Time: 15 minutes.

  3. I rinsed my hair with lukewarm water and cold water after to close my hair cuticles. The elasticity and curls were popping and defined! I sectioned my hair into four parts and dried off the excess hair.

  4. I applied Mina Organics Hemp Conditioner which includes keratin, hemp seed oil, and rosemary oil. My porous hair needs keratin and loves hemp seed oil which help repair and maintain moisture. After two minutes, I rinsed out the conditioner.

  5. To help rebalance the pH level of my hair, I prepared an apple cider vinegar rinse (acv) with ½ cup of water to ¼ cup of acv. I had refrigerated water to rinse my hair and close all my pores and hair cuticles. I dried my hair and sectioned off my hair.

  6. Here is the holy grail for this humid weather! I mixed aloe vera juice with my Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow and Restore Leave-in Conditioner. The key ingredients are shea butter, peppermint and keratin which are perfect to assist my high porosity hair. The aloe is a humectant and helps the other products work better to retain moisture for longer and stop humidity from robbing those goods.

  7. I applied Crème of Nature with Argan Oil Pudding Perfection Curling Enhancing Crème. I revisited this product since it has worked beautifully in the past which ingredients my hair loves: argan oil, glycerin, shea butter, avocado oil, olive oil and water.

  8. I use the LCO method (liquid/leave-in, crème, oil) which I learned works best for my porous hair. Oil is a sealant which makes more sense to use last instead of the common LOC method. I applied Black Jamaican castor oil last to seal my ends. Your ends need the most love to keep the dryness away for as long as possible.

I applied all these products generously which left my hair feeling soft, defined, and smooth. No frizz! I did a wash and go style and let my hair air dry. I re-moisturized my hair after five days which is record breaking for me. I hope this helps someone and provides more clarity to better understand your beauty tresses.

~ Much love, TangySpiceTami ~