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Mystic Marijuana: Planetary Powers - Mars




It is said that Babylonians named this planet Nergal, god of war, with power and strength from blood, fire, and heat. To the Greeks, the reddish orb was their was god Ares. Ares was known to be quarrelsome, arrogant, admired for his undeniable bravery, yet widely hated for his enjoyment of a bloody fight. Being god of not only war, but agriculture, just as Mars has two moons, it was told that Ares had two sons - Fear and Panic - and when the three saw turmoil, they dashed to join.

March is the first month of the old Roman calendar and is named after Mars. During this month, Priests would chant, dance around to a three-step dance, and hit their swords against their shields to mark not only the coming of spring (agriculture season), but the act of military training re-opening due to the fact that it would be dormant the winter months.

The human impulses that are inherited by Ares-Mars have been some of the most coveted in history. They create impulses that require great effort, courage, and tenacity. Their accomplishments are typically in areas of exploration, social reform, and even business. Humans touched by Mars are also said to be on the frontier in such fields as medicine, technology, human rights, and space travel. 

Astrology represents Mars as anger, uncontrolled and aggressive self-assertion, trusting personal ambition, and lust for power. But also as creative, courageous, and always on a constant quest for achievement. Mars co-rules with Pluto, the signs Aries and Scorpio. It is thought to signify men and husbands, who are more than likely to have careers in law, politics, or in athletics (Something that marks your career as having notable confrontation, arguably courage). 

Someone who is born under this planet or has influence from him, is said to lack subtlety, refinement, and depth. They could also be prone to excitability, impatience, and wrath. This human will never be too tired or afraid to challenge and change the existing order.

Physically, Mars is associated with blood corpuscles, the muscular system, and the adrenal glands, body heat, and sexual organs. Therefore this planet is associated with an aggressive sex drive. The glyph for Mars, the cross of matter transforms into an arrow on top of a circle to represent the ascending material over the spiritual. This is universally seen as the symbol for males.

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Mystic Marijuana: Planetary Powers - Jupiter




Jupiter being the largest planet in the Solar System is a celestial metaphor for the king of gods. Over 300 times more massive than Earth, Jupiter takes twelve YEARS to make a single trip around the sun. Composed primarily of hydrogen and helium, Jupiter is thought to have a solid surface, made up of dense gas and a core of liquid metal that leads to a center of rock and ice. The atmosphere is made of bands of light and dark stripes like clouds and has what is called the Great Red Spot, thought to be a storm that has lasted hundreds of years (Amazing). Jupiter generates more radiation on its own than it receives from the sun which explains the sixteen tiny moons it possesses.

Jupiter was named after the Roman king of the gods, Zeus. Zeus was the ruler of Mount Olympus, home of the gods. It is said that he came into power by overthrowing Titan, father of Cronus, an act thought to be a victory of human reason over animal instinct. Images show Zeus as a bearded man in the sky with a blue cloak, with an eagle nearby holding thunderbolts which is a sign of his power and thought to live on the most spiritual plane.

He was married to his sister Hera but known for his dalliances with numerous divinities and mortals of both sexes (Yessss!). The Greeks saw him as the guardian of social order, particularly the supremacy of men over women (Great...). He was Lord of day and Lord of lightning bolts, his direct message to humanity.

Astrologically, he stood for masculine authority. He is the wise man, brightening the world with meaning rather than with lightning. Jupiter is said to inspire us to reach beyond our immediate circumstances, spiritually and mentally. Because of this, the planet is associated with religion and philosophy, benevolence, compassion, justice, law, and honesty, along with social status and wealth.

People who are born under Jupiter tend to be established and respected. They are said to operate on such grand a scale that they may run too extravagant if unchecked. (Chickity check yourself!) They have a tendency to overgeneralize, to throw around broad concepts without examining the fine print. This can make them blindly -and dangerously- optimistic.

Pastors, philosophers, scientists, doctors, philanthropists, judges, lawyers, teachers, and chief executives are believed to be influenced by Jupiter. The planet supposedly conveys an aristocratic demeanor. 

Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces and oversees blood circulation. The glyph represents him, a half circle rising over a cross, symbolizing mind's triumph over matter.

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Mystic Marijuana: Planetary Powers


The Sun


The Sun was seen as the most powerful figure in the skies. The primary source of light, warmth, and life, larger and stronger than any other heavenly body. A true gigantic nuclear furnace, a third of a million times the mass of earth whose core's temperature is 15 million degrees Celsius. Providing us with not only with the light and heat to sustain Earth, it also outsources a other radiation, including x-rays and ultraviolet rays, which would be fatal to us if not protected by the Earth's atmosphere. 

Mythologically, the Sun was seen everywhere as the powerful life-giving god represented with arms (or rays) reaching down upon earth. Kings all over the world claimed to be descendants of the Sun. The Greeks believing that Apollo traveled the heavens in a fiery chariot and was later adopted by the Romans as their own. 

It is said that Apollo grew to manhood quickly slaying a dragon while only days old (lol). He became the epitome of youthful beauty, fathering a number of children by both women and nymphs. But he was also known to be dangerous to those who turned him down or away as a suitor. Rumor has it (hahaha) that Apollo turned the nymph Daphne into a tree after she rejected him. The Greeks recognized him as Lorxin, meaning "the ambiguous one." Like the planet, Apollo was seen as a great source of beauty and life but also capable of great destruction.

In astrology, the Sun governs the essential self, ambition, spirit, will, energy, power, and organization. Along with the traits of being creative, prideful, generous, and dignified. And reluctantly the Sun is also associated with being egotistical, pompous, arrogant, and overbearing. 

The Sun is associated with the consciousness, the "lighted" part of the mind, to the Moon's unconsciousness or intuitive knowledge. The Sun, represents dry, hot masculinity in partnership with the Moon that is cool, moist and all things feminine.

In the body, the Sun has special influence on the heart, circulatory system and spine, and on health and vitality in general. Just like the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars, the Sun is thought to have a direct influence on our everyday lives. It's position in the zodiac at the time of birth determines or natal sign, the very element to determine ones personality. 

The Sun rules the sign Leo, which is personified in kings, rulers and heads of state, as well as fathers, teachers, and male partners.

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