Mystic Marijuana: Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Libra

Death becomes synonymous with a cold corpse, a final goodbye, discrediting life after the departed. Tupac Shakur wasn’t afraid of death because fearing death would mean straying away from life’s purposes. Tupac struggled with balance because he lived in both realms — he battled every day in the dark and was a carrier of light. Seeing through Tupac’s eyes can help us diagnose this particular lunar eclipse that exalts Libra’s polarities. Like Tupac, we can wrestle with many identities, but we can merge those identities by understanding the particular relevance with our roles.

When we lost Tupac, it was never the end — Earth absorbed our tears to sustain the growth of our world, his music continued as a digital heartbeat to keep us moving. His self-fulfilling prophecy was to walk on Earth as an angel for God, a human testament to salvation in waking experience. A radiant being, he created music to expose the harm and chaos inflicted among one another. Life and death, good and evil, all extremes need each other to exist to shape the truth. His profane lyrics engraved that truth on his tomb to be forever not forgotten. Even in the darkest shadow of the deepest hell hole, there is reality and stone cold fact.

What have you discovered in your relationship with others? Where do you need more harmony with yourself to make the connection to relationships of all kinds? Humans have a tremendous power to hold space for all feelings. Being aware and open to good and evil, black and white, we can assure ourselves that we are enough, and learn to keep healthy boundaries so we don’t get overwhelmed by the suffering in the world and become immobilized or victimized as a result. Tupac confronted death as a way of knowing the self as he evolved into a wounded healer. A thug who was sensitive, but was harsh because he was so sensitive.

This lunar eclipse encourages us to reflect upon the spectrum of individuals, systems of thought and belief, balance of the feminine and masculine energies, an overall non-binary outlook — within ourselves, our relationships, and the world at large. Let’s focus on what we share not what divides through Tupac’s understanding of both female and male qualities to make the connection between life and death. Introspectively, life and death share the same bed, both also exist simultaneously. Life occurs in the womb of a female and man draws the blood of destruction. Without death there cannot be life. Without life death has no weight.

With the full moon in Libra bringing a strong focus to endings and beginnings, imagine exiting this life and being reborn. It can be a comforting aspect to death when memories flash before your eyes and you can choose to leave it behind or take it with you. Tupac welcomed death because conversely it is a meditative process, your mind disentangles from the physical body and witnesses a glimpse into your past as a symbol of you letting go of this life to move onto the next. To be at peace with how you left the world, treat each ending as a push toward your self-evolution and souls journey.