As a woman who is dedicated to breaking walls and misconceptions in society about how women are viewed, I work towards opening the minds of others to view cultural differences in a new light. Whether that be how we as women are viewed for smoking ganja, showing skin, our emotional/mental state, or by the differences in the color of our skin, where our family originates, and what political party we stand for. 

Spoken by co-founder of Weed.Women & WiFi
"We love marijuana and celebrate the glory of the female plant who, like us, brings beauty and peace to those we touch. Weed unites us, elevates us, and heals us." This philosophy stands out to me because we as women can change the world. 

Our voices and the internet are some of our most powerful weapons to do so.

If not now, when? And if not me, who?

Catch Vanity's submission, "Date Rape" in our first zine, "Say Perhaps to Sobriety" available here.