Women. Weed.WiFi
Women. Weed.WiFi
Women.Weed.WiFi LLC is an expansive, international, and intergalactic network of women of color artists that use our ancestral and learned knowledge, our melanin, spiritual guides, and our natural talents to heal and teach about and through cannabis.

We uplift and inspire one another to continue on our highest paths. We note our similarities and celebrate what makes us unique. We love marijuana and celebrate the glory of the female plant that, like us, brings beauty and peace to those we touch. Weed unites us, elevates us, and heals us.

Meet the Women


Amanya Maloba   Founder


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Vanity Thomas   Partner


Janice Ibarra    Founder

Creative Director DJ

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Nicole Callier


Toya B

Contributor DJ

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Experience Services

We offer private or group sessions as an alternative to expensive therapy, spas, yoga classes that a lot of us BIPOC can't afford. As well as offering additional services and training that are key to any business.

Wellness Workshop


Zine Contributors

Nilda Brooklyn

AJ Dent

Carmela Dow


Liz Pleasant

Phoebe Apondi

Maya Samaha

Joyce Kim

Anne Cho

Keysha Rivera

Emma Robinson

Jazzy Harvey

Kindergarten Thoughts

Sloane Goff

Nya Tindal

Sarah Rosenblatt

August Maverick

Lauren Lepore

Raquel Divar


Jenny Sonenberg

Hezza Fezza

Jenesis Garcia

Ari Attack

Breanna Swayze

Yasmin Almo

Millicent Sykes

Ramona Lee

Brie Ripley

Andrea Meyers

Sarah Rosenblatt

Thamar Theodore

Eesha Goods

Alyssa Campbell

Caroline Goldfarb

Rabecca Rocha


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