Mystic Marijuana: New Moon in Leo


Leo season means being the baddest bitch in your head. To stifle fear and cast down any judgment. As a fiery sign, its prosperous ability of letting go of fear, burns down houses full of prized memories in order to feel free of possessions. Completely malleable against life’s high pressure expectations. Don’t pawn your gold confidence.. never that.. all you need to do is:  show up, you are simply the answer to every unquestionable achievement. Courage starts with letting yourself be seen. Which is why, you are unfuckwithable and unbothered and therefore will always be the baddest bitch in your head, not being forgotten, stuck in other peoples heads too. A new moon in Leo is about being proud, courageous, generous, warm, loving, hospitable, authoritative, active, and open. All these energies are ready for you to charge. It's a symbol of consciousness, associated with being ruled by the sun. So, what I’m saying is.. the baddest bitch translates into being aware of enjoying every moment of the now, while shining your unique light more brightly. Spend as much time as possible in the sun...its throbbing enticement creates heart-felt experiences. Incorporate Leo’s fun-loving-expressive energy, an alloy of iron fists, knocking creative projects out.  An important month to learn about love and the power of creating from the heart. 

Leo brings our attention to our child like ways. Gently notice the innocence, playfulness and curiosity. Be okay with making mistakes. Just get up and go like a child would do. Our world's filthy turmoil, is now our fertilizer to re-feed our inner child, an imagination. Allow yourselves to take a bite out of real healthy success, being, a joy-filled testament to the inner beauty and creativity we already possess. The type of success where your authentic passions become inevitably legendary. Don’t forget you are a work of art, telling a story without even saying a word. It is no wonder we’ve fallen ill, sick and tired of gobbling up what “The Man” stuffs down our throats. It depletes us. Closed mouths may not get fed, so we must continue to eat and digest our own truth, untouched harvest for our hands and tongues only.

We must continue to create, as all beings do, from the heart. Creativity moves us towards love and permission to play, to be open, and to spank that inner child. Leo’s forcefield light, grows all things. It channels us to really use this creative energy, to bring something forth through our life and our expressions. Nonetheless, a potent time to radiate our melanin, to soak up our god-given gifts and leave this crooked world gripped by their own drought. Like ancient Egyptians worshiped the sun, treat yourself as the creator of the universe too. You too constantly rise out of the ocean of chaos, in order to be born again and again for the new day. Leo, with its corresponding element, the sun, illustrates this current shift of discomfort we face. Trapped in a furnace of frustration, sucking the life out of water. What we can do when we take a wrong turn to hell, is to pave the road with good intentions. Stare into its flares, strengthen your solar vision of optimism and limitless possibility to stride forward. Drops of rain are out of sight. The world is done crying, it needs your vitality now. 

Renew and reinvigorate yourself! You’re the sexiest boss on the block, the baddest bitch in your head who works even harder at finding newer, better, sweeter, harder ways of exploiting God’s gift for the benefit of collective advancement. You’re the illuminating pyramid others wish they can climb. A holy pyramid representing the rays pointing skyward to get closer and closer to the sun.