Y'all know we are all about our herbs, but that love extends way beyond just weed. There are so many plants that grow on the planet available for healing and recreational use beyond the effects of THC. Some of these can be eaten, made into a tea, or smoked. Smoking herbal cigarettes can be an incredible addition to your routine especially if you are someone who enjoys the oral fixation and calming habit of smoking, but don't want to consume tobacco or necessarily weed. There are specific herbs that work better than others for smoking, though they have varying effects alone and in different combinations.

Below is an introduction to some various smoking herbs to try out either alone or in a "spliff" mixed with your weed. Because all plants have terpenes, or natural chemicals that connect with different receptors in our brains creating unique effects, combining your weed with some smoking herbs will produce a different, often more intense high. So, if you ever find yourself with some weak weed that you want to make more potent, try mixing a few into your stash and see if the combo works for you. Most of these herbs can be purchased for under $4/oz at an apothecary/health food store or online providers. Our own unique blend of hand-rolled herbal cigarettes includes a few of these magical plant varieties.

The flowers from this plant are high in linalool (a terpene also found in many indica strains of weed) which promotes sedation. Many are familiar with smelling Lavender oil for a headache cure or adding it to a bath for relaxation. Smoking has similar calming effects as well as improving mental clarity. The taste and fragrance are super pleasing and agreeable with most other herbs. Use Lavender if you have stress or are looking for anti-inflammatory and anti-depressant relief.

Lemon Balm:
True to its name this flower has a slightly lemon smell and taste, which comes out slightly sweet when rolled up. The effects are similar to those of Lavender, but also slightly uplifting from the citrus notes. 


These leaves can be shredded and blended with weed for a super nice cooling effect similar to adding ice cubes in a bong. The menthol in the plant is a great tobacco alternative that can actually aid in with decongestion. 

More herbs to experiment with to come.

~Kenya Ku$h~