July 2017 --- DOPE Magazine

"INNER EXPERIENCE, COLLECTIVE EMPOWERMENT: Women.Weed.WiFi’s Revolutionary Platform"

Full article here.


July 2017 --- YES! Magazine

"Most commercial pot shops are owned by rich white men. This all-female art collective wants to remind us of the drug’s community and healing roles."

Full article available here.


March 2017 --- Fader Magazine

“Women.Weed.Wifi was this organic thing that came together from all the conversations our friends were already having, we were all pretty much in the weed industry, working in fashion or retail in some way, and into the same music."
Full article available here.


July 2016 --- Girls Are Awesome

"Women.Weed.Wifi therefore plays a subversive and impactful role in squashing the stereotypical expectations around women as creatives and imbibers...The collective accomplishes this goal by giving relatable, practical advice and female-focused information about various strains and marijuana-related products—but also by providing women with a platform to express themselves while removing potential biases against their personal habits."

Full article available here.


July 2016 --- City Arts

Magazine"Women.Weed.WiFi (WWW) is a Seattle-based, female-run art collective that shares the love of weed and female energy..." 

Full Story and Gallery shot by Allyce Andrews here.



June 2016 ---- Hella Black Hella Seattle

Founders Kenya Ku$h and J-NA$TY talk to the ladies of Hella Black Hella Seattle about WWW origins, goals, healing, and all things weed.

Listen to the podcast here.