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Mystic Marijuana: Solar Plexus Chakra
All original photos taken by J-Nasty and her mama Donya Maria

All original photos taken by J-Nasty and her mama Donya Maria

Mother Nature's immovable essence of loving remedies employs us with endless tools to make peace with world's man-made troubles. It is no wonder ancient medicine emphasize humans, being made of fire, earth, air, and water. These elements are also our healing mechanisms. We are designed to match our existence with guidance outside ourselves. When we draw these elements inward and vice versa, it redirects divine energy to flow ceaselessly from our DNA through our fingertips. 

Spending the first winter month in the Philippines fought off my traceable seasonal depression. Saluting to the island sun became my new altar of flames that activated my Manipura, sanskrit for Solar Plexus. The Solar Plexus refers to our third chakra, located below our navel. It supplies energy to ignite our core meaning of faith and strengthens our personal power. It also navigates our assertiveness and controls macrocosmic consciousness to guide our transformative magic through ascensions, as we face constant searches for our connection with the awareness behind the universe.

That awareness is us, our spirit can take any shape, just like nature's intelligence. We are responsible for our light, as much as the vitamins produced by the sun, air, and plants. Sometimes we may not need to go anywhere special to find it, it only needs to wake up. Transcendental levels of awareness are available everywhere and there is no breaks in continuity, therefore we must always move with the fluctuating vibrations that we must also channel. Insufficient exposure to sunlight weakens our pineal gland,  and our intuition. Although we can’t always soak up the sun, we must radiate with confidence, so that same force can travel through you to gain mystic contact with one of earth’s sources, again and again.

A balanced third chakra keeps us feeling bold and daring; it boosts our self-esteem as well as our sense of calm. By maintaining our stance as a visionary leader, we gain respect for our peers and self with an open solar plexus. Any sort of physical exertion --- running/walking, focusing on abs, dancing and/or singing, or simply standing barefoot brining energy from the ground up your feet and legs assists with bringing that energy in to rotate in your abdomen. Add depth to your inhales and exhales and notice a ball of fire growing and glowing larger and larger. Our Manipura reacts to stress, hence tight knots if you press below the sternum. If you feel discomfort, there is some stress or blockage. My interaction with the sun overseas has built a gathering point for vital energy to share full knowledge and to help others achieve mastery of the body’s subtle energy that harmonizes with the physical plane. To heal or extinguish any stress, try to remove yourself from the source of stress or try this routine of meditation… 

Inspired by the supreme director of light, the Sun, empowered with these words, a mantra to give thanks and mirror its brightness. Feel free to chant to yourself or out loud and maybe layer in this yoga sequence:

sky full of endless promise, collapsing with truth, 
both dead and alive
ghosts of memories in the clouds
they are just passing by
life isn't frightening after all
turning into an immense evening of night
child of your own withdrawals
wake up to the sunlight

wake up to your own light

(inhale) embrace your glow

(exhale) cherish the unknown

(inhale) cherish your glow

(exhale) embrace the unknown 


(inhale; rise MOUNTAIN POSE) sky full of endless promise, collapsing with truth, 

(exhale; baby back bend CACTUS YOUR ARMS) both dead and alive 

(inhale; MOUNTAIN POSE) ghosts of memories in the clouds

(exhale; root down front big toe, sweep L/R leg back, reach arms back, palms face down, DAKASANA AIRPLANE POSE) they are just passing by

(inhale; arms swim forward, power through standing leg thigh, push sole of back leg pull crown forward, WARRIOR 3) life isn't frightening after all 

(exhale; circle open to WARRIOR 2 ) turning into an immense evening of night

(breath; stabilize your foundation in WARRIOR 2) child of your own withdrawals

(inhale; send front arm arch it up and back, REVERSE PEACEFUL WARRIOR) wake up to the sunlight 

Returning to my homeland, I’ve learned that we need nature to free up our own nature. Stripped by its shallow tide and complementary whistles and blows of the wind, Philippines and its lonely sustainable islands has infinite stars. They sparkle in the warm sand, a dense layer of lightness and its irregular patterns of forgiveness. Thanks to my ancestory, I believe so much that our auric field can send messages of how bright of a being you can be. To expand oneself is to expand with the world, expand with nature. We must blend our inner and outer nature together. The un-flickering flame in our belly is not only equivalent to the suns molten heat, imagine the flame as sharp gold teeth (heat is also required to digest). The body returns home to nature when it feels free. So we must honor our energy and chakras, the lost legends, protectors of earth, whose mission is to exercise restraint; against temptation, devastating illnesses, and automated systems that mark you by deletion to drain you. The many that walk with the supernatural though, own their higher power, have jurisdiction that spans both heaven and earth. Their psychic abilities are buried in their body, which is a meeting point between the physical and spiritual realm.

I am beyond blessed to have rebuilt an indomitable Manipura, a tight solar plexus from the Philippines rising sun and evening thunderstorms, where lightening bolts also built smoking columns to hold up the heavens. When the sun is unavailable to you, another way to play with fire and charge up electricity in your core is to either position your candles or smoke/spark your bowl/blunt in a specific direction: 

Fire facing East- sacrifices to Gods
Fire facing South- spirits of the dead
Fire face North- removes sins
or cooking fire face- West
A circle of fire -where you can conduct rituals as the focal point

*Add Topaz: brings golden radiance/realignment of energy, crystal of love and fortune, aids metabolism, especially liver, gall bladder, and digestive processes. 

*Yellow tourmaline: has the ability to balance two sides of our brain and our male/female energies. When using it with the solar plexus chakra, instead of placing it on the chakra, use the crystal to draw out or cut away blockages. This enables proper activation of Manipura, to benefit issues such as stress, intolerance, deep sadness, hopelessness, grief and conditions of disease. 

 *Wear white to affirm you’ve overcome all fears and ego

~ the light within me, awknowledges and bows to the light within you ~ J-NASTY

Mystic Marijuana: Root Chakra

For the next four weeks, during eclipse season and while Mercury is in Retrograde I will be adding a series of guidelines to help you activate and draw a vital life force from our seven chakras. I strive to empower you with making optimal choices for health, connectedness, and self-love through these major energy centers located within our spinal cord. Wheels of Life uses the perfect analogy, of the body being, “a vehicle of consciousness- chakras are wheels of energy that steer this vehicle through trails, tribulations and transformations.” Journeying up chakra by chakra reveals who are, reaching a higher level of understanding about our divine purpose and learning how to master our own energy field. When we feel inadequate, uninspired, or depressed, we experience a blockage around our chakras, resulting in energy clogging up rather than flowing. Visualize chakras as crystals, etched along the outline of a mountain, when all these crystals are revealed, the whole mountain glistens. 

To establish balance and achieve clarity, we will decode each chakra, for each level of vitality rules an aspect of your life. Although, life has its own agenda and Mercury in Retrograde doesn't give us all the answers, opening up our chakras widens the potential of our growth and clears out any negative emotions. This is a potent time to reassess and reinvent yourself. Understanding your energy system is the first tool to healing or accessing which chakra may be deficient...Ascending to higher planes of consciousness dates back to Ancient Egypt, principles in Jewish mystical Kabbalah and traditions in India honored the world of subtle energy. Acknowledging that chakras govern our actions, thoughts and attitudes these early cultures practiced the art of meditation created for all chakras through aromatherapy, color, yoga and more to open a new dimension of healing to withstand the physical realm. 

Parallels between valuable texts from ancient cultures and a new scientific paradigm offered me juicy material to broaden your perspective with a relaxed outlook on life. As we evolve and become more sensitive to energy, we'll continue to cultivate holistic ways to process this mysterious journey we call life. Let's begin at the base of our spine, the root chakra, the earthly, primal, raw aspect our ourselves tied with our basic means of survival. Being patient, resourceful, and hopeful strengthens our root chakra to help us feel grounded. The influence of the root chakra come from what our ancestors and family members experienced during hard times. It is a genetic memory we carry within us, being far more difficult to work on than our physical and emotional stability. All of us have been either uprooted or affected by the hardships of life- if not directly then through our family history. If our ancestors struggled, we too inherit adversity and also will not choose the easy way.  

 Below are alternative ways to awaken and pioneer our root chakra, to inwardly create structure and security so they can be attained through our conscious awareness of life. Remember you are equipped to take on life at any moment and most importantly enjoy the process and be grateful for the abundant energy at your disposal for healing. Love & light


Sanskrit term: Muladhara

Marijuana: Smoke outdoors where you can notice the beauty and perfection of the natural world, since the root chakra's corresponding element is earth. Intrinsically, inhaling Marijuana, this female energy, puts us in better psychic rapport with God herself, and her creation, earth. There'll always be a circulation of stigma that Cannabis hinders our chakras from flourishing, but if you smoke with a progressive spiritual focus, it will expand your psychic abilities. So, any strain of your choice with intention, anchors the quintessential qualities of this chakra, keeping our life vibrant and sustainable. For example, when uncertainty arises, I tend to go for indica hybrids, (Sunset Sherbert, Plushberry and Skywalker OG to name a few), controlling the flow of adrenaline or to help ground out the stresses of everyday life. Either or- Sativa blends can work (Blue/Snoops dream, Candyland) in the midst of emotional crisis, invites mental space, whether to simplify or declutter the mind, pushing out materialistic wants. To sit with comfort, shifting priorities like the need for safety and kinship, especially family- manifesting unity rather than separation. 

Crystals: Ruby~ contains regenerative forces / Hematite~ help keeps one's consciousness focused and grounded / Bloodstone~ purifies the blood

Essential oils: Cinnamon, sandalwood, palo santo

Plant: Sage

Food: High protein/meat ~ cook a favorite dish that makes you feel at home 

Yoga Pose: Tree Pose, Warrior 2, or Child pose. Movement of any kind that ignites the legs and feet. Any form of activity that is grounding, physical, and demands presence.

Affirmation Mantra: A tree grown in a cave does not bear fruit. I know who I am and make choices based on what I know to be right for me. I confirm my right to belong and be a part of something greater than myself. I live from the depths of my soul longing to express itself in the world. I stand for justice, truth and love. I am grateful for the challenges that have taught me who I truly am. I am thankful for all the opportunities for growth and development that have come my way. I love life