Introduction to Charging Your Cannabis

Everything and everyone in this world needs to be charged. You charge your gadgets regularly, charge your body regularly through sleep, exercise, food, sex, and many other positive practices. One way to charge your soul is through the use of crystals and meditation, allowing yourself to realign with the higher vibrations of your chosen stone(s). Why not apply the same concept to your weed?

I like to bring a crystal or two with me to smoke sessions with my girls to enhance the vibes and also the blunt. As a self-taught, amateur herbalist, I always try to carefully select what strain of bud will be best for the occasion at hand — do I need something to subdue me, stimulate me creatively, something to make me spiritually receptive, or elevate my mood? Every day I like to go through the same selection process with my crystals to see which stone I should meditate with or simply just keep in my pocket throughout the day.

This practice helps you become more attuned with your emotions as you have to really be mindful of how you feel in that moment and also what you hope to feel/accomplish that day. Once you have made your selections, place your weed, either loose or already assembled to be smoked, next to your crystal and let them hang out for a few minutes. It doesn’t hurt to sit quietly for a few moments yourself — meditating even for a short time before smoking really enhances your high. If you are someone that uses marijuana for anxiety or to otherwise relax, breathing deeply before smoking helps you get to your zen space faster and in a deeper way.

Once the blunt is charged, spark it, and look at it with wonder, because that shit is now magic!