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Co$mic Poetry: BBHMM Blunt Online Premiere!

Here it is! I made my public debut as a screenwriter and director with "BBHMM Blunt" at the 2019 SPLIFF Film Festival. "BBHMM Blunt" was selected as one of 24 finalists in the inaugural festival with films all centered around weed under 4:20 ;)

I’m so thankful that this film was viewed by over 3000 in multiple cities over the past few months, and I’m excited to share it with all of you!

xoxo Kenya Ku$h

“BBHMM Blunt”
writer: Amanya Maloba
director: Amanya Maloba
Film/Editing: Das Leune
Produced by Street Creatives
Creative Direction by Women.Weed.WiFi

Review: Space Candy

It’s the time of the year when everything is teeming with life, and like a dandelion, there’s the feeling of being ready to spread one’s seed with each breeze that blows over the body. This time of year asks me to be flexible and ready to move—be it physically through traveling, mentally through setting new career/ legacy goals, or spiritually through marking my annual growth progress as my birthday approaches at the end of the month. It seems I always make a big trip or life decision around this time of year, and like the evolution of the dandelion bloom, it starts from having strong, sturdy, nutritious roots, presenting oneself in environments that will not label me a weed or stifle my growth, and then surrendering to the force greater than myself to carry me farther than my current view allows me to witness.


This past April, Women.Weed.WiFi had a month-long residency at Mount Analogue gallery in Seattle, where we transformed the space into a “Sanctuary of the Modern Divine Feminine” — our #internationalgirlgang interpretation of the Spice World tour bus featuring our collective and individual work surrounding themes of holistic and herbal medixine, ancestral wisdom and healing, and collective organizing. In setting up the exhibit we reached out to so many members of our larger community that provided their energy, resources, crafts, bounty, and magic including Nurturing Roots Farm, The Plant Shop, and Ritual Cannabis!

We’ve been blessed with the magic from Ritual Cannabis since we first got to experience their healthy, happy plants at their outdoor, sungrown garden in Klickitat, WA almost two years ago. The love and attention that goes into these plants is something you can smell, taste, and appreciate when smoking the bud, like the difference in eating pasta sauce from the can versus one made with tomatoes that you’ve seen grown with love and organic sunshine. That shit hits different.


I used this nug of Space Candy in conjunction with a solo Smoke + Stretch session, and instantly felt better after viewing and smelling the big nugs. The body was bright green, had yellow hairs as highlights, and a perfectly fluffy, though not powdery, consistency. The smell was sweet with a hint of a cheesy aftertaste/ was like smelling Goddess pussy :) It crumbled like a dream and was easy to roll up—what I loved was that the smell easily translated into the flavor after lighting the blunt. Sometimes a nug can smell good, but taste mediocre, however since nothing is rushed during the cultivation process at Ritual Cannabis, all the bud has time to fully develop its terpene profile, or its unique chemical signature.


This strain assisted me in many mirror dance parties and also many nights where the rest of my to-do list was abandoned in favor of falling into a sedative sleep or binging something sensory like Chambers on Netflix (spooky horror series featuring native womxn Sivan Alyra Rose). This high made me want to booty pop through all of the moments of discomfort I’ve been experiencing as things and concepts are destroyed in order for something else to exist in its place. Through the relaxing, joyous high I was able to affirm my path and keep my third eye focused on what it is I’ve been manifesting as well as surrender to the cosmic winds like the dandelion in spring.

~ Kenya Ku$h ~

Review: Aliens on Moonshine by Heylo Cannabis

Blunts are my go-to for smoking, but trying this Aliens on Moonshine Pod by Heylo Cannabis during a yoga and meditation session was such a pleasant surprise that I found myself sneaking vaporized tokes on the way inside movie theaters, on neighborhood walks to the coffee shop, and all sorts of times and places that a vaporizer is highly convenient. Of course, blunts are still my preferred method of consumption, but I do also enjoy the advantages of a pen like taking a single hit at a time, being able to discreetly toke indoors or outdoors, and with processors like Heylo, being able to have a clean taste of the strain and smooth smoking experience.


The strain, Aliens on Moonshine (AOM) has been one of my favorites in flower since working in the recreational shops—I loved the signature smell, and the blend of THC and CBD always made it one of my favorite highs. Coming to this PAX pod with this knowledge I was geeked (literally) to see that Heylo provided a full terpene breakdown of the concentrate, far beyond other producers’ protocol of just labeling THC percentages. The full terpene breakdown is a much more helpful tool than just the number report, because it tells you more about the kind of high that you’ll experience than only knowing the THC content or even if it’s an “indica” v “sativa” will. I put those terms in quotes because Heylo themselves do not use them. By knowing which terpenes are present and in what percentages, you can start to pretty accurately pinpoint what type of effect you’re in for.


For example, this AOM contains 20% THC and 31% CBD with 9.7 % Myrcene, 1.4% Alpha Pinene, and 1.3% Limonene. What this tells us is there is a significant amount of Myrcene—a terpene also associated with mangoes, and known to produce calming, anti-inflammatory, sleep aid effects. There is also significant amounts of Alpha Pinene, the most common terpene in pine trees that produces pain-fighting, focus aid effects, and Limonene, a terpene present in all citrus with mood-elevating, uplifting properties. All this to say that this strain is tasty—sweet citrus pine flavors combined with the highs of THC and CBD make this whole-bud, full-spectrum extract highly effective and enjoyable.

As I inhaled, I felt an instant rush of joy and appreciation for the plant, and felt my social butterflies flutter away as I exhaled, more easily able to welcome in an energy self-acceptance and peace. I felt buzzed, but totally clear-headed and in control of my emotional landscape and thoughts. Because of this, I have since used this strain successfully before meetings, before teaching yoga, and while reading. It is a good start of day high as it doesn’t make you groggy or foggy, but it also works really well at night for a subtle wind down. Of course, varying the number of hits affects results ;)


One of the best things about this product, though, is the company itself. Many companies in the cannabis industry look for the cheapest, fastest, easiest way to churn out products, but Heylo instead offers full transparency for their production and some of the most environmentally responsible approaches toward handling the plant. To start, Heylo welcomes public tours of their facility—everything is done on site from sorting the sourced flower, to watching the closed-loop extractions take place, to seeing how EVERY part of the plant is used—either in concentrate, vapor cartridges to oils, it is good to know as a customer that what you’re smoking was produced in a low-impact way. And honestly, the quality is noticeable—this strain gave me no coughs, had no chemical taste, and no sizzle and popping.

After years of sampling vaporizers and pens, I found a concentrate product that I fux with and can organically incorporate into my life. Stay tuned for updates <3

~ Kenya Ku$h ~

Mystic Marijuana: Full Moon in Gemini

Seeing the moon’s fullest face under my sun sign of Gemini has brought a new spark in a slow-burning candle of long-term personal and artistic goals. By nature, I am a person focused on the long-term—I tend to the garden of my life with care, always planting seeds for one plant while watering another, and harvesting yet another. This method, paired with the whimsical nature of Gemini’s, means that about things that matter to me—my heart, my art, my body, my destiny—I have a clear vision of where it is I want to end up, or rather, what feelings I want to arrive at.

photo by Luis Vela, 2018.

photo by Luis Vela, 2018.

Dreaming under this full moon in Gemini, I hear very loudly the echoes of my quietest childhood daydreams. It is easy to be coerced off your highest path, a road filled with precious jewels hidden in a jungle of mysterious darkness, and tricked into taking the neon-lit path of convenience, stifled curiosity, and veiled misery. But as womxn of the moon and incarnations of our ancestors, we are not so easily jaded or defeated to abandon our purpose.

{As a Black womxn. As a Black womxnist. As an empath. As an artist. As a healer. As a social connector.} It is more times than not draining to look at the “realities” that others have created and forced upon me. It is hard to fight the feeling of defeat in comparing resources of a small, BIWOC business to a corporation. It is maddening to know those same resources came from my ancestors’ minds and vaginas. I could choose to feel vindictive toward love, bristle from old wounds, and refuse to let others love me. However, we all have to decide if we are to be scared by “reality” and settle into a lesser position than we should, sink into the righteous, though uncreative energy of becoming bitter, or stay open in our hearts, minds, and bodies to our own UNIQUE, ETERNAL, INTUITIVE POWER.

Collage by Kenya Ku$h // nails by Peka Grayson @impekablenails.  

Collage by Kenya Ku$h // nails by Peka Grayson @impekablenails.  

Recently, I have been undergoing massive shifts in all aspects of my life—from stepping into a new career, re-locating cities, becoming a godmother, living in love, and taking on new creative and business endeavors. Usually, I feel overwhelmed when I feel everything stable coming loose from underneath me, however over the past couple months I have been steadily repeating the words:


This is to remind myself to stay open and grateful for all that’s in my life and heart, and in transition to be grateful for everything leaving me and everything coming to me.

1992, c/o mom

1992, c/o mom

Under this full moon in Gemini , I am reminded that I am already worthy of everything coming. I am encouraged to stay open in my heart and be flexible to adventure and any “detours” on my journey. Under this lunar glow I understand that when I love myself and let other people really love me, I open myself to an even greater love from the universe. When I trust my ideas and execution, I see myself in the pure vision of my childhood dreams and my highest soul callings.

To be in transition can make us want to retreat toward comfort, toward small ways of the past. However, I encourage us all to enter Sagittarius season with a burning heart of love and bravery, rather than huddle around a dying flame of the past. Trust that what’s in your heart will guide you and do not cripple yourself by doubting your intuition and creativity. You are worthy of the oceans of change washing upon you.

Love + Smooth Transitions,

Kenya Ku$h