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Meet The Women: Nicolle Callier


It’s Nicolle here, officially signing onto The International Girl Gang Network.

I’m a creative storyteller currently living in my hometown of Seattle. However, I grew up in Atlanta where I first witnessed #BlackExcellence, and heard and fell in love with Trap music.


I was first introduced to the “sticky-icky” in HIGHschool via my homeboy, but it wasn’t until college that I really started consuming cannabis medicinally. I attended college at a PWI (Predominantly White Institution) and my friends and I, who were Black and Latino, smoked weed to ease our anxiety from having to maneuver around a city/campus where we often felt, and at times were treated, like we didn’t belong.

So, you already know there were many late night, last minute study and smoke sessions where we talked about everything, from our personal struggles to our future aspirations, all over a Swisher Sweet. That’s when I first realized the power and influence cannabis has over conversation and people’s ability and willingness to share their emotions and experiences.


After graduating college I got involved in the cannabis industry as a editorial intern. From there I started writing for various digital cannabis media platforms.

As a storyteller in cannabis media my entire mission is to bring awareness to social injustices, like the War on Drugs and lack of BIWOC representation in the legal weed industry, and to explore these topics looking through the lenses of music, art, and fashion. I interview womxn and POC artists and entrepreneurs who are involved in the business of legal weed and also enjoy cannabis for its medicinal, spiritual, and artistic talents.


Right now my favorite strain is Green Queen. A hybrid cross of Green Crack x Space Queen. It’s one of those super uplifting, energizing strains. The type of weed I like to smoke in the morning as a perfect start to my busy day, or even during the evenings when I go out and turn up with the gang gang.

I’m so thrilled and proud to join my Women.Weed.WiFi sisters and The International Girl Gang. I look forward to continuing to speak and connect with more amazing womxn and femme artists exclusively for the Women.Weed.WiFi blog over a blunt and edible, or two…

Stay tuned for future artists interviews, cannabis event recaps, and more!

~ Nicolle