Review: Tangerine Dream

Review: Tangerine Dream

Every night fucks every day up. Every day patches the night up. On god, you should match it, it's that KO. No white lighters til I fuck my 28th up.

This review is for the night crawlers, night lurkers, witches, werewolves, vampires, late-night creators, wild dancers, insomniacs, and lunatics...

This strain is a good one for those of us who dance under the moonlight, who give life to horrors and fantasies while others sleep peacefully. Tangerine Dream is a hybrid strain with extreme effects of its indica lineage, G-13 and Afghani, and its sativa mama, Neville’s Haze. This strain relaxes both physically and emotionally, true to an indica, but also provides prominent feelings of euphoria, creativity, and clarity like a sativa. This super stoney, yet balanced high is perfect for night dwellers because it provides enough stimulus to support artistic projects, be it penning poetry, recording a verse, perfecting a chord, or editing photos. Though spiritually stimulating, this strain has enough indica in it to prevent people prone to anxiety with super sativas from going off the rail. This strain also provides good physical relief for those that use cannabis for stress, pain, or depression. The relaxation is enough to allow the process to flow, but not so heavy you instantly want to crawl under the blanket.

Drop the baby off at home before my night shift / You know I can't hear none of that spend the night shit / that Kumbaya shit / Want to see nirvana, but don't want to die yet


This strain can be recognized by its signature sweet citrus smell and taste, along with telltale orange hairs. These nugs were dense to the touch, but not wet. It was medium-easy to break down by hand, not super crumbly or overly dry. Smoked (obviously) in a Dutch, the flavor of the bud was still noticeable and distinct... your girl loves to puff on a good citrus-tasting strain!

Shut the fuck up I don't want your conversation / Roll the marijuana, that's a cheap vacation / My everyday shit, every night shit /My every day shit, every night shit


From my personal experiments, as well as recent philosophical readings, I am learning the importance of aligning your smoke with your environment and circumstances to make the most of a session. For example, this is not the strain to smoke if you’re trying to tune out or turn your brain off at the end of a long day nor the strain for trying to clean the entire house. It’s a little too active for the first and a little too relaxing for the second. This is a comforting strain for the artist or moon-howler, perfect to create something or appreciate nature’s miracles under crisp air. Because of the euphoria and relaxation with this strain, it is also a good one for sex and/or masturbating. 

Stayin' with you when I didn't have a address/ Fuckin on you when I didn't own a mattress /Working on a way to make it outta Texas/ Every night

I love the nighttime. Something about the general hush of the world allows my true self to vibrate louder, makes me more attuned to my own frequency. Inspiration and visions come to me easier in the absence of light. I can’t avoid my pain in the dark, it announces itself loudly. I can’t deny god or my body in the nighttime, both demand of me respect and indulgence. I recommend this strain for anyone battling a creative block and for those who can’t seem to make the flow stop under the stars. 

No sleep in my body / Ain't no bitch in my body / New beginnings, ah / New beginnings wake up / The sun's going down / Time to start your day bruh

~Kenya Ku$h~ ( ft. Frank Ocean, "Nights")