Meet the Women: Drea

A good blunt can bring good people together. I like to think I’m more than a social smoker. Good bud has the power help the body heal and cleanse the mind.

I started smoking bud in high school, but I’ve always been familiar with the smell growing up. It was only logical that I was drawn to the herb. I’ve always loved to get blazed and play ball or go to hot yoga. Hot yoga was less of a trend back then though.

In my recent days, I’ve made CrossFit a big part of my life. After an intense CrossFit work out, I love to smoke out on some good indica buds. i.e Tahoe OG, Critical Kush, and Master OG.

On Women.Weed.WiFi you can mostly catch me helping out with blunt rolling tutorials and strain reviews and partying of course.

I have so much love for the amazing women who contribute to Women.Weed.WiFi and everyone who follows. So you’ll always catch me on the site throwing out positive vibes left and right!