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Artist Spotlight: Mother Marygold

In light of Upstream Music Fest, we caught up with one of our artists that will be joining us on stage Sunday, June 3rd, Mother Marygold.

Mother Marygold has bewitched us with her unique and powerful voice.

SHE is sure to move you the same <3 ~ Stoney Spice 


Women.Weed.WiFi: What are you looking forward to the most while you are here in Seattle for Upstream Music Fest?

Mother Marygold: This will be my first time in Seattle, and I'm really excited about exploring the city and its energy. I'm also looking forward to connecting with other artists and catching some amazing shows. and FOOD.

WWWiFi: What song are you most excited to perform and why?

MM: We are planing to perform some unreleased music, gonna feel out the crowd and hit em with a few surprises. I think it’s important to give a unique experience every performance. It’s a communication between artist and audience, and I love to talk. We may hit em with Prayer, or Grand Theft or something no one has heard yet, it all depends on the conversation.

WWWiFi: What has recently been your source of inspiration and what have you been creating because of it?

MM: People and my personal experiences have been inspiring me. I am very intrigued by human behavior, and cause and affect of my actions. People have helped me grow, helped me learn valuable lessons, and helped me better understand different perspectives. With that comes experiences I put into the music, experiences that others have battled and/or may be facing. As a result, I've been creating conversations of experience, telling my story of things I've been through, ways I talk myself out of anxiety and insecurities and in recent time, honesty. 


WWWiFi: What is a long-term goal you are working toward right now?

MM: I’ve never been big on thinking music could be a career choice, I've always looked at it as a hobby or something I like to do for fun. However, my mind is changing, and I'm becoming more serious about my craft. It may be a bit bold to say, but I want to fill the void of Nina Simone and strengthen my vocal ability. I want to sit next to Badu, Jill Scott, and Lauryn Hill and know that I've earned that spot and worked my ass off. I'm perfecting my craft and vocal abilities and will get there.

WWWiFi: What flower do you find yourself smoking most?

MM: I got some marshmallow plant in my tea right now lol.

WWWiFi: What are the first 5 words that come to mind when you think of women of color?

MM: Beautiful, Stong, Innovative, Warriors, Go- Getters <3333


—Catch Mother Marygold performing on the International Girl Gang stage—

Sunday 6/3 9:15pm @ 13 Coins 255 S King St, Seattle, WA 98104

Monday 6/4 @ LoveCityLove




Artist Spotlight: Camille Urso (@brasiliangold)
photo: @photosbydarrin

photo: @photosbydarrin

This artist spotlight comes from our recent editorial tour of the west coast. While in Oakland we stopped to chat with the beautiful and powerful, Camille Urso, also known to the internet world as @brasiliangold. Through her posts Camille uses her voice to spread messages of body and sex positivity, her love for the (divine) feminine, and calls bullshit on all the fuckery directed not only toward her for being unapologetic, but also toward all women as a symptom of patriarchy. In addition to using social media, Camille published a book called Whorticulture, which is a series of 'poetic non-fiction' that documents her experiences surrounding the feminine body and sexuality, rape culture, and personal freedom.

When she opens the door to her crib (affectionately dubbed the Pussy Palace) she does not differ too much from how she appears in her posts, except where some people appear smaller IRL, Camille actually radiates more. Her energy is as her name indicates, gold, but rather than blinding light reminiscent of the sun, her gold is in the elemental form --- dense, grounding, and the real deal. 

photo: @veraskyy

photo: @veraskyy

Earlier that day she was in the gym, like she usually is, testing her physical strength, but also taking notes for a women's self defense class she hopes to start in the near future. Empowering women physically is as important as empowering mentally, since violence is a reality that all women face. Camille recounts the time when she saw her abusive ex-boyfriend and beat him up and robbed him. "Honestly, I wish I would've killed him," she says, roach clip from mom in hand.While some people tell her violence is not the answer and other such things that are said to all people who systematically and consistently endure violence, she thinks that is bullshit. "Why would you be more upset at me taking revenge than what he did to me?" Valid question most should ask themselves more. She writes in one of her posts:

violence was the answer for my abuser, for my rapist, for every man that has physically grabbed me. They didn’t speak my language of passivity and rationale. Me bowing my head and accepting the blows and then explaining my hurt did nothing...Now that he sees we speak the same language, he is afraid of me because I have shown that I speak it better. I speak it harder. I speak it faster. The tables have turned to proper face, and now he fears me as he should have all along.
photo: @veraskyy

photo: @veraskyy

So, how do the dudes that follow her react to her? Well, they come for the pics, but usually stay for more. "I don't care if dudes are jerking off to my pictures, eventually they are going to read my words, and it'll have them stop and reflect, even if it's just for a little." But also, as is often the case with people who are born to crush others, be it based on their privilege as male or privilege as white, many think there is no way she is talking about them. Clearly some other dude. Some other white person. No, all of you. Camille rolls her eyes at them, and also warns about guys who claim to be allies. "A lot of them know what to say and not say to stay acceptable to [women like us], but they'll do the same 'dude' shit when given the opportunity." 

photo: @photosbydarrin

photo: @photosbydarrin

As hinted at through the title of her book, Camille looks to nature for guidance and believes it holds the key to how the human gender balance should work as well. "Everything in nature has the female species on top---from the hunting, the birthing/caring of the young. Why would humans be different?" Because of this Camille feels strongly about a certain f-word and made a point of requesting that we, "not use the word feminism anywhere near my name." While feminism is a good start for some, Camille finds it weak and a label that allows people to be content with resting on an ideal of equality. "Personally, I don't want to be equal to men. Feminism is a construct of patriarchy in itself." 

Feminism is a sham, something for the nice, privileged, educated, middle class ladies with regard for touching the faith in essential goodness of Daddy and policemen. I’m out to destroy your system, not attain certain rights within it.
— @brasiliangold post

Support Camille in her mission to dismantle the patriarchy through purchasing her book here, and following her on Instagram where you can stay tuned for what she has in store. 

~Kenya Kush~