Holistic Healing: Best Strains for Menstrual Pain

Every woman's experience with her menstrual cycle is different. My college roommate always told me the only difference she noticed during her period was that her gums bled when she flossed and she slept lighter. I, on the other hand, DIE every single month. In high school I used to get sent home every month by the school nurse after catching me sneaking into her office to vomit and lie on the cots during class. I, like a lot of young girls, was put on hormonal birth control with the promise of reducing period pain. This worked for me for a while, but after discovering some of the longterm effects of the pill, I took myself off it. When I relapsed on it out of fear of managing my fertility (another, longer post coming soon) I had horrible side effects---I felt insane from random mood swings and felt suicidal at times. I quickly realized this was not going to work which left me back at square one with dealing with my period pain.

 Luckily around the same time I started working as a budtender and learning about the functions of different strains. A lot of factors including exercise, stress, diet, and sleep can affect severity of cramps, but even leading a healthy lifestyle I still experience intense period pain and rely on my herbal medication as a healthier alternative to pills. Through my research and personal experiences I compiled this list of some of the most effective strains for surviving your period. 

As a general rule, if you're in search of a a strain to relieve pain head for a heavy indica, which will provide heavy sedation and muscle relaxation. Another great thing to look for during your cycle are strains that are high in CBD, which is a compound that though non-psychoactive has anti-inflammatory and analgestic properties, which are both great while menstruating. 

Lavender: This indica has a slightly sweet flavor to it and is definitely my go-to for cramps. Lavender is high in linalool, which is a terpine known for its super calming and sedative properties. I like to mix in actual lavender flowers as well for the added linalool and flavor. 

Lavender shot: Amongst the Wolves TV

Lavender shot: Amongst the Wolves TV

Dynamite: I don't come across this strain as often as I would like, but when I do it is always a good one for cramps. Some strains actually help ease the physical sensation of cramps, while others, like this one, just make you feel very far away from it. Meaning I am still aware that something is happening in my uterus, but it just doesn't hurt. 

ACDC: This high CBD strain is the bomb diggity shit forreal! If you smoke it by itself you will only feel a slight "high" but your body will feel amazing like you just went on a run and took a shower and had a snack afterwards. If you mix it with one of your indicas this will give you the heavy sedation and high from the THC and the euphoria and pain relief from the CBD. I would highly recommend always keeping some high CBD stuff around and mixing it with your other strains as you see fit.

Blackberry Kush: This is one of my favorites because it is a HEAVY hitting indica and I love weeds with fruity tastes. The Blackberry is a little heavier than Blueberry (my weed wifey) so I turn to it during my cycle. I'll smoke a blunt of this before lying on my heating pad because it makes you stationary, which is fine because on my first day I'm not trying to do much anyways. 

Blackberry Kush

Blackberry Kush

Check out these strains and see if they provide relief for your menstrual pain. I would also recommend combining your herbal remedies with some topical CBD cream and other natural remedies such as Blackstrap Molasses and diuretic teas such as cranberry and hibiscus. How do you manage period pain? Let us know. 

~Kenya Kush~