Review: Snoop's Dream

Much change is in the air and it feels so refreshing to change colors and shed dead weight like the autumn trees around us. While the weather gets colder, our creativity and pussy gang is really really hot. Shorter days do not depress us or deter us from nature---our night vision is sharp and we aren't scared of the dark. Sitting next to running water, you can notice the subtle changes in the sounds, smells, and colors of the night wind. This heightened sensory ritual connects you with your most human self--- giving you the ability to experience darkness without the false illusion of daylight with electricity or even candles. Fully surrendering to the beauty of the moon and the water and the trees will give you a new appreciation for letting go and trusting that your life is flowing as it's supposed to even when you can't physically see it, like the river surrounding you. 

Snoop's Dream is a strain that both mimics the feeling of divine surrender described above, but it also helps facilitate the experience if exploring the nighttime is your jam. This strain gets its name from being a cross of two of OG Snoop Dogg's favorites-- Blue Dream and Master Kush. Blue Dream is my weed wifey--- I'll never leave her; I'll always come back to her, and y'all already know from my name I love the Master Kush. The smell of this bud is what I would prefer to wake up instead of the proverbial coffee or roses. It is citrusy and sweet, both flavors I love, while also being dank with that good stank. I like to crack open a nug and let the aroma filter in my nose, like cutting open a zesty lemon. 

This 60/40 indica-dominant strain is the best happy medium high. The Master Kush allows you to take a deep breath and relax while settling into your peaceful place, while the Blue Dream is very sensory and allows you to become aware of all that is around and inside of you. I love smoking this strain anytime of the day--it is "up" enough to wake and bake with, but also chill enough to unwind at the end of the day with. 

I smoked this batch in a Dutch wrap with J-NASTY while we charged our crystals in the stream under the full moon in Taurus. If you would like to incorporate a mantra into your session take a deep inhale and exhale before sparking up and repeat this to yourself:

Breathing in I know that I am where I am supposed to be; breathing out I release any attachments that do not serve my highest purpose. Breathing in I vow to practice what I preach; breathing out I release my fear of greatness.

~Kenya Ku$h~

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