Being the only girl is similar to being the only child — a golden egg hatched with miracles. My mother nestled me under her wing to fly with her dreams, believing that I could be anything I wanted to be. Ever since, I could only be me.

I grew up with three older brothers, all diligent degenerates as young adults, which led me to live a split existence, hence my DJ name, J-Nasty — my rebellious side. Although my innocence didn’t fool anyone, I was guilty of being a free spirit, hoping to influence others to take their own risks. Not a dangerous fall, but a courageous stretch, doing what you love is a blind leap of faith. With integrity, I fulfilled my mother’s wishes on the pursuit of excellence unbeknownst to my bad gyal RiRi behavior.

I carry a determined attitude with a chip of vulnerability on my shoulder. Our past destructive infrastructures and society’s mentally harsh expectations help me stride forward with limitless ambition. I have my hand in shaping the art/fashion community at Moksha ( a fashion and lifestyle store in Seattle’s University District) as well as practicing/teaching yoga atCorepower. When I’m not working at Star Buds Co-operative I focus on my online shop: Seamlessly Supernatural. Through each medium I can heal others and help them become powerful by opening them up to their authentic self.

Nine times out of 10 I smoke blunts because it’s a meaningful ritual — I can have my personal blunt or share it. Blunts are like incense and I love how the fragrance gradually pervades the whole room. When I smoke the herb I appreciate the universe and honor my body as a temple. It is a daily reminder to treat yourself as a scared gift.

I am beyond blessed to cater to you cannabis enthusiasts who thirst for knowledge on natural medicine. For instance, Harlequin is my favorite CBD strain that suppresses my inflammation and relaxes the muscles behind my eyes to ease a migraine. I tend to medicate with Sativa dominate strains. I lust for Sour Diesel, a stanky and sticky flower (perfect for blunts) that awakens creativity following subtle psychedelic effects.

This blog brought me here to nurture my sisters’ dreams in order to give birth to the dreams of humanity, just like Mary Jane, a holy plant, bears new life. Stay tuned to future posts for more holistic, metaphysical doses of wisdom.