Review: MK Ultra

Since I have the luxury of being able to choose what strain I smoke I like to mix it up--trying new or rare strains each week. However, it has been about a month and this is the only strain I'm geeked on (I've bought like an ounce in total but in small amounts thinking I'll get tired of it). It started as a chance weed--coming from a grower I wasn't familiar with and a smell I usually DESPISE. However, my fellow budtenders assured me it hit and something in my gut was drawing me to this light green, gold-haired, nuggy variety. Thank god for taking risks because this is my shit.

First, the scent almost knocked me out. I usually like sweet smelling weeds--Blueberry, Blackberry Kush, some Cookie strains, but am super turned off by the cheesy, super dank smells. Opening a quarter of this is like sticking your nose in a plate full of quesadillas...every one I have let smell this weed pulls their head back and says something like, "woah!" "damn!" or from simply walking in a room I rolled up in I frequently hear, "It smells dank in here!" No joke, shit's potent. But luckily for me, the taste is not super cheesy---I tested it in a Diamond Swisher and a bong for purity. 

The effect is like a magic carpet, becoming what you need it to be and when depending on the different scenarios. Smoking this strain after a long day on the grind instantly lightens your burden and helps in letting go of any extra weight you might have picked up throughout the day. When smoking this strain I feel I have more control over my muscles and thoughts--by simply breathing into a place of tension I can easily feel tension dissolve, be it sore muscles or a persistent headache. My world is instantly and totally malleable. 

Smoking this strain during the day helps me brace for another day of navigating situations and people that are less than ideal. I only avoid smoking it first thing in the morning as it makes it a little hard to get into the groove of things, but after I'm dressed and cleared the cobwebs from my head, I find very little grogginess from this strain. 

This strain is a cross between OG Kush and G-13, giving it a super heavy indica effect. However, unlike most indicas it has a lot of cerebral effects as well. As a Taurus-Gemini I tend to have nine thousand thoughts in my mind at the same time almost always, so I like to avoid any strains that promote mental activity. However, the *Mind Kontrol* I feel while smoking this strain is one of my favorite feelings. Usually indicas enable me to come out of my mind, but this strain keeps me there, but gives me the calm and ease I desire. This results in dreamlike clarity, where although I feel heavy indica eyes, they are also able to view the folds on the back of my hands better and with new appreciation. There are so many beautiful and scary changes happening in my world right now, and having this weed that makes me feel like I'm walking on the ceiling is really helping me keep perspective. I am super aware that things are altered and therefore am super receptive to looking at everything and everyone that arises from all angles and inviting them in.

Scary enough, this strain gets its name from the illegal CIA experiments that took place between 1950-1970s that focused on methods of mind control. Though most of the files were destroyed in 1973 by then CIA director Richard Helms, the project used different experimental drugs including LSD to find the most effective methods for breaking and controlling the human psyche during interrogations. Though the program was designed to control the minds of others, smoking some of the weed of the same name is a beautiful resource for fully exploring (and then understanding) the workings of your own mind. 

~Kenya Kush~