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Hustle and Flow: Flow Like Fire

The second video we premiered back in July at our Hustle and Flow zine 002 launch party is here! This video is a beautiful collaboration of efforts. J-NASTY told me she wanted to make a video of her performing yoga and asked if I would write her something. Her sign is Leo and thus her element is fire, and that was all the inspiration I needed to write this piece. Again, big thanks to Eesh Goodlow for filming and editing. Enjoy! ~ Kenya Kush~




Hustle and Flow: I Put On For My Ancestors

I'm super stoked to share this video which is one of two videos we created alongside of the 'Hustle & Flow' zine and premiered at the launch party. I wrote the poem featured, "I Put On For My Ancestors" as a tribute to the spirits that we are born with that wrote our history and shape our future. It can also be found in 'Hustle & Flow' available in our shop. Spark one and get into this! Big thanks to Eesh Goodlow for shooting and editing. 

Her Secret Weapon: True Love
Really try to be there, for yourself, for life, for the people that you love. Recognize the presence of those who live in the same place as you and try to be there when one of them is suffering, because your presence is so precious for this person. In this way you will be practicing love twenty-four hours a day.
— Thich Nhat Hanh in True Love

Showing up is half the battle. This book full of meditations on true love and how to heal your heart is one of my go-tos. Loving humans and being in love aren't always easy especially if you don't have the proper tools. These reminders help keep me grounded and positive in navigating the tumultuous world of emotion. Check out more from amazing teacher Thich Nhat Hanh here.


~Kenya Kush~