Meet the Women: Kenya Ku$h

Hello ladies and stoners. It is my distinct pleasure to introduce myself and the blog. I go by a lot of names, but the one bestowed to me by my parents is Amanya, meaning the one who knows. While what I don’t know far exceeds what I do, I walk through the world with a tiny bit of clarity to its ways and for that I am thankful. I come from a lot of places and as reflected in my alter ego, Kenya Ku$h, East Africa is one place I call home. By day I earn my bread slinging legal marijuana at Washington’s busiest recreational store, and by night and nature I am a wordsmith concerned with creating beauty and horror.

My relationship with weed has evolved greatly from my first encounters with the plant. Like many I first met Miss Mary Jane in high school in a dark basement and after that first night would continue to run into her sporadically and always in the dark. Growing up on the East Coast where weed was and still is very much illegal, developing a relationship past, “you tryna hit this, shorty?” seemed unlikely. When I went to college many of my brilliant friends and lovers were followers of the green, and I would partake when in their company. Tired of depending on niggas for weed, eventually I decided that I wanted to be a self-sufficient stoner and bought my first eighth of weed, once more in the cloak of darkness. Not until I relocated to the West Coast was it that I learned of the “stoner community” where more lenient laws allow people to feel more comfortable expressing their love and need for the plant.

My favorite method of consumption is rolled in a joint, though if the day’s been long enough, a blunt will hit the spot perfectly. I prefer Indica strains generally — Blueberry, Dynamite, White Widow are some of my favorites. I also love Blue Dream for its psychedelic properties as well as non-psychoactive strains such as AC/DC. Though these are some of my staples, I am looking forward to testing and reviewing many new strains!

Through working in the fast-changing marijuana industry I have collected a knowledge of the different ways the plant can enhance lives be it for its healing or euphoric properties. As my relationship with weed continues to develop and deepen, I want to share honestly and openly my discoveries so that we can continue to de-stigmatize marijuana use and encourage people, especially women, to become more informed users.

Women Weed & Wifi is a space devoted to increasing the knowledge and familiarity of marijuana within the general public as well as showcasing the brains and beauty of the women who smoke it. I look forward to guiding you through this fun experiment!