We all might have been bruised searching through recent darkness, hence we ache for a full moon for guidance. Maybe tonight we reclaim our strength. Without automatically dropping to our knees to bow down at night sky’s feet or pray for the stars to shower us with positive illumination. Instead, try to get lost with solitude by your side. Go on a midsummer night’s walk and chase the moon alone or bathe in the dark to look inward to practice self-compassion and accept that sometimes we may run into anger, grief or over-react. Remember, it’s not your fault. Remember this is not a unique experience, but a collective one, everyone faces pain or discouragement. Use this full moons energy to fall in love with who you are at your best and at your worst. Embrace the fullness of life and every inch of you.

Feelings of sadness, hurt and distraught coincides with loneliness, but loneliness can become a powerful tool to be at peace, to feel the space grow vast around you. When you step away from the world and become separated, you begin to walk towards self-understanding. The world right now is rattled because many of us haven’t found a deep connection within, shaking each of us to wake up to our true selves.

This full moon in Sagittarius pushes us in the direction of seeking change, but first we must learn how to react to our past suffering and choose self-compassion. Visualizing the phrase: Why me? Looking back and forth in between palms that sweat anger, grief or anxiousness. To wipe them off with the grounds soil, to feel the roots of these emotions. We all walk a spiraling path of healing and stumble, scrap a knee, cry, leave a skin to break open and bleed. Do you curse at the stone that you tripped on? Hell yeah, fuck that rock. But don’t forget to kiss the wound before moving on.

Be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself for not always responding the way you'd like to when emotions come out blazing. Recognize that in a sense, our nervous systems were programmed to react that way, but do not let it affect your sense of self-worth or those you love. 

If tonight is not enough time, make it a ritual, at least once a week find time alone to go on an adventure or do something that makes you feel good, nourished or safe. Don’t be hard on your self or ashamed of feeling worried, angry, or whatever. We all can be a hot mess. Forgive and practice self-compassion is really showing yourself the same care that you would to others. 

Its important to note this supercharged moon falls on the longest day of the year, Solstice. Amplifying our consciousness to work with harmonizing your feminine and masculine energy. We all possess both, which is why I highly recommend cultivating self-kindness through acts of unwanted emotions. Patterns of pain can remind us of past pains and can feel far bigger (our feminine side), whether the desire to escape is strong, find the path of mastery which requires staying on the course of crises (our masculine side) to let go of the ego to access unconditional self love (our feminine side). 

Your truth comes back full circle just like the cycle of night and day. Take any opportunity of silence during the evening and begin to develop your listening; in order to hear, deep within yourself, the music of your own spirit. Allow it to sing, call out for the sun to come and play. Dance with your self, blast Rihanna ‘Same Ol’ Mistakes’ or something! Dance into the twilight, tango with the rose moon all dusk long.. let the sun catch you. Convince the sun to trust you, that you can find your own renewal by opening up to your own trust first. Offering yourself to the new light as you are. Whole and vulnerable.