In Greek mythology, the goddess of Spring is known as Persephone. A brief tale of how Virgo coincides with the goddess is: Hades, god of the underworld trys to spit game at Persephone. Of course Persephone is like, ew hell no, so Hades then resorts to kidnapping her. Persephone’s mother, Demeter, goddess of harvest, yields any crops from growing in her despair. All the gods try to bribe Demeter to restore the agriculture, but of course she refuses because she just wants her baby girl back. Hades pulls an evil compromise by tricking Persephone to eat a juicy pomegranate before returning back to her mom. In the mythical world, when you eat something from another realm you’re kinda stuck there. Persephone is pretty much on house arrest the majority of the year and can only step foot on mortal grounds during the months of March through August, to visit and help her mom cultivate plants. Virgo is also only visible during those months, the seasons to reap, which resonates with the view of Virgo being caretaker of mankind through her fertility.

During this transitional period, full moon in Virgo brings us self-sustaining energy. Like Persephone, we plunge out of the darkness and start to thaw from the cold winter. The goddess of spring allowed herself to live in the present, so she wouldn’t miss out on cherishing the moments with mom; she surrendered the constant connection to her freedom from the past and wasn’t concerned about her future back in the nasty arms of Hades come fall. Although, she had to eventually face the time to go into the dark, the message is that the dark is also where the night has eyes to recognize its own.

We choose what we see and our environment is actualized by how we perceive it. This full moon can exhaust us or slow us down and that is okay. We don’t always have to fix what we can’t do, its less about fixing and more about accepting. If you’re tired, the world is tired too. Its time to rest your eyes — close them and recognize who you are. Persephone rebirthed from the darkness, and each time into a new perspective. She could’ve rotted with Hades, instead hell was her womb — she gave up all the other worlds except the one to which she knew she really belonged to — Her world.

No matter the environment, don’t feel pressured to fear overwhelming emotions. FEEL THEM ALL. Today I smoked the heady indica, Martian Mean Green and grew frustrated because I spaced out and forgot my left overs at work. That frustration pushed me to simply fix something to eat. Let frustration, doubt, courage, determination…whatever you feel today, let it flow through you. The moon is a reminder that we are never alone — no need to judge, shape, or control your feelings. Open your heart to the cooling rain and carry your own sunshine. You may find one day full of life, energy and focus, only to feel discontent and restless the next day. By flowing freely and not resisting the natural impulse of life or seasons, we find freedom in every moment.