Meet The Women: Tami T

Fearing what you don’t know sounds all too familiar to me, but of course, experiences led me to indulge. Growing up in a religious home, weed was never a topic of discussion. I met Ms. Jane in college, hitting blunts to the face and Swisher Sweets being the regular corner store pick up. The first time, I was so paranoid that I was not convinced to ever try it again. I gave it another try and now here I am after a blaze, writing to you. I am learning what strains my body reciprocates to the best and how it can aid the body medicinally.

My favorite type of cannabis is a sativa-dominant hybrid to heighten my creativity and conjure clarity in my thought. This allows me to be the most motivated and driven for productive work which is my type of party. Some of the delicious strains for a sesh with me include OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, Sour OG, and Fruity Pebbles. Glass pipes are one of my prized possessions allowing me to mediate the intensity of my high. The power of my existence is confirmed when I inhale then exhale.

If I’m not working to pay the bills, I’m slangin my talents for my destined reality. I host my own internet-radio show called ‘Elev8NTrill’ mixing wavy, feel-good vibes. I love conducting interviews with shifters of the music entertainment scene in Seattle. You can catch my sit-downs with artists such as DoNormaal on Greater Northwest Music’s Conversessions.

Women.Weed.Wifi is a necessary collective for every young woman who believes in the power of unity, upward mobility, and respect. I am honored to contribute to healing, awakening, and celebration of the female existence.

Mucho amor #wwwifi
Tami T