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In My Shopping Cart: Toya B

Toya B is bringing us this rare blessing of sharing where she gets her cool from. Do yourself a favor and up your swag while staying original.

Another thing I enjoy besides blowing smoke with my Women.Weed.WiFi ladies and playing jams on jams is finding the freshest threads. I'm about looking like Toya B, and please believe no one looks like Toya B. I do frequently get asked, "where did you cop this?' and 'where did you snatch that???' Okay, so I wanted to put together a list of my favorite shops, Seattle and WorldWideWeb for all of y'all to see what's good. Yo! No one looks like Toya B, but here are a few places y'all can look to get your own vibe going. 

Some of my favorite local spots are:

Pretty Parlor on Capital Hill

Lucky Vintage in the University District

Moksha in the University District

Value Village in Burien

American Apparel in the University District

Some of my online go-tos are:

Nikki Lipstick


Dolls Kill


I'm all about raiding my homies' closets too! Fashion gurus are who I get along with best. 

J-Nasty's closet, available upon request or online at Seamlessly Supernatural

Kenya Kush's closet, available upon request

DJ Cousin Chris's closet, available upon request

Drea's closet, available upon request

Elissa Angs's closet, available upon request

It's been real, my Women.Weed.WiFi crew! Check out these stores and sites to get fly!

For more of Toya B's flyness check her Instagram @toyabyo 

Meet the Women: Toya B

They call me Toya B and here’s my weed story…

Growing up as the black sheep, I always wanted to please everyone around me. Everyone from family, friends, and even strangers. I always wanted to make a good impression on people. Like anyone else, who wants to be judged?

I’m not going to give you some sob story about weed. Marijuana has made a positive impact in my life. I’ve made a lot of connections, bonds, and strong friendships by simply smoking a bowl or blazing a blunt.

My creative energy and vivid imagination increase while puffing the magic dragon, as some would call it. Weed helps me as a DJ and helps me to release my powers within my artistic ability to compose my signature fashion looks.

I’m learning to accept myself as I am with peace and love. Blunts and bowls influence intense conversations and enhance my mind, which is my guide on my path. My own positivity will lead me in the direction which I want to pursue in the future.

Thank you, Women.Weed.WiFi for this great team of women. They inspire me with every light and every puff to follow my dreams. With that said, I’m looking forward to lighting my path in the best way possible.

Five fun facts about Toya B

1: My favorite weed strain is Head Cheese, a Sativa. Head Cheese gives me the giggles and I love to laugh. I do love the taste and the smoothness of the Golden Pineapple as well.

2: My favorite way to blaze is in a piece, but I do enjoy to smoke a blunt with the homies — I mean everyone has a story to tell.

3: I can cook a mean pasta sauce!

4: I’m a nanny by day but continue to slay the dance floors as DJ Toya B by night.

5: I also slay the concrete runways as a fashion socialite all day and all night.

Thank you for taking time to light up with me, Women.Weed.WiFi!

Mad love always,

xoxo Toya B

Meet the Women: J-Na$ty

Being the only girl is similar to being the only child — a golden egg hatched with miracles. My mother nestled me under her wing to fly with her dreams, believing that I could be anything I wanted to be. Ever since, I could only be me.

I grew up with three older brothers, all diligent degenerates as young adults, which led me to live a split existence, hence my DJ name, J-Nasty — my rebellious side. Although my innocence didn’t fool anyone, I was guilty of being a free spirit, hoping to influence others to take their own risks. Not a dangerous fall, but a courageous stretch, doing what you love is a blind leap of faith. With integrity, I fulfilled my mother’s wishes on the pursuit of excellence unbeknownst to my bad gyal RiRi behavior.

I carry a determined attitude with a chip of vulnerability on my shoulder. Our past destructive infrastructures and society’s mentally harsh expectations help me stride forward with limitless ambition. I have my hand in shaping the art/fashion community at Moksha ( a fashion and lifestyle store in Seattle’s University District) as well as practicing/teaching yoga atCorepower. When I’m not working at Star Buds Co-operative I focus on my online shop: Seamlessly Supernatural. Through each medium I can heal others and help them become powerful by opening them up to their authentic self.

Nine times out of 10 I smoke blunts because it’s a meaningful ritual — I can have my personal blunt or share it. Blunts are like incense and I love how the fragrance gradually pervades the whole room. When I smoke the herb I appreciate the universe and honor my body as a temple. It is a daily reminder to treat yourself as a scared gift.

I am beyond blessed to cater to you cannabis enthusiasts who thirst for knowledge on natural medicine. For instance, Harlequin is my favorite CBD strain that suppresses my inflammation and relaxes the muscles behind my eyes to ease a migraine. I tend to medicate with Sativa dominate strains. I lust for Sour Diesel, a stanky and sticky flower (perfect for blunts) that awakens creativity following subtle psychedelic effects.

This blog brought me here to nurture my sisters’ dreams in order to give birth to the dreams of humanity, just like Mary Jane, a holy plant, bears new life. Stay tuned to future posts for more holistic, metaphysical doses of wisdom.

Meet the Women: Kenya Ku$h

Hello ladies and stoners. It is my distinct pleasure to introduce myself and the blog. I go by a lot of names, but the one bestowed to me by my parents is Amanya, meaning the one who knows. While what I don’t know far exceeds what I do, I walk through the world with a tiny bit of clarity to its ways and for that I am thankful. I come from a lot of places and as reflected in my alter ego, Kenya Ku$h, East Africa is one place I call home. By day I earn my bread slinging legal marijuana at Washington’s busiest recreational store, and by night and nature I am a wordsmith concerned with creating beauty and horror.

My relationship with weed has evolved greatly from my first encounters with the plant. Like many I first met Miss Mary Jane in high school in a dark basement and after that first night would continue to run into her sporadically and always in the dark. Growing up on the East Coast where weed was and still is very much illegal, developing a relationship past, “you tryna hit this, shorty?” seemed unlikely. When I went to college many of my brilliant friends and lovers were followers of the green, and I would partake when in their company. Tired of depending on niggas for weed, eventually I decided that I wanted to be a self-sufficient stoner and bought my first eighth of weed, once more in the cloak of darkness. Not until I relocated to the West Coast was it that I learned of the “stoner community” where more lenient laws allow people to feel more comfortable expressing their love and need for the plant.

My favorite method of consumption is rolled in a joint, though if the day’s been long enough, a blunt will hit the spot perfectly. I prefer Indica strains generally — Blueberry, Dynamite, White Widow are some of my favorites. I also love Blue Dream for its psychedelic properties as well as non-psychoactive strains such as AC/DC. Though these are some of my staples, I am looking forward to testing and reviewing many new strains!

Through working in the fast-changing marijuana industry I have collected a knowledge of the different ways the plant can enhance lives be it for its healing or euphoric properties. As my relationship with weed continues to develop and deepen, I want to share honestly and openly my discoveries so that we can continue to de-stigmatize marijuana use and encourage people, especially women, to become more informed users.

Women Weed & Wifi is a space devoted to increasing the knowledge and familiarity of marijuana within the general public as well as showcasing the brains and beauty of the women who smoke it. I look forward to guiding you through this fun experiment!