Mystic Marijuana: Lunar Eclipse/Superblue Blood Full Moon in Leo

Each eclipse phase is an opportunity for a conscious upgrade. Since the last solar eclipse in Leo (August 2017), does your light shine a bit brighter? The Leo in your birth chart is a sun sign, connected to your spiritual journey through encompassing individual creation and authentic expressions. Who were the people that inspired you, giving you permission to step into more of your own courage?

Our solar eclipse was shared across the globe, which meant unification was taking place, with all individual expressions coming together to create something bigger. This path of synchronization establishes a sense of hopefulness for humanity. We use eclipse energy to understand how important it is to create from a place of love rather than fear (our Leo trait), expressing ourselves fully with courage and not to compromise our unique truth. 

photos by Andrew Mwangi

photos by Andrew Mwangi

Now that we have reached a lunar eclipse in Leo again, check in with your unique truth. Have you allowed your head and heart to merge? We each are responsible for sharing our gifts, but self-expression is an outward energy. So we cannot get stuck inside our heads, thinking too much or overly concerned with what other people are thinking. If we do, we are unable to fulfill the vision for greater humanity, something that functions better as a collective, since the whole is greater than the sum of its individual parts.

Every gift you give with one hand, can be taken away by your other hand. This shift of coming together must happen with both hands open. Allow your ego to crumble away like dirt renewing itself for life to grow on earth. In retrospect, our last solar eclipse, where the moon completely covered the sun, diminished our light, our life source. Between then and now, did you let go of your soul to enter the depths of hell to be saved by the mercy of Leo’s energy? It could have been joyous or painful—either way, realize that the sun descends into the underworld for battle, but always rises again.


Journal on any deaths you’ve experienced, mentally or physically, that achieved a new beginning or fresh outlook. Lastly, journal on where you've been invited to confront outdated forms of thought. As previously mentioned, our Leo energy is about transforming lower vibrational feelings into feeling extraordinary when we contribute to humanity.

Think about what helps you be more loving with yourself and with your environment rather than being fearful with yourself and your environment. Stay effective by paying attention to your thought patterns and ask yourself if these patterns support you and the collective. Our thoughts, personal growth, and actions that we take are basically interwoven with all of humanity and affect the collective. Everything we do and everything we think and the way we move, has an impact on the greater energy out there. We are exponentially more powerful together because each of us are creating a wave. 

If you often get tangled in mental loops, try creating an amulet pouch out of any fabric or cloth to tie a tiny bag together. Fill it up with items such as crystals, flowers, rocks and pebbles. Each item tells you a different story or offers another perspective of an affiliated thought that had more power over your will.

Mixing amulets of diverse scenarios is a technique to fool your subconscious with the rearrangement of outcomes so you receive a healthy decision rather than an impulsive reaction. Each item (amulet) retains its own power in your bag, giving you the final option of which thought you want to give power to. Attempt to learn how to control our thoughts and opinions rather than casually let thoughts slip into the field of energies. 

Happy blood lunar super blue full moon!