Mystic Marijuana: New Moon in Libra


Stellar forces bring about the required assistance to manifest the change we are so eager to see in the physical dimensions. Usually the beginning of a new moon cycle is an introverted time to go within, and explore what we wish to align. As you know, Libra is all about relationships and balance, focusing on exactly where we are now, uniting what we feel distant from - our own glory. All relationships begin with the relationship with ourselves. Fuck the north node (metaphorically), pull that needle out of the compass and begin to dig, painstakingly pressing into imperishable flesh, and become closer to your soul. The spirits journey is far from a simple, straightforward process. 

We must continue to purify anything that keeps us fragmented. Whether it is negative self-talk or an acquaintance barking for your attention. Often we create our own mental programs that impede our higher truth. Self-imposed beliefs don't help you move forward, our planetary map is laid down for us to zoom out of our personal interpretations of reality. These constructive frequencies coded in the sky are meant for you to see with new eyes, squinting through the corridor of each star to visually lose the grip of challenges blocking your sight. Above all, your cosmic guidance is from your unified self, an energetic and rejuvenated version of you, breaking free from insufficient justification.  


If you're wanting to pursue an activity, like eating more home-cooked meals, taking a social media break, but you're not doing something about it, this would be a self-programmed punishment. Even through being determined to win an argument, you still pose a mild threat against yourself, stopping some final steps to help you cross your own ascension timeline. Influenced to be a puppet, attached to a powerless and motionless state spawned by judgments of the past or the emptiness of mundane procedures. Focus on how you're going to improve, rather than focusing on how hard it is to be where you want to be. 

~ J-Na$ty ~