Mystic Marijuana: Sacral Chakra

Strange airs and signs of healing earths wounds stirred with the hours, for time to settle, concentrating on September 7-8th, Oshún and Yemayá day. The Goddess of rivers and her mother (or older sister depending on version), Goddess of the living ocean. Both, lost their fortunes to save the world. In Yoruba religion, the tale told is Oshún made money washing peoples clothes in the river and by accident she dropped a coin that the current carried away. She called to the sea, for she desperately needed to buy food for her children. Yemayá heard her prayers and peeled the ocean back to reveal the treasures of the seven seas. Oshún wasn’t tempted to steal more than what she needed and only took the coin she lost, because of her honesty Yemayá promised her she wouldn’t have to give anything away again, in exchange to protect the river as her new home, Yemayá honored her part of her wealth. 

Like, our Goddess Oshún, it is important to not link your self-worth to what you do need or have. You, loving your body and giving it what it needs to thrive: work, sleep, orgasms, exercise, and food, is enough. Healing comes naturally when we respect ourselves, through the act of emotional satisfaction or fulfillment. Starting with creative stimulation, sexual release, and finding your rhythm with the ocean. The more we know ourselves, in harmony with lives vital sensations, the less we are at the mercy of consumerism designed to make us feel we are somehow lacking. Coincidentally, last week in my yoga class we learned to listen to our bodies' needs by activating our second chakra, located in the sacrum, which is mainly concerned with our physical well-being. Again, it is important to understand our bodies. By giving ourselves enough rest, nurturance from maternal qualities, such as touch and enjoying the simple things in life, our pleasures aren’t stripped away from the complexity of materialism or overindulgence.

Our sacral chakra facilitates our emotions as well, and is ruled by water. This illustrates mother earth’s cosmic cervix as the worlds basin, keeping our liquids holy. Water, being inherently tied with movement, pulls us back and forth and exhausts how much we feel. Hitting us like waves, we are always experiencing a range of emotions, similar to high and low tides. So flow is a partial essence of our second chakra. When we release emotions held in the sacrum, we charge and cleanse the body. Spiritual offerings or soaking in the sea, a stream, river and/or creek is another option to expand the sacral chakra. Feel free to contain an oceanic sound using your breath, which develop reserves of vitality that can be accessed easily when we are stressed too. Additional suggestions below are encouraged ways of working through the blocks that may reside in the sacral chakra.

Sanskrit term: Svadhisthana, my own sweet abode


White Fire OG: fights fatigue non-conducive to creative impulses, gaining a degree of freedom when feeling stagnant becomes a reason to move. Especially, dealing with indecisiveness, its titanic explosion of clarity helps prioritize the right choices quickly. White Fire OG, flips you on your back from swimming upstream to floating with the current of forethought. The effects are uplifting and energizes you to plunge in the depths of your desires. Like seeing a shooting star without warning, you can't let that wish go to waste, picking up your feet, ready for change, steadfast and hopeful for the future.  White Fire OG is just a recommendation, do not hesitate to experiment with other hybrids for inspiration and drive. Find strains that have a tangy mango taste like Lodi Dodi or California Orange to drink nectar of the Gods! Fruity flavors assists with adopting a carefree attitude, to surf the wave of sweet happiness. You'll begin to chase your own adventure! inhale the winds speed! Respond to the cues from the universe and barrel roll with life.. its a breeze.  

The need for touch is as basic as the need for food and water. Creative and sexual energy originates in the second chakra, make time for intimacy or receive/give yourself a massage. Kenya Kush has an amazing review on a topical oil for you to address sensuality and instant gratification:  holistic healing blog post

Crystals: Cornelian: Can be found on the shores of oceans and lakes, suggests its close connection to water and the emotions. It acts to stabilize distraught feelings~ Onyx: Has a strong magnetic charge and can stimulate healing at a physical level by magnetizing the blood. Used to regenerate and recharge. ~ Tigers eye: Brings prosperity and abundance, carries good luck and fortune                                                                                                                            

Essential oils: Jasmine, neroli, orange blossom

Plant: Jasmine

Food: liquids; juices and herbal teas 

Yoga Pose: Scorpion (add hip circles), supta baddha konasana

Affirmation Mantra: I am nurturing and devouring; crystal clear and mysteriously deep. I am the consoler, the healer, the maternal one whose belly is as big as life. My body is sacred and my senses bring enlightenment, ecstasy and joy. 


Tender care, ~J-NASTY