Swisher Sessions: Ep 7 Original Pink Grapefruit mix by Eddie Bermuda

Eddie Bermuda is a Washington native now commanding the 1's & 2's in sunny L.A. Catch him live on NTS Radio & stream lining frequencies across the globe.

"Summer's almost to an end and it's time for the last of the BBQ's with friends, late nights + early mornings catching the sunrise, and time to embrace new love and green smoke, . You can throw this mix on in any scenario and it will set a vibe. " ~ Eddie Bermuda


Holistic Healing: Restorative Resistance Bath

Battling white supremacy is tiring--- physically, mentally, and emotionally. For black folks especially, along with our indigenous & brown sisters, we absorb a lot of toxic energy throughout our day, some that we are conscious of (like people trying to run us over with their cars or yelling slurs at us) and others that we may not necessarily register (like someone glaring at the back of our head or talking ill of us out of earshot). It is critical for any black, indigenous, and woman of color to regularly clear this energy from our aura. It is necessary even if all you are doing is going to work, moving through mundane tasks as there is much dark, shadow energy lurking in the air.


Of course, we know that many of you do not stop there, and if you do we would encourage you to do a little bit more and reach a little bit more outside of yourself during moments of justified anger and hurt. If you are someone who takes every opportunity in front of you to educate someone, put an ignorant person in their place, and stand up against white supremacy, you know that that takes an additional toll on your spirit and body. Self-care rituals, such as this restorative bath are totally crucial to maintaining your mental, physical, and emotional health necessary for long-term resistance. I would recommend incorporating cleansing baths into your overall routine, maybe once a week or corresponding with the new and full moon. I want to emphasize, however, that self-care DOES NOT mean being selfish and self-centered with your energy. Just because you are sad doesn't mean you can hide away and not fight. We need you to fight, as you need yourself to be your savior. Self-care is the recharging of your bodily battery so you can continue to be engaged and active, and not just when the media gasses you up again.

I love to take baths whenever I am feeling out of whack. I always take a bath on the first couple days of my period as the heat, salts, and herbs work miracles on a heavy, cramping uterus. However, even if you are not on your period or do not get periods, baths can be incredibly relaxing, cleansing (physical dirt and psychic energy), and restorative. Feel free to add whatever you want to your tub, you can be very creative depending on what you want to focus on, however these ingredients are my go-tos for a cleansing bath.

Prepare your tub/ bath space and set the mood with whatever crystals and candles are calling to you. To absorb negative energy and give grounding energy, try working with black obsidian and black tourmaline. To provide overall clarity, try working with reliable crystal quartz. If you're in need of a little extra love, grab some gentle rose quartz.


restorative resistance bath add herbs:

  • peppermint
  • lavender
  • rose petals (fresh or dried)
  • mugwort
  • sage

add essential oils:

  • tea tree
  • eucalyptus 
  • jasmine

other embellishments:

  • sea salt
  • epsom salt
  • cannabis-infused bath salts
  • agua florida
  • rum (for spiritual cleanse)
  • beer (for skin clearing/softening)

decorate water with any flowers or bubbles you desire.

stay strong, and keep pushing babies! 
xo Kenya Ku$h


Mystic Marijuana: Eclipse Full Moon in Aquarius

Finally we’ve arrived to Eclipse season --- a potentially redemptive journey through discovering the self’s most battered path. It may feel like a death trap, driving ridiculously fast on a road full of steep cliffs without guardrails and a crazy crowd of outraged people or bureaucratic zombies attempts to threaten. Beware of 'conclusive' evidence when others try to diminish your worth via white supremacy and patriarchal culture. America’s social ambience isn't a dazzling stage on which we can tell our story. Full Moon in Aquarius gives us energy to avoid living our life according to the needs and expectations of others who face the disease to maintain dominance through various forms of psychological assault. We no longer need to hold on to these systems that never supported us. This Full Moon Eclipse sheds light on radical change, in part, because we've lived through our fears and hardships, and continue to live on. Our vitality can be transmuted into awareness.

Culmination and completion of this emotional chapter speaks to our prayer for strength, to put to rest our isolation. Now we can really step into our personal power and share it in meaningful ways, because when we hide our gifts and passion, nobody gets to witness or benefit from them. Our gift stems from our origin, we return not through learning, but by remembering our true identity. To remember that we are the remedy who take charge of our own miracles and happiness. Since all energy moves in spirals, we can plow the course, where all the places inside us that are broken are the right places to make us evolve into the wounded healer. What remains true, is, the roots go deepest where the wind blows strongest. 

Perhaps this partially explains the widespread air pollution in the PNW, as wildfire builds to clog us with smoke, intensifies friction between energies, unable to air out. When it is difficult to see clearly, literally and figuratively, life becomes unpredictable. After the sun, moon, and earth align, an eclipse burns through the sky. Meaning it is a potent time to let go of the past, purify, or detox. Cleanse your body and environment, rid of any clutter. Eat lightly, always consume lots of fresh water, and food with strong life force. Whenever our energy field becomes so dingy that you can’t see the world around you clearly or have trouble hearing messages from your soul, smudging or smoke from the burning of herbs helps to symbolically wash your space. When you take the time to purify yourself and environment, not only do you feel lighter and brighter, but you’re also a clearer channel for the light. The brilliance that pours through will not even be stuck by some rock that society places to try and stop it. In order to clear this path, use the smoke of incense or sage, cup your hands into the smoke and wash it over the top of your head, saying, “firm earth uphold me, wisdom guide me, eyes look out for me.” Then cup the smoke to your eyes, closed, say “dark to light, night to day, within our minds we light our way.”

words ~ J-Na$ty
pictures ~ Kenya Ku$h

Review: Orange Blossom by Falcanna

Living in the city and being synched to the internet makes you a real life, fast-paced, single (or few) task-minded, instant machine-- a robot of sorts. While I am not suggesting the removal of the internet (because, hello, cool), I do think that over time it can rot us especially when we are starved of nature living in cities. Seattle, as far as cities go, has a good amount of access to nature including parks, lakes, and trees, but I remember the unique heat and caustrophobic feeling of cities in the summer when the sun reflects off the skyskrapers and the bodies are all sticky no matter what, and the tempers are short. It is very necessary to retreat into nature whenever possible to help settle your mind and body from all the buzzing and background noise of modern life.

Recently, J-Nasty and I were lucky enough to be invited to a private holistic healing center in the south of Washington, in a rare patch of landscape similar to that of a Californian vineyard. The ground was dry and red, the property was dense with trees and we never saw a neighbor (except for a few cats and heard a few coyotes cackling) throughout our trip. While we brought enough food and weed as if to indulge, the setting of the land, the plants growing on it, and all the marvels of the clear night sky was definitely its own kind of high.

Apple Pie by Princess Nokia...best visualization of us the farm <3

In the late morning, after practicing yoga under the bright sun, reading, and eating fruits, we rolled up a blunt of Orange Blossom, a 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid. The nugs were light green, dusted with white sugar and a few orange hairs like sprinkles, looking like some sort of fruit snack. As soon as we cracked the bag, the gentle citrus scent wafted through the air, more light like an essential oil, than dank or stinky like some other strains. I used a grinder to break down the nugs, but it would've been easy enough to do by hand. Light and fluffy, like the stuffing of a pillow, it was easy to roll up and not so light where you feel like you need to use more weed than usual to fill the wrap.

The taste was in line with the smell, light and citrusy, however the high was surprisingly heavy. After finishing the blunt, both J-Nasty and I drank a strong cup of coffee as we were about to help put some plants in the soil and felt a little too loose and comfortable with this bud to perform that kind of task. However, after some potent sips of delicious, pioneer-brewed coffee I felt ready to play in the dirt, though still super high. The fresh air, bright sun, cool breeze, and sounds of animals acts like an additional terpene in the plant, and with the orange taste lingering on m fingers, I felt like my hands were blessing the plants as we gardened as I knew they were blessing me. 

This plant was testing around 33% THC and though I'm always kind of skeptical of numbers reported over 30%, this was definitely a super potent high. We smoked some of the host's CBD weed afterward and it was a dream with a perfect balance of clarity and calm. I would definitely recommend using this Orange Blossom strain to escape into the woods, to the beach, to the park, a backyard, a creek---whatever piece of nature you can find access to and enjoying some uninterrupted, quiet(er) deep breaths alone or with loved ones. 

~Kenya Ku$h