International Chats Ep 2: Raquel Savage of The Sex Therapist

photos: @sagecausie

photos: @sagecausie

This is one of the dopest interviews I have had the pleasure of conducting for Women.Weed.WiFi. Anyone that is familiar with our platform knows that we are super sex-positive, hoe-positive, body-positive and all the other positives as it relates to women’s sexual liberation and autonomy.

Too often women, especially black women and other WOC, are either slut-shamed or hyper-sexualized (or the really bizarre instances when it’s both at the same time). Raquel Savage, also known as The Sex Therapist, is giving us life because of her balanced perspective and approach to facilitating discussions around sex, sexuality, and sex work.


Raquel is a sex therapist based in Miami, FL, able to help coach individuals and couples about their sex and intimacy issues, in addition to using her large online presence to discuss sex and sex culture, taboos, rape culture, her experiences as a sex worker and more—all through hella creative lenses. On Instagram you may stumble across one of Raquel’s “#ThoughtProvokingThirstTraps” where she pairs a photo or video showing off her bangin bod paired with reflective and informative musings on topics such as chivalry, taking dick, consent, eating ass and more.

In the second episode of our International Chats, Raquel is talking about her journey into sex therapy, what she hopes her platform will evolve to, and even answering a lil Q&A! Light the blunt and press play—let’s get into this session! 


Follow Raquel here to catch the latest episodes of her podcast, The Savage Life, and keep up with her on social media.

~ Kenya Ku$h~ 

special thanks to Stoney $pice for mastering the mix.