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Swisher Session: Episode 10 Cookie Butter - Tealideal

"Induglence. The familiar feeling of needing to engulf yourself in something that makes you feel good. To dive into your senses and fill up your inner self with light. What keeps you coming back for more? Is it the sensual act of smoking ganja and letting the smoke drip off your lips? Is it the way the bass jumps through your ear drums and penetrates your soul? Whatever your indulgence let it consume you and take you higher into your inner knowing, the inner being that shines within." - Tealideal

Swisher Sessions: Episode 8 Stas Thee Boss - S'WOMEN POOL WATER

A Tacoma/Seattle native born and bred, Stas Thee Boss is a hip hop connoisseur and enthusiast. She signed with Sub Pop Records in 2011 as one half of the former duo THEESatisfaction, in which she produced, wrote and performed for beginning in 2009. Releasing two albums she was able to reach many countries like France, UK, Australia, China, Portugal, and Iceland. She is also a member of the Black Constellation.

She currently resides in Seattle and continues performing music as a solo artist. Her debut EP "S'WOMEN" released on August 4th 2017 was met with praise. She is a resident DJ at Havana Social Club every Wednesday night and hosts KEXP Street Sounds: Hip Hop radio show.

"This mix is an appreciation for women. Each jam laden with heavy wet beats and mixed with sultry vocalizations or icy raps. I envision a cyhper with 4 or 5 blunts and 4 or 5 baddies. This is to be enjoyed near a body of water and to coincide with my latest effort "S'WOMEN". "


Graphic: J-Na$ty x Luis Vela

Graphic: J-Na$ty x Luis Vela

Orphan Radio Session ~ August 27 Live at Love City Love

Hey hey! Hopefully you are caught up with our sessions on UK/ Berlin/ Seattle - based Orphan Radio. In our 1-2hr sessions we fuse our resident DJs sounds with our own musings. 

During this session, Cousin Chris kicks off the music, we talk the recent eclipse, new moon feels, and poems, before J-Nasty closes out! Happy listening, let us know what you want us to talk about next.