Cosmic Poetry: Promi$e


written/photographed by: Kenya Kush
styled by: J-Nasty
starring: Ya$$a, Taylar Elizza Beth, DoNormaal <3

I know you think I’m shady, but
I promise I ain’t scheming.
I’m just building villages
To take over the world.

Only vices are dinero and the
Weed and the pearls,
So don’t think I’m some basic,
Lying, counterfeit girl.

I stay up on my grind
Just to make my parents proud
And get that good good you be
Serving by the pound.

Just a hu$tla not a ho,
I got a past, you know, but so?
Always loyal til the end
Call me your samurai girl.

Don’t have to worry bout me, baby,
I ain’t out here actin rude
I’m just living in my dreams
And the past and my moods.

If I’m less than what you need
I’m sorry give me time;
I try my very hardest cuz
I want you to stay mine.