Co$mic Poetry: Piss In Your Garden

A new visual poem, y’all! This poem, “Piss In Your Garden” was written in fall 2017, and also appears in zine #4, No Hell For Sinners. People always look at me weird when I enter spaces, and I can sense when my mere presence annoys people. Although I’m soft spoken, I never take disrespect quietly and if you don’t like me simply for existing then I will make it my mission to take up even more of your space...maybe even piss In your garden ;)

writing/creative direction/featuring: Amanya Maloba ( Kenya Ku$h) 

A Film by Nessy

777 Capsule: The ROOT
neish root.JPG

This is ROOT.

Your ROOT Chakra is located at the base of your spine. It is also known as the BASE Chakra. Its color is red. It is your unwavering foundation from which you grow. Fear, survival, stability, health, wealth, physical identity, and self-esteem all feed your ROOT Chakra.

I chose to make this visual for the ROOT Chakra in my room because it is my place of peaceful solitude. It is my place of peace—to create, to reflect, to respect, to just breathe, and most importantly, to be completely free. And just like my ROOT Chakra’s purpose, my room/home is my foundation which I build upon. 

~ Neish ~

Music by Jhene Aiko ft. Dr. Chill "Oblivion"

Review: Blue Dream Haze

Coinciding with the recent shift into spring marked by the equinox that occurred on March 20, I have noticed an increase of “newness” and feelings of tenderness, bravery, and creativity in my own life and of those close to me.


Though most people talk about the moodiness of Pisces season and the fiery nature of Aries, for me the transition between the two seasons has been effortless and rejuvenating. Rather than feeling uncomfortably sensitive, the past month rounded out an intense winter of hibernation, and I began to once again crack the door between myself and the outside world. The prayers I set into motion months earlier are finally taking form in the physical world, and the labor done throughout the dark months is starting to produce fruit as the trees gain leaves every day. 

The strain that has been helping me make the internal and external transitions into spring is Blue Dream Haze by Ritual Cannabis. This take on the classic, euphoric strain has the perfect amount of creative/sensory stimulation and physical/mental relaxation to gently welcome the freshness of spring. 


These long nugs were absolutely beautiful—tons of sugary crystals and long, orange hairs gave this bud a sticky quality that leaves sweet remnants on fingertips after breaking down nugs by hand. The fragrance was dank— earthy, slightly minty, though sweet. Blue Dream and its hybrids always have a distinctive smell—to me it evokes the coolness & dampness of an early morning before the sun rises. 

This strain is classic because it is amazing! Physically, Blue Dream is great for people like me who have stomach/digestion issues, need help stimulating an appetite, have gastrointestinal diseases/conditions, and also those who suffer from anxiety and/or depression. This strain is (almost) deemed universal because it offers physical and mental relief for many types of people. 

 pages from  Every Body Yoga  by Jessamyn Stanley

pages from Every Body Yoga by Jessamyn Stanley

Match this strain with one of these yoga moves, both designed to release tension we may secretly be holding onto. Everyone, and especially women, hold a lot of emotional and mental tensions/traumas in our hips and sometimes, if not regularly released, can cause stagnation in our emotional bodies and stiffness in our physical ones. Both of these poses target your groin—Pigeon being the more intense hip-opener, while Child’s Pose also targets the lower back.

This strain has been great for ushering in creative collaborations as well as experiencing new stimuli. More than using this strain to create, I’ve been using it to watch new movies, read new books, experiment with new forms of movement and exercise, listen to new music projects etc. Discovering new art for yourself is always exciting and this strain allows me to settle into the new experience rather than judge it. 


Try out Blue Dream Haze or find what works for you to release tensions of winter and open to the gorgeousness approaching, both within Mother Earth and within ourselves.  

 ~ Kenya Ku$h ~

Review: BUKU Music & Art Project
Cyn fest.JPG

In 2014, I discovered my happy place: music festivals. Music festivals are places people can dress how they want, dance like they’re in front of their bathroom mirror, and not just listen to the music, but feel it.

This month, I was reminded of why I love festivals so much. On March 10 and 11, I attended BUKU Music & Art Project. Despite a few technical difficulties and artist cancellations, it was such a positive and feel-good experience. Whether I was singing “Tomboy” with Princess Nokia and the rest of the audience or stuffing my face with curly cheese fries, it was a weekend to never forget.

The Atmosphre


The festival is held at Mardi Gras World, a 300 thousand square-foot working wearhouse where Mardi Gras parade floats are made. It’s a cool, outdoor space on the bank of the Mississippi River with multiple stages both outside and in large empty warehouses.

Throughout the festival grounds, there were clothing, jewelry, gift, food, and drink vendors. The crowd was a diverse mix of free spirits in their 20s. From topless women draped in woven scarves to tall men in Where’s Waldo shirts, everyone got to be who they wanted to for the weekend.

The Music

The lineup had headliners like Lil Uzi Vert, Migos, and SZA. However, Uzi was a no-show, Migos flew in late and SZA ended her performance early due to an ankle injury. Luckily, my musical favorites Princess Nokia, Hippie Sabotage and esta., Sango and The Whooligan from Soulection had me forgetting all my worries. Artists like Kidd Love, Flatbush Zombies, Illineim, and Bassnectar also had the crowds jumping.  

The Food


Seafood tacos, New York-style pizza, dessert nachos, chili cheese fries, crawfish beignets and fried fish were just a few of the food options at the festival. While the pizza and curly cheese fries were my favorite, I could’ve attended the festival just to eat.

 The Green

For the weekend, I smoked a hybrid cannabis, Strawberry Diesel. Sweet in smell and intense in effect, this strain is perfect for enjoying the vibrations from booming speakers and devouring some killer fried food. While not as much of a feel-good strain as Girl Scout Cookies, Strawberry Diesel kept my vibes high and my body moving.

~ Sunflower Cyn ~