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Cosmic Poetry: Blood For Water

Hey, y'all. We got another visual poem for ya. Peep the video for the title poem to my new collection of poetry, 'Blood For Water.' Enjoy this preview and cop poetry with illustrations by Yasmin Almo and graphic design by Janice Ibarra in our store

This poem is about feeling the pain of the world in your physical as well as spiritual body and releasing prayers and curses through the same fleshy vessel. Written/ conceptualized by Kenya Ku$h (Amanya Maloba), directed/edited by Eesh Goods, and styled by J-Nasty for Seamlessly Supernatural.

xo Kenya Kush

VIDEO: Frida's Children

Hello, loves. I am so freaking excited to share this video. Little backstory: I have tons and tons of notebooks with random shit in them. I recently discovered a notebook from over two years ago and found this poem in it. I had forgotten about it and reading it as if for the first time made me cry. At the time I re-discovered this notebook I was also reading a biography of the artist so the whole universe conspired to produce this video. I have been in love with Frida Kahlo, her magic, and art since probably middle school, and I realized that we shared a true connection sometime in high school when I saw an exhibit of her work at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. She was so dark and demented, like me, but also really full of love for life and color and love itself, also like me. Also she knew that she was the embodiment of the world and felt no shame experimenting with her own image (the original selfie queen!).  I saw my face in her bone structure and unibrow that I stupidly destroyed as a child (sigh) and knew that somehow she was inside of me. I feel this way about a few artists, but really no one fucks with Frida because she was so badass. Ok, so here is my tribute/ fangirl letter to/about my cosmic mother. ~ Kenya Kush~

written/directed/performed by: Amanya Maloba
filmed/edited by: Eesh Goodlow
featuring/ styled by: Janice Ibarra

Hustle and Flow: Flow Like Fire

The second video we premiered back in July at our Hustle and Flow zine 002 launch party is here! This video is a beautiful collaboration of efforts. J-NASTY told me she wanted to make a video of her performing yoga and asked if I would write her something. Her sign is Leo and thus her element is fire, and that was all the inspiration I needed to write this piece. Again, big thanks to Eesh Goodlow for filming and editing. Enjoy! ~ Kenya Kush~




Hustle and Flow: I Put On For My Ancestors

I'm super stoked to share this video which is one of two videos we created alongside of the 'Hustle & Flow' zine and premiered at the launch party. I wrote the poem featured, "I Put On For My Ancestors" as a tribute to the spirits that we are born with that wrote our history and shape our future. It can also be found in 'Hustle & Flow' available in our shop. Spark one and get into this! Big thanks to Eesh Goodlow for shooting and editing.