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Review: Purple Lemon Haze

It’s that time of the year again when the word *love* is thrown around frequently, casually, and often superficially. True love needs no holiday, although I’m definitely one to rework a tradition to my own advantage, and love is definitely to my advantage. I invite all the lovers out there to reclaim this day/week/month to center yourself in love and cultivate habits that allow those strong feelings of pleasure, sensuality, and love (platonic, romantic, sexual, and familial) to flourish all year long.

photo: Adrian Estrada

photo: Adrian Estrada

I will be spending the 14th the same way as I spent the 1st, 5th, and 7th of the month...doing the most luxurious self-care rituals all for no other reason than to enjoy myself. Let me walk you through one of my nights, and take note of what you like, how you might alter (add or substitute) practices to fit your own lifestyle...

Exercise and physical movement always help to bring me back to my body, and recently I have been getting back to my athletic roots through regularly running in addition to hot yoga sessions. I start my sensual evenings with a run or yoga class to get my heart pumping, muscles flexing, and get those endorphins or runner’s high. Still reeling from the feeling of accomplishment and damp with the glory of my sweat, I'll roll up a blunt (and maybe have a snack or light meal first).

I've discovered purple lemon haze to be the perfect sativa-hybrid strain for "getting in the mood." Coupled with the natural euphoria from movement, this strain both heightens physical sensations and gives you a decided "happy" feeling versus a subdued, relaxed feeling (which has equal, though definitely different, attributes for sex & love). Breaking down the sweet and floral bud is a dream as it is the perfect texture to crumble between two fingers. Despite its name, it doesn't really appear purple at all or have a citrus profile like we might expect, however nothing about the bud disappoints with about 23% THC. Rolling up the blunt, I add dried rose petals to the mix to enhance the floral taste, and as the ultimate symbol of love, the rose helps me to call that energy to myself.

collage: J-Na$ty/ Kenya Ku$h

collage: J-Na$ty/ Kenya Ku$h

I love to smoke and dance in the mirror with my favorite music playing—this designated time for "vanity" is crucial to setting the mood for me. While the smoke furls and the THC and terpenes do their thing in my brain, I set aside time to admire my body, noticing little things not available when clothed or with other people. "Damn girl, your booty jiggles in a dope way when you dance like that...yes, girl your masks have your skin glowing....that run really accentuated your leg are a work of art" are thoughts and positive affirmations generated from the visual self-loving.

Once the blunt is done, or I otherwise feel complete in the mirror, I'll take a highly-sensual shower, taking time to appreciate how the water forms beads then rolls off my skin, how the pressure relaxes my muscles, and spiritually (as well as physically) rid myself of old energy and toxins. If you've ever taken a shower or bath high, you know the feeling.

Once your purification is complete, head back to the mirror and massage and moisturize yourself with body oils or butters. Coconut oil is my go-to all seasons of the year for the moisturizing properties, fragrance, and multi-task abilities (coconut oil can also be used as a great natural lubricant, barring any nut allergies, pun intended). Following the same loving affirmations as before, become aware of how your touch feels; notice the oil melting on and then into your skin, show extra love to sore muscles and other places of tension. Admire your exercised, blunted, showered, oiled up sensual body, now totally receptive to love and pleasure.

photo: Adrian Estrada

photo: Adrian Estrada

If you are expecting company in your bedroom, think of this as the "getting ready" phase: maybe after massaging yourself you put on something that makes you feel sexy, maybe queue up your slow jams playlist, clean and sage your space, light some candles, and roll another blunt for when your partner arrives (or you call them back in). If you are planning a solo night, you're already in the best position to have some fun-- grab some extra coconut oil and have a wild time with yourself (maybe still in front of the mirror)! If you attended any of our Smoke +  Stretch workshops at Babeland, this is a good time to practice some of the sex magic we learned about and/or use some of the discounted toys you purchased. 

Doing multi-step self-love rituals is great to integrate into your weekly/monthly routine to set aside time to come back to your earthly temple and discover its endless pleasures—we're only in this skin once, take advantage! I would definitely recommend this strain for all love and sex rituals to heighten sensations and bring out curiosity and self-appreciation!

~ Kenya Ku$h~

PS If you follow this, and have a baby, I want an invite to the shower!


Review: MK Ultra

Since I have the luxury of being able to choose what strain I smoke I like to mix it up--trying new or rare strains each week. However, it has been about a month and this is the only strain I'm geeked on (I've bought like an ounce in total but in small amounts thinking I'll get tired of it). It started as a chance weed--coming from a grower I wasn't familiar with and a smell I usually DESPISE. However, my fellow budtenders assured me it hit and something in my gut was drawing me to this light green, gold-haired, nuggy variety. Thank god for taking risks because this is my shit.

First, the scent almost knocked me out. I usually like sweet smelling weeds--Blueberry, Blackberry Kush, some Cookie strains, but am super turned off by the cheesy, super dank smells. Opening a quarter of this is like sticking your nose in a plate full of quesadillas...every one I have let smell this weed pulls their head back and says something like, "woah!" "damn!" or from simply walking in a room I rolled up in I frequently hear, "It smells dank in here!" No joke, shit's potent. But luckily for me, the taste is not super cheesy---I tested it in a Diamond Swisher and a bong for purity. 

The effect is like a magic carpet, becoming what you need it to be and when depending on the different scenarios. Smoking this strain after a long day on the grind instantly lightens your burden and helps in letting go of any extra weight you might have picked up throughout the day. When smoking this strain I feel I have more control over my muscles and thoughts--by simply breathing into a place of tension I can easily feel tension dissolve, be it sore muscles or a persistent headache. My world is instantly and totally malleable. 

Smoking this strain during the day helps me brace for another day of navigating situations and people that are less than ideal. I only avoid smoking it first thing in the morning as it makes it a little hard to get into the groove of things, but after I'm dressed and cleared the cobwebs from my head, I find very little grogginess from this strain. 

This strain is a cross between OG Kush and G-13, giving it a super heavy indica effect. However, unlike most indicas it has a lot of cerebral effects as well. As a Taurus-Gemini I tend to have nine thousand thoughts in my mind at the same time almost always, so I like to avoid any strains that promote mental activity. However, the *Mind Kontrol* I feel while smoking this strain is one of my favorite feelings. Usually indicas enable me to come out of my mind, but this strain keeps me there, but gives me the calm and ease I desire. This results in dreamlike clarity, where although I feel heavy indica eyes, they are also able to view the folds on the back of my hands better and with new appreciation. There are so many beautiful and scary changes happening in my world right now, and having this weed that makes me feel like I'm walking on the ceiling is really helping me keep perspective. I am super aware that things are altered and therefore am super receptive to looking at everything and everyone that arises from all angles and inviting them in.

Scary enough, this strain gets its name from the illegal CIA experiments that took place between 1950-1970s that focused on methods of mind control. Though most of the files were destroyed in 1973 by then CIA director Richard Helms, the project used different experimental drugs including LSD to find the most effective methods for breaking and controlling the human psyche during interrogations. Though the program was designed to control the minds of others, smoking some of the weed of the same name is a beautiful resource for fully exploring (and then understanding) the workings of your own mind. 

~Kenya Kush~

Mystic Marjiuana: Solstice Full Moon in Sagittarius

We all might have been bruised searching through recent darkness, hence we ache for a full moon for guidance. Maybe tonight we reclaim our strength. Without automatically dropping to our knees to bow down at night sky’s feet or pray for the stars to shower us with positive illumination. Instead, try to get lost with solitude by your side. Go on a midsummer night’s walk and chase the moon alone or bathe in the dark to look inward to practice self-compassion and accept that sometimes we may run into anger, grief or over-react. Remember, it’s not your fault. Remember this is not a unique experience, but a collective one, everyone faces pain or discouragement. Use this full moons energy to fall in love with who you are at your best and at your worst. Embrace the fullness of life and every inch of you.

Feelings of sadness, hurt and distraught coincides with loneliness, but loneliness can become a powerful tool to be at peace, to feel the space grow vast around you. When you step away from the world and become separated, you begin to walk towards self-understanding. The world right now is rattled because many of us haven’t found a deep connection within, shaking each of us to wake up to our true selves.

This full moon in Sagittarius pushes us in the direction of seeking change, but first we must learn how to react to our past suffering and choose self-compassion. Visualizing the phrase: Why me? Looking back and forth in between palms that sweat anger, grief or anxiousness. To wipe them off with the grounds soil, to feel the roots of these emotions. We all walk a spiraling path of healing and stumble, scrap a knee, cry, leave a skin to break open and bleed. Do you curse at the stone that you tripped on? Hell yeah, fuck that rock. But don’t forget to kiss the wound before moving on.

Be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself for not always responding the way you'd like to when emotions come out blazing. Recognize that in a sense, our nervous systems were programmed to react that way, but do not let it affect your sense of self-worth or those you love. 

If tonight is not enough time, make it a ritual, at least once a week find time alone to go on an adventure or do something that makes you feel good, nourished or safe. Don’t be hard on your self or ashamed of feeling worried, angry, or whatever. We all can be a hot mess. Forgive and practice self-compassion is really showing yourself the same care that you would to others. 

Its important to note this supercharged moon falls on the longest day of the year, Solstice. Amplifying our consciousness to work with harmonizing your feminine and masculine energy. We all possess both, which is why I highly recommend cultivating self-kindness through acts of unwanted emotions. Patterns of pain can remind us of past pains and can feel far bigger (our feminine side), whether the desire to escape is strong, find the path of mastery which requires staying on the course of crises (our masculine side) to let go of the ego to access unconditional self love (our feminine side). 

Your truth comes back full circle just like the cycle of night and day. Take any opportunity of silence during the evening and begin to develop your listening; in order to hear, deep within yourself, the music of your own spirit. Allow it to sing, call out for the sun to come and play. Dance with your self, blast Rihanna ‘Same Ol’ Mistakes’ or something! Dance into the twilight, tango with the rose moon all dusk long.. let the sun catch you. Convince the sun to trust you, that you can find your own renewal by opening up to your own trust first. Offering yourself to the new light as you are. Whole and vulnerable.