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Review: Caramelized Popcorn from DC Taste Buds

Ok, so we are finally settling back into the normal routine after our whirlwind East Coast tour. We hit up Atlanta, DC, Philly, and NYC all for the love of music and art. When in DC for Trillectro music festival we linked with the homegirl Victoria Harris, co-founder of DC Taste Buds. DC Taste Buds is DC's ONLY black and brown-owned, black and brown-run edible company and they are killing it. We got to sample some of their products, still in testing stage of production. If you are in the DC area, these delicious treats will be available in the fall in medical dispensaries. I would definitely keep these guys on your radar. With a team including trained chefs, these edibles are not only potent, but expertly crafted to deliciousness. 

We sampled some of their caramelized popcorn with chocolate and canna-bacon. The bacon flavor is unique, though very subtle. The chocolate and caramel are the dominating flavors, and they blend together for a perfectly sweet and salty taste. 


They come in these cute little mason jars which each contain about 50 mg. In Washington state the recreational limit is 10 mg, so these are more in line with medical grade edibles. We took a jar with us to AfroPunk Festival in NYC and split it amongst three people. In addition to smoking out all day, this popcorn really helped to enhance the high we already had and sustain us until the next smoke/ edible break. If this popcorn came in a large bag, we would definitely eat the whole thing and be willingly comatose. Thank you so much DC Taste Buds for your incredible hospitality. Stay up to date with DC Taste Buds by following their Facebook and Twitter. Also, check out their feature in The Washington Post from earlier in the year! Get it, y'all. 

We'd also like to give a shout out to Pink Fox for donating merchandise and edibles and Hemp Kettle Tea for the lovely infused herbal teas. Thanks for making our East Coast adventure *wavy* Til next time!