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Funny Shows to Watch While High Pt 1

We’ve all been there. Scrolling through Netflix, Hulu, or HBO Now, searching for something funny to watch after you’ve smoked a bowl or joint. However, trying to find the perfect show to watch can be a total buzz kill. That’s why I’ve rounded up five shows to check out next time you’re in need of a laugh. Plus, all of the shows listed have strong (and hilarious) female lead actresses (YAS, QUEENS!)

chewing gum.jpg

Chewing Gum

Where to watch: Netflix

You know those shows you wish you could watch over and over to relive the funny parts? For me, that’s Chewing Gum. Written by and starring Michaela Coel, this British sitcom is real, raw, awkward and so funny it’ll make your stomach hurt. Women of color, this one is a must-watch. From colorism to interracial relationships, Chewing Gum weaves serious issues in with comedy to create the perfect package.


Broad City

Where to watch: Hulu

If you’re like me, you may have heard of Broad City before but never got around to actually watching it. Well, the time is now (or next time you want to hit the bong).

Created by and starring Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, this hilarious, female-focused comedy is a must-watch. From Illana making a tampon out of a pita to Abbi’s horrible flirting skills, there’s hardly ever a moment when you’re not cackling like a hyena from how uncomfortably funny they are. As an added bonus, Broad City never fails to highlight women’s issues such as menstruation product costs, masturbation and monogamous relationships. Oh and of course: weed.


grace and frankie.jpg

Grace & Frankie

Where to watch: Netflix

I know. Your first instinct wasn’t to watch a show about two older women. But this is no Golden Girls (even though Golden Girls is the shit too).Grace & Frankie is about two older women who just found out their husband’s were having an affair for years and wanted to finally be together. While the transition was tough, the ladies womaned up, became roommates and started their own sex toy company. While the show is hilarious, it has it’s beautiful and emotional parts too. So grab a tissue box.

new girl.jpg

New Girl

Where to watch: Netflix

For a feel-good and occasionally romantic comedy, add New Girl to your watchlist. This show is based on a girl (Zooey Deschanel) who moved into a loft with three male roommates who each have their own issues. Whether Smicht is freaking out over his appearance or Winston’s having another conversation with his cat, these characters are sure to have you laughing.



Where to watch: Netflix

Released in August 2017, Disjointed is a comical, light-hearted Netflix original about a dispensary owner named Ruth and her staff. Each episode dives deeper into each character’s backstory and how they grew interested in the marijuana industry. Watch this one with your friends or your smoke buddy for the best laugh.

~ Sunflower Cyn ~

Best Girl Gang Movies Pt. 1
coming soon to a smoke shop near you

coming soon to a smoke shop near you

If you're like me you love seeing women whoop ass onscreen (and off). Girl gang movies usually are filled with the full spectrum of emotions and action---love, betrayal, vigilante/ self-defense action, occasional song and dance, and, of course, sisterhood are common themes, and 10/10 times the fashion is on point. Here are some of my current faves to revisit. There are so many deep cuts, but these are the basics. It goes without saying that I suggest smoking before watching any/all of them. Get put on muthasucka! ~Kenya Kush~

1. Deathproof
This is one of my faves of all time. It's a Tarantino flick, so it has all the gore and violence you'd expect. The story follows two groups of girlfriends on adventures in the south while being targeted by a crazy white dude that stalks and brutally murders women with his car. This film has great music and opens with a scene of Sydney Portier as Jungle Julia taking a huge bong rip in her undies. Marijuana makes a few critical cameos as does early 2000s fashion and an epic chase scene. Starring Rosario Dawson and Rose McGowan, I'm just saying, fucking awesome.

Sydney Potier as Jungle Julia

Sydney Potier as Jungle Julia

2. Gulaab Gang
This Bollywood production is visually stunning. It is based on the real life Gulabi Gang, which is a women's gang in India that wears uniform pink saris and whoops ass on abusive husbands/ in-laws with bamboo sticks and otherwise seeks to defend women through settling land disputes, providing school fees and other resources to increase socio-economic movement. The film captures the endless, flowing pink silk magnificently and captures the lead character's piercing eyes. There are a few musical numbers, a few of which are kinda cheesy, but also have some boss lyrics (translated). 

A musical scene in  Gulaab Gang

A musical scene in Gulaab Gang

the real life Gulabi Gang

the real life Gulabi Gang

3. Switchblade Sisters
There's no girl gangs like those from the 70s. In the spirit of action movies of the time period, this movie shows a group of young women, as the female counterpart to the male gang the Daggers. Eventually, the girls form their own gang, the Jezebels, and internal power struggles ensue, sabatoges are staged, and blood is spilled. Complete with fake 70s blood and fight scenes, this movie has many lessons on what can happen when you let jealousy, petty power, and not minding your business get in the way. 

don't fuck around

don't fuck around

4. The Cheetah Girls
Ok, ok. Cheetah girls, cheetah sistaaaaas. When this movie came out, I was dumbstruck and forever marked. I always identified with Galleria (Raven), mainly because she had the pink cheetah spots and those were my favorite, and from that moment on I started wearing leopard almost every day---a trend which has not stopped yet. This rated G feature is for everyone, but I'd suggest being real high before taking that trip down memory lane. Featuring the best damn songs and fashion seen on TV during that time period. Lessons on fame, passion, and friendship are pretty real. Also check out the second and third movies shot in Barcelona and India respectively. The later two don't include Raven, but after she proved to be real suspect with her comments about Africa and black people, it might be for the better anyway. 

5. Girlhood (Bande de Filles)
Ughhhhh, this movie is sooooo gooood. It's a French film about a young girl trying to fit in at home and at school and not getting what she wants/needs with either so she bounces from both and joins a gang of tough bitches and parties and chills with them, and runs into the joys and trials of trying to grow up young and fast. If you didn't like Rihanna's "Diamonds" before watching this (I wasn't thrilled) you just might afterwards. 

6. Mi Vida Loca
I was just gonna make the list a tidy top five, but it felt wrong not to include this gem. This 90s classic centers on young women trying to live and thrive in Echo Park, LA while living the mi vida loca gang life and dealing with betrayals and loss; love and heartbreak; motherhood, poverty and more all with perfect 90s editing. 

Enjoy! ~ K.Ku$h ~