Cosmic Poetry: 'Respect Your Mother'

Respect Your Mother

words/creative direction/ model: Kenya Ku$h
photography: Rose Leon
styling: J-Nasty

Jesus on my tit,
(from around the way)
But before him
It was Horus,
And even Osiris.

I'll have you screaming Hail Marys in the dark,
You can call me mama,
Or even Isis,
Hathor, Lilith, Hera,
Guadalupe or Kali.

I carry you all protectively
And nutritiously on the earth
I hold in my celestial arms.
Not one to push my own agenda on you;
I just watch the ways you tend to move,
And plan accordingly.

If I'm the cat or the cow,
I know the way to dance
Freely between pleasure and duty.

When you wake up smiling and
Can't remember why---
It's because you were dancing in my waters
(rivers and oceans)
In your dreams.

The temper tantrums
You throw when we find
Ourselves in opposition
Is predictable---
The tension before the growth;
Or the eternal push/pull at the core
of the Earth---
Either way Imma count to three,
And if you're still in my face with bullshit...
(Never make me finish that sentence).

To turn away from the womb that bred you,
Made you who you are today,
Sustains your lifesource as we speak,
There is no greater sin.

I give thanks to those who came before me,
To those who sacrificed their breath
To the eternal night wind
That I also embody and protect.

Through my touch I can make the
Rose bloom or whither;
Make the tide rise or fall;
The wound close or bleed.

I come from the original people,
The first human mother
Found in the land of
My grandmothers and forefathers.

Sudden moments of inspiration,
Sounds of children laughing,
Tears triggered by a chord struck perfectly,
The nourishment of hot meals,
The first steps into untouched snow and
Dark hallways----
Think of me in these moments.

I'm there for you if you say you love me
To fuck up whoever and whatever
Tries for you.

Respect me
Like the water you drink;
Feel me subdue the same fire
I sparked
Suckle my wisdom---
Unforetold mysteries of time and space
For my children to learn and
In return I ask for
Fresh-cut flowers and
To never be caged or neglected.