Women.Weed.WiFi is larger than a movement, it is inexplicably contagious energy that encourages each other to further one's own career while bringing glory to the world as a whole. Our first event, Log off and Interact at Moksha Seattle, achieved a mystical union through awe-inspiring personalities. Every individual's style/demeanor/intention projected an image of great emotional power: so open, determined, and playful. Almost as if we studied each other, walked into each other, and walked into art. The gallery below shares the mood and the message. Anecdotal details of beautiful creatures promoting their divine mission and the love of cannabis. This is a reminder that events like this occur to add to your once-in-a-lifetime file of unforgettable memories. Thank you to everyone for makin' it special and your continual support. Stay tuned for our next party in June. Enjoy the pictures provided by Benicia King.