Can we give a round of applause for Mercury retrograde!? **Mercury retrograde exits stage left**

Alchemy, astrology, religion, and myths are no longer a mystery. Life isn’t a problem to be solved, the missing clues lie unambiguously in the shape of nature. Different cultures pass down ancient lores to inform us of the other dimensions we inhabit. These ancient relics could be one of the only connections we have with the spiritual realm.

Overtime society’s obsession with power expelled stories about our ancestors’ quests, epics, and symbolic substance because it didn’t meet their foundation of life. Humans cannot be overruled by a generic system, the more knowledge is forbidden, the riper it becomes. It is no coincidence that our stars have progressively foretold rich potential for breakthroughs: Mercury being the planet of communication hints that you cannot hide the truth. This truth, your truth, ready to explode, can be popped by the full moon in Leo’s leadership, also known as the ‘wolf moon.’

Leos, like wolves, can be a source of energy, like a paranormal figure controlling the flicker of lights down a narrow hallway. You can sense their life force. It comes from their return from the abyss, the savage hunt in pitch blackness, carrying the light of their own illumination and spreading their rays of glory.

Wolves roam under the night sky and the darkness is no stranger. Those who join your pack are not afraid to explore with a powerful nocturnal strike. They become bigger and badder, they use their range of vision, from day to night.

Try inviting your close friends for a smoke sesh and formulate a circle of trust. Use a blunt or joint as a tool to express your emotions with dignity, voice your journey, and openly discuss your goals. Allow the smoke to project that you are practicing what you preach (Avoid babysitting the blunt when sharing). Sit tall, relax your shoulders away from your ears and feel the confidence that reinforces your spine articulate each vertebrate. Breathe and feel yourself roar into your vulnerability with sheer prowess.