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Visual Experience: “In this Moment—Standing Rock”
video made of images taken/compiled by Vanity Thomas ( Stoney SPICE)

video made of images taken/compiled by Vanity Thomas ( Stoney SPICE)

In 2016, Nisqually banded together 12 different tribes up and down the west coast and a few east coast tribes to join us in a paddle down the Missouri River. Our destination was Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, where we were joining them in their fight to protect their land and water from dangerous and exploitative pipeline drilling. This two-day pull was welcomed by rain, sleet, and sunshine. Despite tumultuous weather the best part was being welcomed by our people and carried through by our ancestors.

The video below is compiled of images from the morning we pulled in, with an ending scene of Handford McCloud, Council Member of the Nisqually Indian Tribe asking the Sioux Tribes Chief for permission to come upon the shore.

"It was us against the government. I breathe in and I breathe out."

~ Stoney SPICE

Mystic Marijuana: Full Moon in Gemini

Seeing the moon’s fullest face under my sun sign of Gemini has brought a new spark in a slow-burning candle of long-term personal and artistic goals. By nature, I am a person focused on the long-term—I tend to the garden of my life with care, always planting seeds for one plant while watering another, and harvesting yet another. This method, paired with the whimsical nature of Gemini’s, means that about things that matter to me—my heart, my art, my body, my destiny—I have a clear vision of where it is I want to end up, or rather, what feelings I want to arrive at.

photo by Luis Vela, 2018.

photo by Luis Vela, 2018.

Dreaming under this full moon in Gemini, I hear very loudly the echoes of my quietest childhood daydreams. It is easy to be coerced off your highest path, a road filled with precious jewels hidden in a jungle of mysterious darkness, and tricked into taking the neon-lit path of convenience, stifled curiosity, and veiled misery. But as womxn of the moon and incarnations of our ancestors, we are not so easily jaded or defeated to abandon our purpose.

{As a Black womxn. As a Black womxnist. As an empath. As an artist. As a healer. As a social connector.} It is more times than not draining to look at the “realities” that others have created and forced upon me. It is hard to fight the feeling of defeat in comparing resources of a small, BIWOC business to a corporation. It is maddening to know those same resources came from my ancestors’ minds and vaginas. I could choose to feel vindictive toward love, bristle from old wounds, and refuse to let others love me. However, we all have to decide if we are to be scared by “reality” and settle into a lesser position than we should, sink into the righteous, though uncreative energy of becoming bitter, or stay open in our hearts, minds, and bodies to our own UNIQUE, ETERNAL, INTUITIVE POWER.

Collage by Kenya Ku$h // nails by Peka Grayson @impekablenails.  

Collage by Kenya Ku$h // nails by Peka Grayson @impekablenails.  

Recently, I have been undergoing massive shifts in all aspects of my life—from stepping into a new career, re-locating cities, becoming a godmother, living in love, and taking on new creative and business endeavors. Usually, I feel overwhelmed when I feel everything stable coming loose from underneath me, however over the past couple months I have been steadily repeating the words:


This is to remind myself to stay open and grateful for all that’s in my life and heart, and in transition to be grateful for everything leaving me and everything coming to me.

1992, c/o mom

1992, c/o mom

Under this full moon in Gemini , I am reminded that I am already worthy of everything coming. I am encouraged to stay open in my heart and be flexible to adventure and any “detours” on my journey. Under this lunar glow I understand that when I love myself and let other people really love me, I open myself to an even greater love from the universe. When I trust my ideas and execution, I see myself in the pure vision of my childhood dreams and my highest soul callings.

To be in transition can make us want to retreat toward comfort, toward small ways of the past. However, I encourage us all to enter Sagittarius season with a burning heart of love and bravery, rather than huddle around a dying flame of the past. Trust that what’s in your heart will guide you and do not cripple yourself by doubting your intuition and creativity. You are worthy of the oceans of change washing upon you.

Love + Smooth Transitions,

Kenya Ku$h

Meet The Women: Nicolle Callier


It’s Nicolle here, officially signing onto The International Girl Gang Network.

I’m a creative storyteller currently living in my hometown of Seattle. However, I grew up in Atlanta where I first witnessed #BlackExcellence, and heard and fell in love with Trap music.


I was first introduced to the “sticky-icky” in HIGHschool via my homeboy, but it wasn’t until college that I really started consuming cannabis medicinally. I attended college at a PWI (Predominantly White Institution) and my friends and I, who were Black and Latino, smoked weed to ease our anxiety from having to maneuver around a city/campus where we often felt, and at times were treated, like we didn’t belong.

So, you already know there were many late night, last minute study and smoke sessions where we talked about everything, from our personal struggles to our future aspirations, all over a Swisher Sweet. That’s when I first realized the power and influence cannabis has over conversation and people’s ability and willingness to share their emotions and experiences.


After graduating college I got involved in the cannabis industry as a editorial intern. From there I started writing for various digital cannabis media platforms.

As a storyteller in cannabis media my entire mission is to bring awareness to social injustices, like the War on Drugs and lack of BIWOC representation in the legal weed industry, and to explore these topics looking through the lenses of music, art, and fashion. I interview womxn and POC artists and entrepreneurs who are involved in the business of legal weed and also enjoy cannabis for its medicinal, spiritual, and artistic talents.


Right now my favorite strain is Green Queen. A hybrid cross of Green Crack x Space Queen. It’s one of those super uplifting, energizing strains. The type of weed I like to smoke in the morning as a perfect start to my busy day, or even during the evenings when I go out and turn up with the gang gang.

I’m so thrilled and proud to join my Women.Weed.WiFi sisters and The International Girl Gang. I look forward to continuing to speak and connect with more amazing womxn and femme artists exclusively for the Women.Weed.WiFi blog over a blunt and edible, or two…

Stay tuned for future artists interviews, cannabis event recaps, and more!

~ Nicolle  

Mystic Marijuana: Full Moon in Sagittarius
photos: @servandoisdead/ edits: J-Nasty

photos: @servandoisdead/ edits: J-Nasty

When it comes to the workings of the universe, having a wobbly week surrounding the new or full moon is less geared towards self-correcting. Gemini season started off like one of those spin top toys, strongly whirling about until producing whatever thud it would eventually make. The physics understood about this pointy kinetic invention, is that it stays upright when it rotates, a resemblance of the energy pertaining to this full moon.

This doesn’t mean we have to work on our mind-body momentum and train to be ballerinas *exits stage left with a pirouette*. Rather, it tells us that our hyperactivity of emotions and priorities comes from the union of different sides of our mind. 


The moon opposes the sun during this period of spiritual culmination. According to charts, the moon is full in Sagittarius and the sun is in Gemini. Usually signs that are characterized as Gemini represents knowledge and those of Sagittarius represent wisdom. The human mind likes to judge and qualify certain situations, to put one ahead of the other. Knowledge is the information needed to navigate this earth plane. Wisdom is the information to transcend this plane. Both are necessary.

We have bodies, but we cannot attach our lives with our bodies. Living in a world of materialism can cloud us to forget the elements of knowledge and wisdom to our relationship with recovery and resurrection. Although, our spirits can “live” without our bodies, at the same time we have to accept the fact that we are here. This full moon during Gemini season, teaches us to not try to focus on one aspect in the exclusion of the other. 


Your assessment will differ depending on your own specific sign. Generally, secrets will be revealed since Sagittarians are known for wanting to be connected to the truth (and also exposing lies). Our insights stem from yearning to break free from uncomfortable confrontation or to take an unconventional turn. For instance, we often cannot afford to slow or stop our goals just because the sun decided to set. Therefore, we could easily get burnt out.

However, maybe creative endeavors give you a natural high. If so, then the fear of losing daylight disappears and we can embrace working in the night, for that altered state provides intellectual conviction. The science of success is a no brainer: when you have it, you want more of it. But the power of knowledge is not more important than wisdom. Our conscious efforts to stay busy can put us in an emotional gridlock of unmet needs and/or unprocessed feelings. Getting our hustle on can bring disturbing repercussions. Also mindless mornings, when having less motivation has dense obstructions too. Don’t let uneven polarities be an indication of toil and suffering. These instances are a perfect time to converge the innate capacities of the nervous system. Our many beliefs and differences within influence all functions of the body. Our knowledge and wisdom link up to exchange ideas about our health and how to share that duality with the world. 

Our continuity of dual consciousness provides a sense of oneness. So, I wrote a koan to help me attain several levels of awakening: 

Yin is torn from Yang.

 The Sun divorces the Moon

Warmth provides stillness yet
Cold sticks to you. 

Adam loses Eve. 

Sleep heals and Dreams sometimes hurt. 

Holding on weakens your grip, and
Letting go bring uninvited returns.


A koan is meant to be confusing and we teeter through unusual things during full moons. Koans work to tear away all forms of discrimination in the mind and make way for enlightenment. A sudden enigma, a hidden meaning through inadequacy of expression or withholding full knowledge. Here are some of my fave koans I read over and meditate on: 

“If you love a flower, don’t pick it up. Because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love. So if you Love a flower, let it be. Love is not about possession. Love is about appreciation.” - OSHO

“You know the sound of two hands clapping; tell me, what is the sound of one hand?”- Haikun Ekaku.