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Co$mic Poetry: BBHMM Blunt Online Premiere!

Here it is! I made my public debut as a screenwriter and director with "BBHMM Blunt" at the 2019 SPLIFF Film Festival. "BBHMM Blunt" was selected as one of 24 finalists in the inaugural festival with films all centered around weed under 4:20 ;)

I’m so thankful that this film was viewed by over 3000 in multiple cities over the past few months, and I’m excited to share it with all of you!

xoxo Kenya Ku$h

“BBHMM Blunt”
writer: Amanya Maloba
director: Amanya Maloba
Film/Editing: Das Leune
Produced by Street Creatives
Creative Direction by Women.Weed.WiFi

Co$mic Poetry: Black Woman Witch

Hey babes! I’m so excited to share the newest visual poem for “Black Woman Witch” I wrote this poem thinking about all of the different types of fuckery black women go through on the daily, but from the perspective of a victor rather than the victim.

The dark witch that pities those that harm her, and laughs the last laugh even while burning in the cruel world.   

In the same way that the earth will spare none of us that contribute to her destruction, those that disrespect black women will also destroy themselves in the process. 

~ Kenya Ku$h  

Photos: Kamasoul

Photos: Kamasoul

Black Woman Witch

Written / Directed/ Performed by:   Amanya Maloba

Filmed / Edited by: Kamasoul

Styled by: Janice Ibarra



Co$mic Poetry: Piss In Your Garden

A new visual poem, y’all! This poem, “Piss In Your Garden” was written in fall 2017, and also appears in zine #4, No Hell For Sinners. People always look at me weird when I enter spaces, and I can sense when my mere presence annoys people. Although I’m soft spoken, I never take disrespect quietly and if you don’t like me simply for existing then I will make it my mission to take up even more of your space...maybe even piss In your garden ;)

writing/creative direction/featuring: Amanya Maloba ( Kenya Ku$h) 

A Film by Nessy

Cosmic Poetry: Portals of Pain

Portals of Pain

words: Amanya Maloba
Photos: Adrian Estrada
Featuring: $toney Spice, Kenya Ku$h, J-NA$TY


Needle into flesh,
Teeth into bottom lip;

Knuckles go white,
Eyes close, colors swirl inside lids.

Skin goes red and tender,
Black ink into black melanin,

Dancing to the rhythm and hum
Of the machine and our woes.


Designs first seen in dreams
Permanently stained on our bodies.

Names engraved on our living
Temple as well as on tombs.

Blood + ink
Red + black

Seep out together
From the outer layer.

The burning + stinging,
The rawness + the searing incisions

Circulate the pain within itself—
Feels like a wound,
A point of weakness.


Then the skin (the barrier
Between the inner and outer Worlds)

Remembers itself and
The pain deep under the surface
Dying, dying, killing to
Get out.

The burning + stinging
Turn to
Vibrating + massaging.

The point of weakness
Now a portal
Inner turmoil + emotions
To escape from,
Like waters from behind a levee.