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Review: Aliens on Moonshine by Heylo Cannabis

Blunts are my go-to for smoking, but trying this Aliens on Moonshine Pod by Heylo Cannabis during a yoga and meditation session was such a pleasant surprise that I found myself sneaking vaporized tokes on the way inside movie theaters, on neighborhood walks to the coffee shop, and all sorts of times and places that a vaporizer is highly convenient. Of course, blunts are still my preferred method of consumption, but I do also enjoy the advantages of a pen like taking a single hit at a time, being able to discreetly toke indoors or outdoors, and with processors like Heylo, being able to have a clean taste of the strain and smooth smoking experience.


The strain, Aliens on Moonshine (AOM) has been one of my favorites in flower since working in the recreational shops—I loved the signature smell, and the blend of THC and CBD always made it one of my favorite highs. Coming to this PAX pod with this knowledge I was geeked (literally) to see that Heylo provided a full terpene breakdown of the concentrate, far beyond other producers’ protocol of just labeling THC percentages. The full terpene breakdown is a much more helpful tool than just the number report, because it tells you more about the kind of high that you’ll experience than only knowing the THC content or even if it’s an “indica” v “sativa” will. I put those terms in quotes because Heylo themselves do not use them. By knowing which terpenes are present and in what percentages, you can start to pretty accurately pinpoint what type of effect you’re in for.


For example, this AOM contains 20% THC and 31% CBD with 9.7 % Myrcene, 1.4% Alpha Pinene, and 1.3% Limonene. What this tells us is there is a significant amount of Myrcene—a terpene also associated with mangoes, and known to produce calming, anti-inflammatory, sleep aid effects. There is also significant amounts of Alpha Pinene, the most common terpene in pine trees that produces pain-fighting, focus aid effects, and Limonene, a terpene present in all citrus with mood-elevating, uplifting properties. All this to say that this strain is tasty—sweet citrus pine flavors combined with the highs of THC and CBD make this whole-bud, full-spectrum extract highly effective and enjoyable.

As I inhaled, I felt an instant rush of joy and appreciation for the plant, and felt my social butterflies flutter away as I exhaled, more easily able to welcome in an energy self-acceptance and peace. I felt buzzed, but totally clear-headed and in control of my emotional landscape and thoughts. Because of this, I have since used this strain successfully before meetings, before teaching yoga, and while reading. It is a good start of day high as it doesn’t make you groggy or foggy, but it also works really well at night for a subtle wind down. Of course, varying the number of hits affects results ;)


One of the best things about this product, though, is the company itself. Many companies in the cannabis industry look for the cheapest, fastest, easiest way to churn out products, but Heylo instead offers full transparency for their production and some of the most environmentally responsible approaches toward handling the plant. To start, Heylo welcomes public tours of their facility—everything is done on site from sorting the sourced flower, to watching the closed-loop extractions take place, to seeing how EVERY part of the plant is used—either in concentrate, vapor cartridges to oils, it is good to know as a customer that what you’re smoking was produced in a low-impact way. And honestly, the quality is noticeable—this strain gave me no coughs, had no chemical taste, and no sizzle and popping.

After years of sampling vaporizers and pens, I found a concentrate product that I fux with and can organically incorporate into my life. Stay tuned for updates <3

~ Kenya Ku$h ~

Mystic Marijuana: New Moon in Capricorn Solar Eclipse
photo by @katrinafelicitas

photo by @katrinafelicitas

To feel your healing skills developing in a palpable way, fill your plate full of colors—Eat the rainbow. After this new moon you’ll be self and cosmically pressured to really set up your future. Before you nourish your dreams, nourishing your body takes place first. This includes the weed that pleases your eyes and nose, since that also enters your body. 

Earth fortifies us with vibrant veggies, fruit, and all shades of greens. Through these fresh produce, the truth pours down our belly. When we eat what Earth provides, we can go back to source—the divine grace hauled by our ancestors, an ongoing fragment of energy. We are morally bound to pick up the natural resources that have been stripped from us, which explains why most of us are homesick for a place of naked divine direction. 2019 suggests we give form to that which has no form, to be guided by divine spirit, starting with the divine spirit flowing out of food. 

photo by @katrinafelicitas

photo by @katrinafelicitas

Everything else not grown from Earth undermines our attempt to grow strong with water and wildlife. Manufactured opinions and meals subdue our visions. The energy we use to express ourselves doesn’t actually come from us, we only lead it. 

We want to provide the tools to help you feel your best self. Sign up here to receive the link for pre-ordering our exclusive bundle The Affirmation Diet.


Review: Pineapple Express
Bud by Ritual Cannabis // photo: Kenya Ku$h and J-Nasty

Bud by Ritual Cannabis // photo: Kenya Ku$h and J-Nasty

Another classic strain—perhaps you first heard of Pineapple Express through pop culture or through your dealer, however like always, every plant is unique like a child. Also like a child, the love, energy, and attention they receive directly affects how healthy and potent they will be. These plants were given the highest levels of care and affection from their mom over at Ritual Cannabis, as they flourished under the Goldendale, WA sun all summer long (remember our retreat there?). From watching these plants start as baby bushes then become full grown “trees,” and then to smoke them rolled in sacrificial tobacco leaves is an honor and exciting for any nature/plant/weed nerd.

This strain is a great sativa-hybrid, giving pretty 60/40 sativa-to-indica vibes (not a test result, just how it feels in my body), making it perfect to ride out any wave or energy level at any time of day. This bud has many visible trichomes and has a gentle and sweet, yet earthy aroma. The bud is more of a fluffy texture than dense nugs, and remains that way when broken down.

Collage by Kenya Ku$h and J-Nasty

Collage by Kenya Ku$h and J-Nasty

Whatever time of the day you smoke this strain, it will complement creative activities. So if you are looking to use this strain actively, you might use it to start a new project, take a creative meeting, explore a new playlist, or come back to your familiar craft with fresh eyes and thirst for innovation. Use the cerebral and relaxing nature of Pineapple Express to begin a new collaboration, get experimental, go out and shake your ass to a fire DJ...

If you are looking to unwind and destress for the day, use this strain to facilitate engaging relaxation. Instead of smoking and immediately watching a show on repeat, try on one of these yoga moves below. If you are looking for a flow, follow the Sun Dance sequence on the left to help connect you to the sun/moon above you and the earth below you, as well as lengthen your spine (which may have become crunchy throughout the day), and open your chest. The pose on the right, Camel, is amazing for opening your heart chakra and an excellent pose to hold for a few rounds of breath, especially if you are going through any painful, new, or rocky emotional transitions. This pose is a good one to help you remain soft and ward off feeling jaded or cynical. Slow breathing and light stretching will help you settle into a deeper sleep and more quickly.

Photo collage by Kenya Ku$h // pages from “yoga exercises for teens” by Helen Purperhart

Photo collage by Kenya Ku$h // pages from “yoga exercises for teens” by Helen Purperhart

Whatever route you take, this tasty, sun-grown bud will help you be hot or cool—whichever pace you know you need to go. Physically, this has proven to be a big munchie strain, so it would also be good to use with meals and snacks or if, like me, you need occasional appetite stimulation. If you are someone who prefers to keep munchie effects low, be sure to hella hydrate and experiment with different teas and/or fruits, however note that food is exceptionally pleasurable with this smoke. :)

I hope y’all are all prepping for this equinox and transitions coming up on us, by sparking your creative fires now. Hibernation time is almost up, and the time for the butterflies to flap new wings approaches.

~ Kenya Ku$h ~

Review: Tangerine Dream

Every night fucks every day up. Every day patches the night up. On god, you should match it, it's that KO. No white lighters til I fuck my 28th up.

This review is for the night crawlers, night lurkers, witches, werewolves, vampires, late-night creators, wild dancers, insomniacs, and lunatics...

This strain is a good one for those of us who dance under the moonlight, who give life to horrors and fantasies while others sleep peacefully. Tangerine Dream is a hybrid strain with extreme effects of its indica lineage, G-13 and Afghani, and its sativa mama, Neville’s Haze. This strain relaxes both physically and emotionally, true to an indica, but also provides prominent feelings of euphoria, creativity, and clarity like a sativa. This super stoney, yet balanced high is perfect for night dwellers because it provides enough stimulus to support artistic projects, be it penning poetry, recording a verse, perfecting a chord, or editing photos. Though spiritually stimulating, this strain has enough indica in it to prevent people prone to anxiety with super sativas from going off the rail. This strain also provides good physical relief for those that use cannabis for stress, pain, or depression. The relaxation is enough to allow the process to flow, but not so heavy you instantly want to crawl under the blanket.

Drop the baby off at home before my night shift / You know I can't hear none of that spend the night shit / that Kumbaya shit / Want to see nirvana, but don't want to die yet


This strain can be recognized by its signature sweet citrus smell and taste, along with telltale orange hairs. These nugs were dense to the touch, but not wet. It was medium-easy to break down by hand, not super crumbly or overly dry. Smoked (obviously) in a Dutch, the flavor of the bud was still noticeable and distinct... your girl loves to puff on a good citrus-tasting strain!

Shut the fuck up I don't want your conversation / Roll the marijuana, that's a cheap vacation / My everyday shit, every night shit /My every day shit, every night shit


From my personal experiments, as well as recent philosophical readings, I am learning the importance of aligning your smoke with your environment and circumstances to make the most of a session. For example, this is not the strain to smoke if you’re trying to tune out or turn your brain off at the end of a long day nor the strain for trying to clean the entire house. It’s a little too active for the first and a little too relaxing for the second. This is a comforting strain for the artist or moon-howler, perfect to create something or appreciate nature’s miracles under crisp air. Because of the euphoria and relaxation with this strain, it is also a good one for sex and/or masturbating. 

Stayin' with you when I didn't have a address/ Fuckin on you when I didn't own a mattress /Working on a way to make it outta Texas/ Every night

I love the nighttime. Something about the general hush of the world allows my true self to vibrate louder, makes me more attuned to my own frequency. Inspiration and visions come to me easier in the absence of light. I can’t avoid my pain in the dark, it announces itself loudly. I can’t deny god or my body in the nighttime, both demand of me respect and indulgence. I recommend this strain for anyone battling a creative block and for those who can’t seem to make the flow stop under the stars. 

No sleep in my body / Ain't no bitch in my body / New beginnings, ah / New beginnings wake up / The sun's going down / Time to start your day bruh

~Kenya Ku$h~ ( ft. Frank Ocean, "Nights")