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Weed Etiquette 101: Don't Be a FuckBoy

Weed is important and so are your weed manners.

  1. If you are the one smoking people out, it is your choice on which direction the weed goes.  You are also entitled to smoke the last of it if there is anything left.  This is your right.

  2. If you happen to walk on a group of people who are smoking weed and you don’t know them, don’t ask to hit it.  

  3. DO NOT MAKE THE BLUNT WET.  If it gets wet then take the lighter and run it through quickly on the outside to dry it up.  This is common courtesy and will be appreciate by those around you.

  4. If someone packs you a single hit, thank your lucky stars and thank them immensely.

  5. If you get greens first, thank your lucky stars and thank them immensely.

  6. Never say, “hey, lets smoke some weed!”  and then look at the person to load it up.  What?  This was your idea!

  7. Don’t assume that someone with weed is always going to smoke with you.

  8. If you don’t have weed, then offer to roll it or pack it or bring water for cotton mouth.  We all have roles to play.

    ~August Maverick~