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Mystic Marijuana: New Moon in Aries

The transition from winter to spring can be a turbulent re-entry--- breezes and cold fronts that gust through us cover the skin with shivering fear, full of unbearable sensitivity. These winds stir change and renewal, pushing us to move and warm up, like a dancer who reconciles to the rhythm. To navigate this wind, lead with as many weightless contemplations as possible. "Nothing but the wind can pass the sun without casting shadow.” Our new moon in Aries, full of ample, activating energy, aims to grow your understanding of a resurrected self and how you see yourself in relation to others. 

It is important to remember that we are always developing, unfolding, becoming, and growing. During this transition, the inertia of our fiery sign, Aries, starts to converge a sum of power, an urge to dramatically renovate ourselves. Our definition of renovation can be misconstrued, we do not exactly have to change anything about ourselves, other than acknowledging that the only change that is certain is that there will be change. A low hush of cool currents pull us towards new beginnings, our bones tilt to the sound, but it's best to move with gentle force, so that our seeded intentions within also perform with grace. When you reach full bloom come summer you will find yourself stronger, clearer, and more refined. Just as an individual flower rises, it does not change the color of its petals, it simply matures and shares its sap of life or metaphorically irritates others with its bountiful pollen.  

The most valuable lesson during each passing moment of “resurrection" is being patient, that is how you can choose to live well. Just how spring brings cherry blossom trees as a hallmark of its beauty, it sports it fast but then dies immediately, still in its glory. If you’re experiencing a million of rewarding things, do not absorb its madness, it could allow the ego to steal the spotlight.  To avoid this, entertain the thoughts with peace--- try envisioning a feast of fruit, shared amongst your trusted homies and loved ones (or IRL gift your baes apricots, mandarins, cantaloupe, and/or any berries). Invite altruism, because it is the brilliance of new beginnings, that our fiery Aries, will place the sunrise at your feet, where the sky and ground will meet. Where you place your attention sets the stage for action and if we welcome the new moon as our guest, rather than our spotlight, we organically find a place of prominence.



Holistic Healing: Best Strains for Menstrual Pain

Every woman's experience with her menstrual cycle is different. My college roommate always told me the only difference she noticed during her period was that her gums bled when she flossed and she slept lighter. I, on the other hand, DIE every single month. In high school I used to get sent home every month by the school nurse after catching me sneaking into her office to vomit and lie on the cots during class. I, like a lot of young girls, was put on hormonal birth control with the promise of reducing period pain. This worked for me for a while, but after discovering some of the longterm effects of the pill, I took myself off it. When I relapsed on it out of fear of managing my fertility (another, longer post coming soon) I had horrible side effects---I felt insane from random mood swings and felt suicidal at times. I quickly realized this was not going to work which left me back at square one with dealing with my period pain.

 Luckily around the same time I started working as a budtender and learning about the functions of different strains. A lot of factors including exercise, stress, diet, and sleep can affect severity of cramps, but even leading a healthy lifestyle I still experience intense period pain and rely on my herbal medication as a healthier alternative to pills. Through my research and personal experiences I compiled this list of some of the most effective strains for surviving your period. 

As a general rule, if you're in search of a a strain to relieve pain head for a heavy indica, which will provide heavy sedation and muscle relaxation. Another great thing to look for during your cycle are strains that are high in CBD, which is a compound that though non-psychoactive has anti-inflammatory and analgestic properties, which are both great while menstruating. 

Lavender: This indica has a slightly sweet flavor to it and is definitely my go-to for cramps. Lavender is high in linalool, which is a terpine known for its super calming and sedative properties. I like to mix in actual lavender flowers as well for the added linalool and flavor. 

Lavender shot: Amongst the Wolves TV

Lavender shot: Amongst the Wolves TV

Dynamite: I don't come across this strain as often as I would like, but when I do it is always a good one for cramps. Some strains actually help ease the physical sensation of cramps, while others, like this one, just make you feel very far away from it. Meaning I am still aware that something is happening in my uterus, but it just doesn't hurt. 

ACDC: This high CBD strain is the bomb diggity shit forreal! If you smoke it by itself you will only feel a slight "high" but your body will feel amazing like you just went on a run and took a shower and had a snack afterwards. If you mix it with one of your indicas this will give you the heavy sedation and high from the THC and the euphoria and pain relief from the CBD. I would highly recommend always keeping some high CBD stuff around and mixing it with your other strains as you see fit.

Blackberry Kush: This is one of my favorites because it is a HEAVY hitting indica and I love weeds with fruity tastes. The Blackberry is a little heavier than Blueberry (my weed wifey) so I turn to it during my cycle. I'll smoke a blunt of this before lying on my heating pad because it makes you stationary, which is fine because on my first day I'm not trying to do much anyways. 

Blackberry Kush

Blackberry Kush

Check out these strains and see if they provide relief for your menstrual pain. I would also recommend combining your herbal remedies with some topical CBD cream and other natural remedies such as Blackstrap Molasses and diuretic teas such as cranberry and hibiscus. How do you manage period pain? Let us know. 

~Kenya Kush~

Mystic Marijuana: Root Chakra

For the next four weeks, during eclipse season and while Mercury is in Retrograde I will be adding a series of guidelines to help you activate and draw a vital life force from our seven chakras. I strive to empower you with making optimal choices for health, connectedness, and self-love through these major energy centers located within our spinal cord. Wheels of Life uses the perfect analogy, of the body being, “a vehicle of consciousness- chakras are wheels of energy that steer this vehicle through trails, tribulations and transformations.” Journeying up chakra by chakra reveals who are, reaching a higher level of understanding about our divine purpose and learning how to master our own energy field. When we feel inadequate, uninspired, or depressed, we experience a blockage around our chakras, resulting in energy clogging up rather than flowing. Visualize chakras as crystals, etched along the outline of a mountain, when all these crystals are revealed, the whole mountain glistens. 

To establish balance and achieve clarity, we will decode each chakra, for each level of vitality rules an aspect of your life. Although, life has its own agenda and Mercury in Retrograde doesn't give us all the answers, opening up our chakras widens the potential of our growth and clears out any negative emotions. This is a potent time to reassess and reinvent yourself. Understanding your energy system is the first tool to healing or accessing which chakra may be deficient...Ascending to higher planes of consciousness dates back to Ancient Egypt, principles in Jewish mystical Kabbalah and traditions in India honored the world of subtle energy. Acknowledging that chakras govern our actions, thoughts and attitudes these early cultures practiced the art of meditation created for all chakras through aromatherapy, color, yoga and more to open a new dimension of healing to withstand the physical realm. 

Parallels between valuable texts from ancient cultures and a new scientific paradigm offered me juicy material to broaden your perspective with a relaxed outlook on life. As we evolve and become more sensitive to energy, we'll continue to cultivate holistic ways to process this mysterious journey we call life. Let's begin at the base of our spine, the root chakra, the earthly, primal, raw aspect our ourselves tied with our basic means of survival. Being patient, resourceful, and hopeful strengthens our root chakra to help us feel grounded. The influence of the root chakra come from what our ancestors and family members experienced during hard times. It is a genetic memory we carry within us, being far more difficult to work on than our physical and emotional stability. All of us have been either uprooted or affected by the hardships of life- if not directly then through our family history. If our ancestors struggled, we too inherit adversity and also will not choose the easy way.  

 Below are alternative ways to awaken and pioneer our root chakra, to inwardly create structure and security so they can be attained through our conscious awareness of life. Remember you are equipped to take on life at any moment and most importantly enjoy the process and be grateful for the abundant energy at your disposal for healing. Love & light


Sanskrit term: Muladhara

Marijuana: Smoke outdoors where you can notice the beauty and perfection of the natural world, since the root chakra's corresponding element is earth. Intrinsically, inhaling Marijuana, this female energy, puts us in better psychic rapport with God herself, and her creation, earth. There'll always be a circulation of stigma that Cannabis hinders our chakras from flourishing, but if you smoke with a progressive spiritual focus, it will expand your psychic abilities. So, any strain of your choice with intention, anchors the quintessential qualities of this chakra, keeping our life vibrant and sustainable. For example, when uncertainty arises, I tend to go for indica hybrids, (Sunset Sherbert, Plushberry and Skywalker OG to name a few), controlling the flow of adrenaline or to help ground out the stresses of everyday life. Either or- Sativa blends can work (Blue/Snoops dream, Candyland) in the midst of emotional crisis, invites mental space, whether to simplify or declutter the mind, pushing out materialistic wants. To sit with comfort, shifting priorities like the need for safety and kinship, especially family- manifesting unity rather than separation. 

Crystals: Ruby~ contains regenerative forces / Hematite~ help keeps one's consciousness focused and grounded / Bloodstone~ purifies the blood

Essential oils: Cinnamon, sandalwood, palo santo

Plant: Sage

Food: High protein/meat ~ cook a favorite dish that makes you feel at home 

Yoga Pose: Tree Pose, Warrior 2, or Child pose. Movement of any kind that ignites the legs and feet. Any form of activity that is grounding, physical, and demands presence.

Affirmation Mantra: A tree grown in a cave does not bear fruit. I know who I am and make choices based on what I know to be right for me. I confirm my right to belong and be a part of something greater than myself. I live from the depths of my soul longing to express itself in the world. I stand for justice, truth and love. I am grateful for the challenges that have taught me who I truly am. I am thankful for all the opportunities for growth and development that have come my way. I love life


Review: MK Ultra

Since I have the luxury of being able to choose what strain I smoke I like to mix it up--trying new or rare strains each week. However, it has been about a month and this is the only strain I'm geeked on (I've bought like an ounce in total but in small amounts thinking I'll get tired of it). It started as a chance weed--coming from a grower I wasn't familiar with and a smell I usually DESPISE. However, my fellow budtenders assured me it hit and something in my gut was drawing me to this light green, gold-haired, nuggy variety. Thank god for taking risks because this is my shit.

First, the scent almost knocked me out. I usually like sweet smelling weeds--Blueberry, Blackberry Kush, some Cookie strains, but am super turned off by the cheesy, super dank smells. Opening a quarter of this is like sticking your nose in a plate full of quesadillas...every one I have let smell this weed pulls their head back and says something like, "woah!" "damn!" or from simply walking in a room I rolled up in I frequently hear, "It smells dank in here!" No joke, shit's potent. But luckily for me, the taste is not super cheesy---I tested it in a Diamond Swisher and a bong for purity. 

The effect is like a magic carpet, becoming what you need it to be and when depending on the different scenarios. Smoking this strain after a long day on the grind instantly lightens your burden and helps in letting go of any extra weight you might have picked up throughout the day. When smoking this strain I feel I have more control over my muscles and thoughts--by simply breathing into a place of tension I can easily feel tension dissolve, be it sore muscles or a persistent headache. My world is instantly and totally malleable. 

Smoking this strain during the day helps me brace for another day of navigating situations and people that are less than ideal. I only avoid smoking it first thing in the morning as it makes it a little hard to get into the groove of things, but after I'm dressed and cleared the cobwebs from my head, I find very little grogginess from this strain. 

This strain is a cross between OG Kush and G-13, giving it a super heavy indica effect. However, unlike most indicas it has a lot of cerebral effects as well. As a Taurus-Gemini I tend to have nine thousand thoughts in my mind at the same time almost always, so I like to avoid any strains that promote mental activity. However, the *Mind Kontrol* I feel while smoking this strain is one of my favorite feelings. Usually indicas enable me to come out of my mind, but this strain keeps me there, but gives me the calm and ease I desire. This results in dreamlike clarity, where although I feel heavy indica eyes, they are also able to view the folds on the back of my hands better and with new appreciation. There are so many beautiful and scary changes happening in my world right now, and having this weed that makes me feel like I'm walking on the ceiling is really helping me keep perspective. I am super aware that things are altered and therefore am super receptive to looking at everything and everyone that arises from all angles and inviting them in.

Scary enough, this strain gets its name from the illegal CIA experiments that took place between 1950-1970s that focused on methods of mind control. Though most of the files were destroyed in 1973 by then CIA director Richard Helms, the project used different experimental drugs including LSD to find the most effective methods for breaking and controlling the human psyche during interrogations. Though the program was designed to control the minds of others, smoking some of the weed of the same name is a beautiful resource for fully exploring (and then understanding) the workings of your own mind. 

~Kenya Kush~